Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriends

When you have a lot of time with your partner, finding new and entertaining activities for both of you can be challenging, especially if you are looking to make them meaningful and grow. Therefore, here we bring you a very varied list with more than 200 fun things to do with your girlfriends.

We will tell you which ones we think should be done at least once in every relationship, how and when to do them. We’ll also give you some tips to help you connect on a higher level as a couple.

200 ideas of fun things to do with your girlfriends

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In this list of fun things to do with your girlfriends or boyfriends so as not to get bored together we include activities of all kinds, whether you live together or not. Some of them you will consider normal, and surely they already have, but others are fantastic, so here they are:

1. Try the hobby that the other likes the most

We all have different hobbies, maybe he likes gardening and you are a fan of making crafts from recycled items. 

They can plan a special day: do his activity in the morning and yours in the afternoon, for example. They can also combine both hobbies in a single activity. 

For example, they could create pots, decorate them, and plant the plants they like the most. 

2. Explore new hobbies together

Sure you both have wanted to try new hobbies , but are not encouraged to do so for whatever reason. What better encouragement than trying a new recreational activity than with the love of your life by your side? 

In addition to doing a new activity, it will allow you to get to know each other better and strengthen the bonds of union in a hobby  that you decide to explore together.

3. Take a road trip together

No matter if it is a planned trip or no apparent direction, spending several hours in a car will give you enough time to talk about any topic without interruption.

Also, time together will help you get to know each other better. You will know how patient he is, if he is able to enjoy the scenery, how he deals with boredom on the road, among other things.

4. Put together a puzzle

This is one of the most entertaining couple recreational activities you can do together. They can talk while putting it together, have a few drinks, or enjoy the silence in your company. 

The best thing is that it is an activity that does not require leaving home. When they finish the puzzle, they can put it in a frame and decorate its walls.

5. Eat dinner together at the dining room table

If you live together, surely you usually eat on the sofa in front of the television, in bed or anywhere other than in the dining room. Why not try to have dinner at least once a week sitting at a table enjoying food and good conversation?

Take the time to prepare dinner that day, it does not have to be something very elaborate, but it does have to be a dish that you both like. Clean and decorate the table with flowers or candles, put on background music and dress up for the occasion.

6. Share each other’s company in silence

In the top 100 things to do with your partner, you cannot miss something simple: enjoy their company without doing anything. Share together in the same room, it can be watching a movie, each one working on their own or simply scrolling through social networks.

Just knowing that you are both there is more than enough to create an emotional connection. 

7. Cuddle up

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling with your partner, feeling their heartbeat and warmth. They can do it at any time: a rainy afternoon or in the evening after a hard day. 

8. Leave love notes all over the house

If you are looking for ways to rekindle the flame of love in your couple, this could be a good option. Both should sit down to make short notes about what they like about the other and leave them hidden in places around the house for the other to find. 

You will see that you will have a huge smile when you find one of those little notes by surprise.

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9. Go for a bike ride

This is one of the best fun outdoor plans to do with your partner . The route can be defined according to what they want at the time: through the city if they want a quiet walk, or into the forest if they want adventure.

10. Be spontaneous 

More than an activity, it is a piece of advice that cannot be missing from this list of things to do as a couple. It is not only about looking for new activities, but about turning every moment together into an opportunity to live a special moment.

If you feel like going out, go ahead. But if you want to be at home lying down watching a movie, snuggle up and enjoy the moment. 

11. Remodel the house together

It does not matter if you live in the same house, give a radical change to an environment within a home in an entertaining activity that connects the couple. 

They may be small parts like painting and furniture changes, or a complete construction that requires changing walls. Both of you will share your tastes and feel the satisfaction of having built something together.

12. Play in the rain

Bring out your inner child and lose your fear of getting wet with a little rain. They can play catch, skate on the mud, jump over the puddles or have romantic moments while the drops cover them.

13. Attend an art gallery and make up stories for each work

For both connoisseurs and non-art artists, attending a gallery is always a rewarding experience. If you add to that the freedom of being able to imagine scenarios for each exhibition, then you will have a fun and very creative activity. 

14. Detox the world to enjoy each other’s company

This is a necessary thing that you must do from time to time to reconnect as a couple. 

What is detox? No telephones, Internet, television, or anything that distracts you from each other’s company. How long is it done? Whichever you decide, from a few hours to a whole weekend. 

Where and how is it done? It can be at home or in a hotel away from the city, the important thing is that they only dedicate themselves to each other’s company. 

15. Go canoeing

Also known as canoeing, this is a sport that can be done as a couple to clear the mind and share in nature.

Each one in a boat for greater independence or if they prefer both in one, in this way they will have to learn to communicate in order to advance.

16. Buy a piece of furniture and assemble it together

This task can be an activity that will keep them entertained for an entire afternoon. It can be a piece of furniture, a library or a table.

