Fun Marriage Retreats

Sometimes married couples go through a bad stage in the relationship. Perhaps it seems to you that everything becomes monotonous, they constantly argue or even have the feeling that love has been lost. When this occurs, couples can resort to a marriage retreat to reunite with their relationship and relight the flame. In these fun marriage retreats, games are often used to break the ice and help couples reconnect with each other.

Remember when

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This game fun marriage retreats is for couples to remember the first time they met or their first date. Each one receives a sheet of paper and a pen. Individuals have to write down in two minutes all the things they remember feeling when they first met their orange stockings. When the time is up a bell rings and the couples have to share what they wrote about each other. It is an activity that helps rekindle the spark of marriage by allowing couples to remember the beginning of their romance and why they were attracted to each other.

About me

In this fun game, you test how much each of you knows about your partner. One person asks the other a question that has to do with it: for example, what is my favorite shirt, how do I like to eat steak or what is my favorite author. If the person who must answer the questions knows the answers, then he provides them, but if he does not, he simply says it and his wife enthusiastically responds. The objective of this game is not to end up frustrated, but to get to know a little more about each one.

fun marriage retreats

Count on me

In this game married couples compete in a race. Before starting, a starting point and an arrival point are determined. Couples stand on each other’s feet and run to cross the finish line. It is a somewhat silly game for classmates to learn to work together while having fun. Although the real winners are those of the couple that crosses the finish line, in the end they all end up being winners because they are sharing quality time together in a joyful way.

The game of married couples

Play a version of the classic “Game for Newlyweds”. Before beginning, couples are asked a series of questions and their answers are recorded. During the game, the husbands are asked the same questions, but they must answer the way they think their partner did. For example, they can ask a husband what his favorite dinner is; in the game, they ask his wife the same question. The questions for this game can be silly and easy or a little deeper; Either way, the goal is for couples to share what they know about each other. One point is added for each question that is answered correctly and a small gift is given to the winning couple.