Funny and comic congratulations for a girlfriend on a wedding

He connects a lot with a friend in life. These are pleasant memories, and disturbing events, and absolutely crazy adventures.

There are those secrets and secrets that can only be entrusted only to your closest and dearest friend. Often such a bond is much closer and stronger than a blood bond. Therefore, a friend’s wedding is a truly important event.

How cool is it to congratulate a friend?

You need to carefully prepare for the celebration. It is not only about appearance, but also about congratulations. Banal words will not work, because a friend may be offended by this. When so much has already been experienced, then it is worth writing an original speech that will amaze absolutely everyone, and first of all the bride herself. A great wedding congratulation to a friend always makes the sitting guests and the bride very happy. 

If we talk about the congratulation itself, then it is worth noting that it can have several different forms:

  1. A poem (lyric genre) is the most popular way to congratulate. If we talk about originality, then it is minimized. However, lyric works are very much liked by girls, especially romantic young ladies. Why can’t we talk about the originality of the poem? It’s simple, they are used everywhere in postcards, sound wishes, toasts and other speeches. Therefore, if you really like this genre so much, but you are fighting for uniqueness, then your task will be to write a truly unique work.
  2. Prose – stories and novels are written on it. It is easily perceived by listeners. In addition, it is not difficult to write yourself and in similar forms. Add the figurative and expressive means of the language to a simple statement, then you will get a rich and truly rich speech.
  3. Dance – absolutely all young ladies love and can dance. They can be enjoyed with fiery Argentine tango or melodic salsa. It all depends on the personal preference of the bride. In this case, you have two options. The first is to hire performers. This is the most successful way. Contact the groups that perform at weddings, they will be able to offer you an original and spectacular performance.
  4. Fireworks – there is a hackneyed opinion that congratulations are just words. If you do not know how to speak a lot and beautifully, then it is best to say about your love by actions. All girls dream that their wedding will end with a large-scale fireworks. It looks very nice and impressive. Not everyone has the financial opportunity to arrange such an epic end to the evening, in which case friends can help, who, in addition to everything, will arrange a surprise. Such a romantic and touching gift will be remembered for a long time.

Funny congratulations texts for a girlfriend

It is quite possible that a friend makes a little joke in her congratulations. It’s important to know the edge here. It is necessary not to overdo it with the speech itself, so that later the bride and groom will not be offended. P ricolny ​​poems for a wedding to a friend: 

  1. My friend, and when did you grow up?

    And did you manage to become wiser?

    After all, not long ago we sang

    And played in the pouring rain.

    But now you are not like that,

    You told your husband “Yes!”

    Let your whole family grow faster.

    Become you only wiser,

    Day by day and by day,

    Do not forget about your friend,

    That will always love you.
  2. Look, he’s submissive.

    This is for sure, it can be seen.

    You broke him

    And dragged him down the aisle.


    kind of strength do you have, My husband’s friends are watching,

    They are breaking their heads .

    Everyone is now afraid of you,

    What a virgin is.
  3. How to originally congratulate a girlfriend on her wedding day. You are the bride in our divine,

    That’s for sure, there are no words.

    To accurately describe,

    We are your beauty.

    All you need is a Mercedes.

    And then the image is ready.

    Come on, hubby,

    do your best now.

    And to your wife, buy a car,

    Yes, such as from the picture.

Texts of original congratulations

When writing a speech for a celebration, you need to take care of its uniqueness. Simply written off text from the Internet runs the risk of being the same with the neighboring one.

Therefore, be careful, because if they read your speech before you, then you simply will not have words left. To avoid such unforeseen situations, you should take care of the original congratulations. About original wedding congratulations from friends:

  1. My dear friend,

    You are in our veil today.

    It’s amazing, because you are a lady,

    And the groom is calling the baby.

    Nothing, dear,

    You are beautiful there are no words.

    Let everything in life be cooler than in paradise

    And you always have dinner ready.

    You are a friend, do not persist,

    Let your husband be the leader.

    Well, you’re just on the sidelines,

    Correct, what and how.
  1.   Congratulations on the wedding are original from a friend. Lena, dear,

    today you are anywhere.

    Finally, dear,

    your dream has come true.

    Give birth as

    soon as possible, Strong, brave babies.

    Well, what,

    You at least where,

    And you know how to cook porridge.

    You are a noble hostess with us,

    Guests always run to you.

    Now feed your husband, but not pay.

    He deserved it, yes.
  2. I would really like,

    That on this day and forever,

    You become happy.

    And may love last for many years.

    Do not scold each other,

    Do not grumble that in vain.

    My dear friend,

    Life has not changed you.

    You are still beautiful and good and young.

    Stay that way


Touching congratulations for a friend

Girls are always more prone to romantic and sentimental notes. Do not be surprised if, during the congratulations, the bride or her girlfriends burst into tears. They are so willing to express their love and affection.

  1. Yulenka, my friend. We have been together for 20 long years. We met in the yard and to this day we play in the same sandbox. At first sight and words, we understood each other. What is remarkable is that they never quarreled. I am very glad and happy that you are in my life. I think our meeting was not accidental, just like yours with your spouse. Now you have become a wife. This is a serious and responsible step in your life, but it is so joyful and happy that it can overshadow your reason. Let love intoxicate you to the point of dizziness. Sing about love, write poetry and live it. May this feeling make you happy throughout your long life.
  2. Newlyweds, I want to congratulate you on this happy day. You fill each other’s life with meaning, love and a warm atmosphere. May all that is good between you now be preserved for a long life. Strengthen your feelings for years to come. This love will never run dry. I believe in you and your feelings.


There are many ways to congratulate your loved one on your wedding day in an original and fun way. It all depends not only on your imagination, but also on the personal preferences of the bride. About riginalno congratulate girlfriend with a wedding day can any girl. 

Therefore, it will be extremely inappropriate if you present a girl with a song, and she does not like music at all. Try to take into account in the choice not only your preferences, but also the wishes of the main hero of the occasion.