17. Read a novel to the other

This is a romantic activity that encourages reading and active listening, enriches vocabulary, and brings them together in a story that requires imagination. 

Pick a title that neither of you have read before, one will take on the role of reading the book aloud for the other. They can take turns by chapter or by book. 

18. Organize your finances together

This is one of the 40 things to do as a couple that we consider essential in any couple that plans to live in the same house.

Get excited about spending, saving, and investing. The idea is that both know about the finances of the other and can take some corrective to avoid wasting money.

19. Have a fart or burp contest.

Being able to do this in a relationship is the ultimate display of trust. They may be ashamed at first, but we assure you they will laugh a lot. 

20. Take a restaurant tour

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, you can order a dish in each restaurant and share it.

21. Treasure hunt

If you are looking for an activity that requires a bit of organization, this is a good idea. They can include multiple friends with a partner and make it a competition to see which couple gets the prize first.

The idea is to leave clues throughout the house or city (the breadth of the game is defined by who organizes it), to get the treasure. The ideal is to do at least 5 stations and that each station has a challenge to be able to get the track. 

22. Pick a random movie and watch it to the end

Whether it’s on Netflix or in the movie rental store, go to a section and pick one without looking at the title or cover. Watch it until the end no matter how bad it may seem and share the moment together

23. Visit nearby parks

In case you want some fresh air, walking hand in hand through a park is a great option. They can talk along the way, take photos or just enjoy nature together.

24. Sail by boat

If there is a lake with boats in the city where you live, this could be a good option to leave home. Having a boat ride is extremely romantic, it is almost a scene from a movie come true.

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriends

25. Attend a festival in a nearby town

Why not take a trip together outside of the city to enjoy another atmosphere? If there is an upcoming festival that either of you would like to go to, take the opportunity to reconnect at a fun party where you will meet another culture.

26. Play to be tourists in your own city

No matter how long they have been living in the same city, there are surely places they don’t know yet. Go out to walk the streets holding hands and seeing every corner with curious eyes. 

27. Look at the stars

Going out to see the stars is a very romantic activity that does not require more than available time. Go up to the roof of your house or building at night and prepare to spend some time admiring the vastness of the universe together.

28. Make haunted tourism in your city

In all cities and towns there are horror legends about houses, streets or cemeteries in which paranormal things happen.

If you are addicted to adrenaline, you can venture into a haunted place at night to find out if the stories told are true. 

29. Go miniature golf

This activity is perfect if you want to bring out your inner child. If the city where you live does not have a miniature golf center, you can build it at home, buying the courses or making them yourself. 

30. Skate

On ice or concrete, skating is a fun and sporty activity to do at any time of the year. They can learn from the most basic to the most advanced, doing incredible routines as a couple that help them build trust in each other. 

31. Themed cooking night

Dinners are routine, but they don’t have to be boring. They can define one day a week to make a different dinner. Choose a country and eat dishes related to that culture. It is much more fun if you cook them.

32. “Guess what I cooked?”

This is a game that consists of blindfolding your partner and giving him a taste of something you have cooked. It is a sensual game that can be a preamble to having a night of passion.

33. Have dinner on a boat

If you live near a lake or boating canal, you will be able to find boats that offer evening dinners. It is an activity to get out of the routine in a romantic and unorthodox way. 

Dinners in these boats are usually elegant, so it can also be a great option if you are looking for something to do as a couple to celebrate an important occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, career achievement or good news. 

34. Have an indoor picnic

Who said that to have a picnic you have to leave the house? Lay out a rug in the living room, place cushions and pillows, decorate the room with candles and flowers, and get tasty but easy-to-eat food without silverware, such as sandwiches, sweets or chocolates. They only have to share. 

35. Visit a museum

This activity is perfect during the day. The best thing is that it does not require a lot of budget, since there are museums with free admission.

36. Go to the zoo

Seeing animals is a good option to go out as a couple. They can go to a sanctuary, a contact zoo where they can touch the animals, or go to the typical zoo and spend the day surrounded by a bit of nature.

37. Attend cooking classes

Food is a central point in any relationship; so learning to cook together is a great way to connect and learn from each other. 

They can take thematic cooking classes or a more advanced professional course in which they learn techniques and dishes worthy of Michelin-starred restaurants. 

38. Attend dance classes

Dancing is a form of corporal expression with a very strong sensual charge, which also strengthens the connections between couples. They can join classes of different types of dance to have fun, learn and get to know their bodies better. 

If they are traditional, they can join ballroom dancing, but if they feel freer they can release tension in salsa or merengue classes.

39. Learn a new trade together

In any relationship it is also important to learn and grow together in shared projects. 

They can try courses in different trades that allow them to learn new things and even plan a new mode of income. They can try carpentry, gardening, painting, or even crafts.

40. Go to the theater

The theater is a good option: it is calm, elegant, entertaining and it is also a source of culture. Find a play that catches your eye and attend the performance together.

