Friends Falling In Love

When a person falls in love with their friend, they may experience a period of doubts about the desire to show feelings of infatuation in fear that this circumstance may interfere negatively in the friendship relationship. However, this fear can be contextualized within the framework of reality itself by understanding what are the effects of acting as if nothing had happened when the reality is that a change has occurred in that relationship. Someone who lives this situation wonders how to make a friend fall in love. In Bigmatrimonial we give you some ideas.

How to make a friend fall in love? 5 tips

Love is often unexpected and unpredictable, however there are a few tricks you can apply if you are wondering how to fall in love with a girl or how to fall in love with a woman. Also if your goal is to know how to make a friend fall in love, here we expose five rabbits specifically for it. These are the five points to keep in mind to make a friend fall in love:

  1. Define your goal . If you want to make your friend fall in love, then, you have to align your actions with this purpose focusing your attention on what depends on you. For example, you can influence your ability to show your best version . If you live a period of doubts in which you do not know if you want to bet on what you feel or prefer to continue nurturing the bond of friendship by believing that it is a temporary illusion, it is recommended that you take your time to resolve this issue. Once you have found your answer you can determine what your objective is.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone in this friendship. That is, do not see the shared time in common until now as a reference from which to observe the present as a continuity. What you feel marks a turning point in your positioning in the face of this friendship. Therefore, listen to your feelings and take the initiative to create new shared memories in common by proposing new plans.
  3. Time. If it is a long-term bond of friendship, the advice to get out of the comfort zone in this friendship should be practiced gradually and gradually. In this way, you can also better see how you feel about this person and also listen to their response to your initiatives. This measure of time can not only be interpreted in relation to the passing of the weeks on the calendar, but with your own internal time. It is recommended that you listen to your inner voice because there may come a time when you feel that you no longer want to continue at this point if this situation is making you suffer.
  4. Do not assume the role of confidant. It is very positive that you dedicate time and show interest in getting to know him. Although she is your friend and you think you already know everything about her, this is a belief that you can change if you want to fall in love with her. That person, like you, is immersed in a continuous transformation on a vital level. Therefore, take the initiative to know her from the present. But, to make a friend fall in love, try not to assume the role of confidant of the best friend.
  5. Share this information only with someone you trust. If you have friends in common, perhaps it is better not to share your feelings with people who can reveal what you feel for your friend. Trust who will keep this information in privacy. Being able to speak confidently with a friend will help you have a broader perspective of the situation. If at the moment you do not want to talk to anyone about this topic, you can find in the emotional expression of writing a way to dialogue with yourself.
friends falling in love

How to make a friend fall in love: 4 things you should not do

If you are in the situation of wanting to make a friend fall in love, you want to know how to fall in love with a girl or how to fall in love with a woman, there are certain aspects that you must take into account since they can be counterproductive. What gestures are best to avoid in this situation? Here are three things you should not do:

  1. Focus only on the difficulty of the situation. Some people worry about the possibility of losing friendship when in fact they can also adopt a positive reading by looking at the trust they have with their friend as a favorable context for seduction.
  2. Anticipate events . You think that it is better not to try it when before each initiative negative ideas emerge in your internal dialogue. If you really want to discover how your friend feels about you, you cannot guess what she feels without risk of error. Living is discovering new answers. And you are at that moment when you have the opportunity to take the initiative to reveal this mystery.
  3. Listen only to others . Do not let yourself be conditioned either by the opinion that people from the closest environment may have about this story, do not behave as a spectator but as a protagonist. Listen to yourself and make your own decisions
  4. Focus seduction on insistence . This behavior produces the distance response from the other person.

These are some possible mistakes that should be avoided when falling in love with a person.

How to know if your friend is in love with you

How can you see if your friend also begins to feel something for you?

  1. Evolution in friendship towards love . When you take stock of the time shared in common during the last period, you observe a significant change regarding the spaces shared before each other. A change that can be noticed in the new topics of conversation, in the shared plans or in the frequency of the meetings.
  2. Intuition . The intuition information is not always aligned with the essence of the facts, however, as the protagonist of this story, it is likely that you may have clues that indicate this information or the opposite. For example, the language of looks.
  3. Behavior change . Just as you behave differently when you are in love, you have also noticed this change in her communication with you not only in face-to-face plans, but also in communication over the phone.
  4. It has details with you that make you feel special. Gestures that show the value of personalization. For example, she has spent a lot of time surprising you on an important date for you. Friends also surprise their friends, however, when you compare this surprise with others that I had with you previously, you feel something different from friendship.
  5. To get your bearings

How do you know if your friend is in love with you? Find your own answer thinking about what you think is the key, from your point of view, in such a situation.

Finally, if you feel that you are in love with your best friend, but she does not or if she finally tells you that she does not feel the same, the best option is to thank the sincerity, respect her decision and contemplate the idea of ​​following the friendship or not.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.