41. Externalize your inner child

By this we mean buying toys and having fun with them. They can search for toys they used to enjoy when they were little, put on a video game tournament, or try new modern toys.

42. Go to an amusement park

In case they have a day off, they can go to an amusement park and enjoy the rides.

The great thing about these places is that they also have food sales, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a basket of food and preparing too much for the occasion.

43. Re-create the first date

If what you are looking for is to rekindle the flame of love, there is nothing more romantic and beautiful than recreating the first time you went out together. You can both dress in the same clothes you first came out and try to repeat the photos that were taken that day.

They will have a good time and will be able to reflect on how much they have grown together, everything that they have overcome. You will see how strong the love that exists between you is. 

44. Take a wine tour

Strolling through several vineyards is a romantic and different activity that you can do to get out of the routine. They will taste very nice drinks and snacks.

45. Play bowling

Although bowling is usually played with a group of large friends, this activity can be perfectly adapted to be done as a couple. J ueguen 1 to 1 and pull their competitive side to light.

46. ​​Ride a hot air balloon

Perhaps it is one of the most romantic activities on the entire list: take a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon enjoying a sunset with your loved one. Without a doubt, this activity will leave an unforgettable memory.

47. Ride a helicopter

If neither of you are afraid of heights and want an extraordinary activity, take a helicopter ride around town.

The perspective in height is simply fascinating and they will have a lot of fun. 

48. Go swimming at the beach at night

With or without clothes, swimming in the dark is an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline and excitement. 

If you don’t have a beach nearby, it can be a lake or a river. They can even sneak into a community pool and bathe there at night. The excitement of not being caught will add to the fun of swimming together. 

49. Climb a mountain

If you enjoy adventure, nature and height, you can go out for a weekend to climb a mountain and camp together.

It is an experience that builds trust between you and helps you connect with mother earth. 

50. Camp near a lake

This activity is a good option for those couples looking to detoxify from the routine in the city and want to spend a quiet night surrounded by the sounds of the forest. 

If you plan to spend the whole weekend, you can take fishing poles and spend hours in front of the lake seeing who catches the most. 

51. Attend a micro-drama function

The micro-theater is a set of works with a duration of 15 to 20 minutes, and breaks of 30 – 40 minutes. It is a perfect option if you are looking for an entertaining activity to do with your partner and at the same time have time to talk a little. 

52. Attend the outdoor theater

If you like plays but don’t want to dress up too much or be in a confined space, outdoor plays are the ideal option.

53. Go play bingo

Do you want a very fun activity? Playing bingo is an entertaining alternative without spending a lot of money.

If you don’t want to leave the house, you can also buy Bingo and play it both of you. To make it more entertaining, the prize for each board can be something the other wants. 

For example, it can be a sensual bingo in which each board won is a garment that the loser must remove.  

54. Host a board game night

They can do it alone or invite their closest friends. Either way it is a fun and healthy activity that does not require you to spend money.

What games to include? Puzzles, decks of cards for different games, twister, dominoes, bingo, chess or Monopoly. What you have at home will do.  

55. Take a planned aimless trip

Traveling aimlessly can be scary, but it’s a perfect plan for a weekend getaway as a couple. The excitement and uncertainty of not knowing where they will go is what makes this idea attractive.

56. Go go karts

The Go karts are a fun activity to spend an afternoon in the company of our loved one. 

57. Compete in friendly games

The competitions can be anything: washing dishes, folding clothes, cleaning the floor, caring for children, taking pets for a walk. Any day-to-day activity can be turned into a friendly competition.

58. Play paintball with squirt guns

If you are looking for adrenaline and pure fun without leaving home, this is an excellent option to play as a couple. The idea is to play wetting the other while dodging the water that shoots you. They can hide around the house or play in the yard.

59. Go to a drive-in movie

You may think that it is an activity for the elderly, but it is super romantic to share while watching a movie from the seats of your vehicle.

60. Play sports together

What better way to take care of yourself and your partner than through exercise? Exercising helps you make more endorphins, the hormones that make you feel happy. So it is an excellent opportunity to accompany yourself.

61. Visit the aquarium

Marine sanctuaries are places full of peace and relaxation, so they are a good alternative to get out of the routine. In addition to learning and being surrounded by marine fauna, they will be able to talk and connect in a quiet place.

62. Watch the sunset or sunrise in a quiet place

This is something that every couple should do at least once in their life. They just need each other’s company, some time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the sun at twilight.

63. Get to know the stadiums in your city

If you are sports fans and have some time, you can take a tour of iconic stadiums in the city, visit them and take photos.

64. Attend a concert

They don’t have to spend on super expensive tickets, they can go to the squares and enjoy street music together. 

65. Go to the beach to enjoy the sand

In case you live near the beach, take advantage of the beauty of nature to share a pleasant moment. 

What can they do? A campfire, sand castles or just sitting and listening to the waves of the sea while reading a good book.

66. Go to a high school concert

Appreciating and supporting youth talent can bring you closer together than you realize. Best of all, you won’t have to spend money to have a good time. 

67. Attend a night at the casino

These places of entertainment offer many advantages: they are open 24 hours a day and have a wide variety of entertainment options, such as music, food, drinks, dancing, shows, machines and games. 

68. Ride a horse

This is a romantic activity, but also very sporty. They can ride both on the same horse or compete riding separately. You decide how smooth the ride will be.

69. Volunteer together

Helping others is always a rewarding activity and there are many causes and organizations that need extra hands to carry out their activities. Participating in them will help you grow as people, share a different time and help others.

70. Take a tour inside a factory

These types of activities are perfect for acting like children, marveling at the processes within a factory. The best thing is that they won’t spend a penny. 

Most factories offer guided tours , so if there are any that you want to visit, just ask for a visit at the reception. 

71. Organize a marathon of series and movies

There are days when it just causes you to stay home without changing your pajamas , but that doesn’t mean you should be bored. Make some popcorn and have your own marathon of your favorite series and movies. 

72. Sit down to plan a future together

This is something that every couple must do eventually. Define your plans: If you’re planning to move in together, consider talking about big life decisions like having kids, getting married, changing careers, finances. 

73. Get massages as a couple

Whether one massages the other, or they attend a spa, this is a very relaxing activity. 

If you decide to do it at home, try essential oils, put incense and instrumental music to achieve a maximum level of relaxation. 

74. Go on a double date

In case you know other couples and want to share with one, you can plan a special outing to share with another relationship. They will have fun and also share with people with whom they have things in common.

75. Write each other a love letter once a week

In addition to being romantic, writing letters to express yourself is a form of therapy to bring couples together. 

76. Play Twister

Twister is one of the funniest board games out there. Dare to bet and enjoy the game together.

77. Visit each other’s hometown

If they are from different cities, a good option to spend a day is to know the places where they grew up. They will learn more about each other and get to know their culture better.

78. Create a relationship scrapbook

Making a creative album that in addition to photographs has notes, drawings or decorations that represent the relationship is a good way to spend time together. They will remember how much they have grown and overcome. 

79. Have intimate fun in every room of the house

In case you have recently moved in together, you can enjoy the new intimacy and privacy that you have in each part of the house. 

80. Cook together

Food is said to be the way to reach someone’s heart, so sharing in the kitchen is a great way to fuel love. 

81. Sing karaoke in duet

Pick a super romantic song and sing along.

82. Create a monogram of the relationship

A monogram is a drawing made with the initials of a person’s name. To do something different, you can match your initials into a shape that represents your relationship. It can be abstract or literal and it will work for the times that they make invitations or special activities.

83. They imitate romantic scenes from the movies

The important thing here is that they lose their fear of being silly and have fun together. They can act out many scenes: from the traditional one on the tip of the Titanic to the spaghetti kiss of The Lady and the Tramp. 

84. Dress in shirts that identify you as a couple

You might think it’s cheesy, but going out with a shirt that identifies you as a couple is cute. The shirt may have a photo of the two of them together, some writing such as “I am your king / I am your queen”, or a cartoon couple drawing.

85. Dress up as a couple at costume parties

This is another extremely fun idea to do as a couple that could help you bond and reconnect. The most common couple costumes are: Mickey and Minnie, Batman and Catwoman, or, Superman and Superwoman . 

86. Create new traditions together

This can help you establish yourself as a couple. They can start with small things like defining the song for the relationship, what to do / eat on special dates, what to do when either partner is sad, etc.

87. Kiss at the top of the wheel of fortune

It is a romantic, fun and rejuvenating gesture. If you are at the amusement park, why not make the moment even more special? 

88. Sleep under the stars

Reconnect with your partner by snuggling up to the stars and talking until you fall asleep at camp.

89. Stay a whole day in bed

There are days when we just want to be in bed. Allowing yourself to do it every now and then is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy with your partner.

90. Bathe in a sauna together

Saunas are very sensual settings if you visit as a couple. Share together in those high temperatures and you will surely arrive with the same fever in your room.

91. Create a list of songs that represents the relationship

They can create the list including the songs that remind them of moments together. These lists are perfect to listen to in sad moments, to help us lift our spirits. 

92. Take a bubble bath together

The sensuality that a bubble bath can have is evident. But it is also a relaxation activity that you can share to rest as a couple.

93. Feed each other

 Just as if it were a small child, pamper your partner by feeding them directly from the mouth. 

94. Have dinner at a multi-course restaurant

Multi-course restaurants are elegant places where each dish represents a moment of the meal. They consist of starters, main courses and desserts.

If you think it is a very expensive idea, but you still want to do something special, you can prepare dinner at home in that same style. 

Menus usually consist of 3, 4 or 5 times. The first has a starter, main course and dessert. The 4-course has an appetizer or snack, starter, main course and dessert. While the latter has an appetizer, starter, main course, garnish and dessert.

95. Have dinner once a month at a food truck

In case you prefer something more casual, food trucks are a great option. In addition to offering dishes at very affordable prices, they are also delicious.

96. Jump on the zip line

Also known as  canopy , this is an activity for adventurers who want to share fun moments with their partner.

97. Naden Naden

At any time of the day, swimming naked is a fun activity that connects you as a couple.

98. Dance when there is no music

Getting carried away by the emotion of the moment is always an unforgettable experience, so enjoy a dance with the music playing in your heads. 

99. Have a Thanksgiving dinner even if it’s not a special day

In life we ​​must always be thankful for everything we have and everything we experience. One way to show this is by having a Thanksgiving dinner to share with family and friends.

100. Play a trivia

This is an excellent game to really find out how well you know each other. Prepare your questions a few days in advance and set aside a special night for fun.

101. Play mimicry

Like trivia, playing mime is an entertaining activity that you can enjoy for an entire night together.

102. Plan a night in a hotel with breakfast in the room included

What better way to rest than to forget about all the household duties? Spending a night together in a hotel will make you feel adventurous, have a different time and will not have to do anything at all.

103. Have breakfast in bed

Serving breakfast in bed is a way to extend the intimacy of sleeping together. Dare to make these special moments at least once a month.

104. Join a gym together

Exercising together is an excellent motivation to achieve the desired figure. The best thing is that you can motivate each other to stick with your physical routines.

105. Go paragliding

This is another activity for adventurers. It is an exciting, fun and very daring experience.

106. Take surf lessons

In case you live near a beach and want to exercise outside the home, this could be a very good alternative. 

Surfing is a sport that requires discipline and perseverance to master the waves. Learning together will help you grow as a couple. 

107. Be the canvas of the other

Drawing and painting on your partner’s body is to fully appreciate their natural beauty. They can use brushes, sponges or their hands to create real works of art. 

108. Have a coffee or tea together

Whether it’s homemade or bought from a coffee shop, a drink is always a comforting thing to share.

109. Go to a disco

Dancing and having fun can be a great idea for a weekend outing. 

110. Visit a sexshop

This is a good alternative for those who want to rekindle the flame of love in the bedroom. From sensual lingerie to toys, dare to experiment and get to know each part of your body to stimulate yourself to the maximum and give yourself pleasure. 

111. Have lunch together on weekdays

Share a meal, talk about your jobs, and enjoy quality time in the middle of the week’s grind. 

112. Celebrate a “no birthday”

Isn’t it your birthday, but you still want cake? Have a celebration for being alive, even if it is not the day of your birth. Include a huge cake, various sweets, special food and even gifts.  

113. Go out to a candy store

Sometimes what we need to feel like we enjoy life is a little sweet. It can be a refreshing ice cream, a delicious cake or a soft cotton candy. 

There are so many options to explore that you can pick a candy store to visit each week. 

114. Exchange a to-do list

This is a very popular idea among couples who already live together: each gives the other a list of new activities that they want to try. The commitment is that the other dares to accompany them to enjoy together.

115. Stroll in a bookstore

All good readers consider that a book store is a paradise, and sharing that passion is something wonderful.

116. Make a relationship time capsule

In every relationship we hope to last a lifetime together. One way to foster that union is to create a time capsule and bury it to be opened in five or ten years.

What can they put inside? Photographs, notes and letters, any gifts that have been made, anything that represents the relationship and you in the present. 

117. Go hiking

Hiking consists of walking through the countryside or in the mountains. It is an entertaining, beautiful activity that will connect you with nature.

118. Spa for 2

In case you are very stressed with a fairly busy routine or have had some kind of problem recently, attending a couples relaxation center may be a good idea.

Both will be in the same room, but each will receive their own treatment to release the burdens. It is a unique experience that they can do no matter what stage of the relationship they are in. 

119. Talk all night

On the phone, video call or in person, talking about everything that goes through your head is something that every couple should do from time to time. 

120. Grow a garden together

Taking care of plants is an excellent activity to promote commitment in the relationship. The best thing is that they will not need to invest a lot of money to carry out this activity.

121. Play with the fallen leaves in autumn

Let your inner child out by having fun jumping and tossing the leaves that have fallen from the trees this time of year. 

122. Get a striptease

In case you’re looking to rekindle the flame of passion, this could be a good plan. Liven up and prepare the room: put romantic music, candles, incense. Use several pieces of clothing to lengthen the dance and make it even more sensual. 

123. Fulfill your sexual fantasies

Experiment by trying positions or in different places to please each other’s sexual desires. 

124. Draw yourself as a cartoon and then hang it on the fridge

This activity will help them to notice their physique well, their outstanding features and to have fun representing the other.

125. Share housework

If you live together, you need to make a plan to divide up the household chores. They should include and share them all, from cleaning, taking out the garbage, doing laundry, shopping, cooking, to washing dishes and maintaining order. 

They can make a table with all the activities and rotate them weekly or monthly so as not to make the routine tedious. 

126. Make crafts together

They can try working with clay, making furniture and home decorations, embroidering, recycling and reusing materials of any kind. More than working with your hands, it is spending quality time together focusing your energy on an object that you are creating.

127. Thoroughly clean the house

These types of cleaning days involve moving all the objects to clean each one thoroughly.

It is said that an orderly space is an orderly mind, so it could be the ideal plan if you have had problems recently or need to clarify your feelings without talking too much. 

128. Have a fashion show

Check the closet for cool outfit combinations and parade for each other. They can make up a story with each costume to add to the fun.

129. Water war

Use water-filled balloons, buckets, hoses, or squirt guns. Try to do it without the phones on you to have fun without risk of damaging them.

130. Adopt a pet together

Are you looking for something that shows your commitment to the relationship? If you are both animal lovers, adopting a pet could be a great option to start your family. 

131. Do role plays

This could be an excellent idea if you are looking to break the monotony. What roles could they use? Those that your fantasies want. You can be a student and a teacher, lovers, a policeman and a criminal … 

132. Make an outdoor fire.

There is something romantic about camping, fire, and nights spent in nature.

133. Search for the mysterious gift

This activity is fun, but it requires some preparation. One member of the pair will be in charge of scattering clues around the house (or town), while the other must follow them to find a mysterious prize. 

The prize can be a letter, something you’ve always wanted, a proposal or a special meal.

134. Pillow fight or tickling

This is a fun activity that can come up spontaneously at any time of the day.

135. Learn a new language together

Whether it’s with free apps, online courses, or attending an academy, learning is always a good activity to share as a couple. 

136. Take pictures as a couple with a professional

They will have beautiful immortalized memories.

137. Write yourself a song or poem

Verbalizing our feelings is a very beautiful way to honor the relationship.

138. Bathe together

Not in a sexual way, but more in the form of pampering to better know their bodies and give themselves affection.

139. Have a gift exchange

They can be things made by yourself like a letter, drawing or some craft. You can also surprise by giving your partner something they have wanted for a long time. 

140. Try to set a Guinness record as a couple

Look online for the records set so far and select one that you can make together and try to break it. They will surely have a lot of fun. 

141. Have a garage sale

Getting rid of the things you no longer use is a great way to put your house in order and also earn some money. If the objects are of high economic value, we recommend you take them to an auction house or a specialist. 

142. Stroll through a local flea market

Here it is not necessary to buy something, it is a great walk to go through the different stalls observing the merchandise while they talk about any topic. 

143. Practice yoga together

In addition to being a great exercise, yoga is an activity that helps connect the mind with the body. If you practice it together, you will find a deeper connection between you.

144. Pretend you are going to buy a house

Make an appointment with a real estate agent and visit houses as if you are interested in buying or renting together. It’s a great way to get to know each other’s tastes and imagine what your future will be like together.

145. Cook a barbecue together

This is an activity that mixes the intimacy of the kitchen with the fun of the outdoors. Excellent option to have fun.

146. Build a pillow fort

Bring out your inner child, build a castle with pillows, sheets and cushions, create a story, get into your characters and have fun. 

147. Make up a board game together

They create the board, the rules, the tiles and the way to play. Let your imagination fly and make your ideal game.

148. Sit down and enjoy music without talking

Sometimes just the company of that special being along with a good tune is all we need to have a good time. 

149. Shop together at the supermarket

Going to the supermarket to buy groceries and groceries is an everyday activity that can be fun and entertaining. 

To animate the exit they can play inside the tent. For example, have each one choose one thing per aisle, one food per letter of the alphabet or per color. 

150. Create a blog together

We all have a good knowledge about something specific: cooking, cleaning, crafts, technology management, etc. If you want to carry out a project this could be an excellent option.

Keeping it up with frequent posts, choosing the theme, images, and content will keep you busy for a long time.  

151. Have a friendly video game tournament among yourselves.

Playing video games is a great way to spend an afternoon together. They can challenge each other and bet who will have the most wins.

152. Try to make a concert between you 

It does not matter if they are not good at singing or do not know how to play an instrument, showing your partner that you are capable of trying to do a good performance for him will be a romantic and somewhat fun detail. 

153. Make a collage of what you want together in the future

It’s kind of like an objective map. They can post images of whatever they want. The idea is that they hang it in a place that they can observe every time they need to remember what the goal of the relationship is and everything they plan together.

154. Plan the perfect date and carry it out

Food, clothing, place and punctuality. That everything goes as planned will leave you with a feeling of unsurpassed satisfaction. 

155. Tell your deepest secrets and fears

It is something that every couple should do from the beginning of the relationship. Trust is the foundation of the bond between you. Telling yourself your most intimate secrets is one way to prove it. 

156. Take a nap together

As simple as it may seem, the simple activity of resting implies an important intimacy.

157. Experience new things in privacy

Take the time to read up on new positions or ideas to practice in bed and dare to try them in your relationship.

158. Get drunk together

Go out to party, drink together without worries. They just need to make sure they have safe transportation for the return and they can enjoy it without any restrictions. 

159. Weekend plan at home

Spending the weekend without leaving home is quite an attractive idea for couples at any stage. 

What can they do? Order food at home, watch movies, snuggle under the covers, and most importantly: minimize the use of devices that connect you to the outside world. 

160. Walk around the city at night

The light of the moon gives a different look to the streets. Walking in the quiet of the night with your partner is something romantic that you can do any day of the week. 

161. Create an urban garden together

This initiative can be a way to change the world from where they are. While it is true that it takes a bit of work, dedication, effort and time, it is also a great way to bond as a couple.

162. Go shopping together

For many men this may be a bad idea, but the truth is that going to the mall together does not have to be a bad experience.

Try to guess what the other would buy, do fashion shows in the fitting room and have the most fun.

163. Fly kites together

This is an activity that will remind them of their childhood and connect them with that genuine fun of the early years.

164. Rent an inflatable for you

It may sound crazy, but it is an excellent idea to spend an afternoon of pure fun.

165. Have a sleepover together

The couple is usually one of our best friends, so why not spend the night up doing the typical activities of a normal sleepover. 

Put on face masks, be a hairstylist and manicurist for each other, talk, and watch romantic or comedy movies.

166. Give yourself at least one compliment every day

This custom is a way to strengthen the love between the two of you and remind yourself of how much you are worth to each other. What is to be said? Something honest, that you really feel and exalt the positive things of your partner.

167. Go to church together

Having the same beliefs about life and leaning on it is a nice way to grow a relationship. Spirituality is an important area for any couple, so learning to share it is a great strength. 

168. Do a spiritual retreat one weekend

Disconnecting from the world is something that you have to do as a couple from time to time in order to reconnect on a higher emotional level.

169. Fulfill the dreams of the other

It could be going to a concert, meeting an artist, or visiting a new establishment. No matter what your partner wants, helping him achieve a dream will show him how much you love him.

170. Parachute together

When you search for the word adventure, parachuting is always the first choice. This is a unique activity that will allow you to share a very exciting experience.

171. Ride a plane

There are cities that have  air tours  to see them from the air. It is a very interesting activity that will allow you to see impressive landscapes.

172. Play hide and seek

Like children, take a while to hide and find yourself over and over again.

173. Have a look competition

This is an intimate game that almost always ends in laughter. It’s perfect for hanging out without spending a penny.

174. Sing at the top of your lungs while listening to the radio

This is one of the simplest activities to do because it can come up at any time. Take advantage of every moment in traffic to have fun. They can record their performances and share them on social media.

175. Attend a show

Cultural events are always a good way to get out of the routine. Whether it’s an art, television, or acting show, it’s definitely an interesting and fun activity.

176. Make a list of all the places you want to visit

It can be an alternative to the typical structured plans, since they will have the freedom to learn more about each other’s dreams. Those lists can help you as motivation for your next vacation.

177. Kiss in the rain

It is the typical movie scene that you are sure to enjoy imitating.

178. Play Pokémon Go

If you are both fans of Pokémon, you cannot miss the opportunity to play with this incredible app. In addition to being a fun game, to be able to play it they must take a walk outdoors.

179. Play at being a clothing designer

Buy fabric or repurpose clothing from your wardrobe and become true fashion professionals. From simple outfits to haute couture outfits with avant-garde and extravagant designs.

180. Play clothing poker

It is a sensual game in which each losing game involves removing an item of clothing. They can include drinks and food while they play.

181. Bathe your pets together

Do not look at how everyday this task may sound but at the time you will spend together while caring for your pet.

182. Make a chest of wishes and treasures

This is similar to the time capsule, with the difference that it is not necessary to keep it closed for a certain time.

In fact, they can open it up whenever they’re feeling sad, the relationship is going through a tough time, or they need a boost to cheer up on a bad day.

183. Pamper yourself with guilty pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures, and fulfilling them from time to time gives us a lot of satisfaction. Join us to enjoy yours.

184. Create a photo wall

It can be an entire wall or a large billboard that covers at least half of the wall. Hang photos together, of good times, your childhoods and also of the places you want to visit.

The important thing is that every time they look at the wall they feel happy to see all the good there is in their lives. 

185. Cook each other’s favorite dish

One of the best ways to express and show love is by cooking for the other person. Learn how to make your partner’s favorite dish and make him feel cared for and loved.

186. Watch a game together and place bets

Don’t make bets of money, but rather of tasks that you want the other to do, places that you want to know or who chooses the next movie. 

187. Visit your families

One way to know each other thoroughly is by knowing the origin of each one. The best way to do this is to get to know the family, the values ​​they were raised with, and the places where they grew up.

188. Go for a whole day with a nephew or little relative

This will help them find out if they want to have children and they can train to be good parents. They may be encouraged to have their children soon.

189. Organize an urban walk route

Include restaurants, bars, towns, cities, and whatever monuments you want to visit. Try to make an itinerary that includes as many places as possible. Set aside a day and follow the plan to the letter.

190. Sail a whole weekend together

Rent a boat with a cabin and all the comforts to spend a weekend at sea. If possible, do not take any electronic devices that connect you with the outside world so that the experience focuses on your time together.

191. Stroll on the beach holding hands and barefoot

Enjoy the scenery of the beach, the sound of the sea and feel the sand under your feet. Few activities are more romantic and simple than this one.

192. Go to a water park together

This is a guaranteed fun option. They will have a very entertaining time and different from their daily routine.

193. Learn to knit together

It is not the typical activity that is learned as a couple, but without a doubt it is an excellent option to spend time together doing an activity that is considered relaxing.

194. Enroll in a class together

As with languages, learning new activities is a great way to break the routine and grow as a couple.

195. Try something that you have seen on the Internet and did not dare to do

Whether it is a DIY-style project, an initiative to start a business, or an entertaining activity, surely there is something that you have seen on a website or social network profile that you have wanted to experience. 

196. Watch Rally races

The rally is a car competition with different rules than other types of games. It can be really exciting to see it on television or live and direct. 

197. Participate in a competition of pairs

Whether you organize it yourself or find a competition to enter, trying these types of competitions will help you entertain yourself and work as a team.

198. Try to guess what the other person thinks.

You can make gestures or grimaces, but not say what you think until your partner guesses or gives up. 

199. Let the other one dress you for a day

Don’t panic because your partner chooses your outfit. It is an exercise that will show you how well you know each other.

If you choose something that you would never wear, wear it the same, remember that it is only one day and it will remain as a funny anecdote. Take pictures and have fun.

200. Plan and carry out a professional project together

Many people may think that mixing work with personal relationships is not a good idea, but this is not entirely true. Sometimes doing a project together is just what you need to get it done and be successful.

How to achieve it and not die trying? Dividing the tasks and trusting that the other will do well. In the process they will learn to communicate correctly and discover new facets of each one. 

201. Go out to take photos

Sharing your passion for photography is a great way to learn more about your partner’s perspective, what attracts them, and their way of seeing the world. They can print the photos they liked the most and decorate their walls with them.

What can I do with my partner?

  • Taking a nap: encourages connection on a psychological level. Many times you just need to feel your partner on the side to know that everything will be okay. 
  • Eat in bed or on the couch while watching a movie. 
  • Strolling hand in hand through a park or square. 
  • Go out to eat some candy. 
  • Play with her personal grooming: from massages and masks, to choosing her clothes or cutting her hair. 

What to do with your partner when there is no money?

It is not necessary to have money to have a good time with your partner, some of the things they can do are:

  • Walk in a square.
  • An excursion.
  • Watch a series or movie at home. 
  • Prepare food together.
  • Sit and watch the stars. 

What to do with little money?

When the budget is very tight, the ideal is to have a romantic meal. It can be an outdoor picnic or something more intimate in the house. 

What to do to surprise your partner?

The activity you decide to do will depend a lot on the personality of your partner, so we cannot tell you exactly what will surprise her. 

What we can tell you is that you try to find out if you have wanted something for some time. When you find out, try to make his dream come true. 

Things to do as a couple on a Sunday

  • Watch a romantic movie under the covers.
  • Take a nap.
  • Stroll through the park.
  • Go out to eat something sweet like ice cream or cake.
  • Spend the day in the country. 

Things to do as a couple from a distance

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t live in the same city as you can be challenging, but distance doesn’t mean you can’t do activities together.

Here are 3 things you can do to strengthen communication: 

  • Watch a series together by syncing your screens and having a live video chat. 
  • Have a date at a cafe. Have a video call in a cafe and chat as if you were face to face. They can go out and about the city while making the video call and show each other beautiful places. 
  • Play : Today there are many mobile applications that allow couples to connect better. Some of them are Bliss, App Kouply, Couple, or truth or dare.

We have already told you more than 200 things to do as a couple, but the main thing you should look for when doing any activity is to strengthen the bonds of trust and communication that they have in the relationship.

We hope you liked our article. Remember that you can write in the comment box the activities that you most enjoy doing as a couple.

You can also share this article on your social networks, you will surely give your friends fun things to do with your girlfriends.