Flashmob for a wedding – how to cheer up guests and make them dance

It is customary to organize something unusual and original at modern weddings . Absolutely all newlyweds strive to ensure that their wedding is bright and unforgettable. To do this, they come up with many interesting numbers.

If in the Soviet years all weddings were typical, then nowadays all newlyweds want to do something individual. Decorators, wedding designers, presenters, sound technicians and even choreographers help with this.

The fashion of recent years dictates the involvement of guests in the celebration. From now on, guests are not silent witnesses to the action, who only came to eat and dance on the sidelines. It has long been not accepted to give only money. Young people want something more, namely an original presentation in the form of a song or dance.

Rules for a successful flash mob

The wedding flash mob has become especially popular. It is characterized by the gradual involvement of all the characters in the dance. There are several types of such an entertainment event.

To organize a successful flash mob, you need to familiarize yourself with its rules.

  1. Relevance – Of course, everyone, without exception, loves spontaneous dance, but it should take place at the right time and in the main place. Therefore, if suddenly the guests decide to start dancing in the middle of registration, this action will be considered both ridiculous and inappropriate. It is unlikely that anyone present will appreciate such an action. And what a shock the young people will be. It is best to organize this kind of dance performance after registration during the banquet.
  2. Without fail, the host and the organizer of the wedding should be warned about the flash mob itself. This is the person who should know about all the subtleties and moments that will pass. It is possible that he will even tell you how best to arrange a surprise and will be able to play along in some moments.
  3. There are several options for a dance surprise at a wedding banquet. One of them is organized by the newlyweds. Friends and the most active relatives are involved in it. This room will delight all guests and the young will have pleasant memories, filming about this bright moment at their wedding. According to the second scenario, it is possible to organize the dance performance in such a way that neither the groom nor the bride knows about the events taking place. In this case, there should be one single organizer who can gather all the guests and surprise the young married couple. The spouses will definitely like this, because they will not suspect anything.
  4. Any surprise number has a script. The guests are gradually involved in direct dance. Therefore, the main idea should be thought out, according to which the dance will turn out to be unexpected, spontaneous. The flash mob is especially bright when a young married couple meets at a restaurant. On the street, you can perform an impromptu dance, in which all the guests present will gradually be involved.
  5. In order to make your number the most vivid and memorable, you can add interesting details to it. These can be signs with inscriptions about a happy family life, balloons or rose petals. That is, at the end of the dance, it is worth putting a beautiful and bold point.

Dance ideas for a flash mob

There are some interesting ideas to help you organize a dance flash mob . In total, there are 3 different options for holding such an event.

  1. Dance option – all guests present must go to the dance floor. Suddenly, at some point, the music suddenly switches and everyone starts dancing, and one by one they are included in the dance itself. That is, initially the most daring, energetic and agile begins to move to the rhythm of the dance. Then more and more dancers gradually join him. As a result, the guests notice that in fact almost the whole hall is dancing and repeating the same movements. It is not immediately realized that there is actually a flash mob in front of you. Especially if very simple movements are taken for this.
  2. Fading is a dance form in which all the dancers suddenly freeze for 2-3 seconds and then continue to move again. The effectiveness of this version of the flash mob is achieved due to the position in which each of those present freezes. These can be completely ridiculous positions. This will only make it more fun and more fun for the guests to watch the mobbers.
  3. Battery – this is the name of the flash mob due to the fact that during the dance the battery seems to run out. That is, after the most direct dance, the mobbers stop moving and lower their heads down. They look like dolls whose batteries suddenly suddenly run out.

How to organize a flash mob?

In order to organize a flash mob, you need to find the person who will be directly involved in the production of the surprise dance. It should be an active, agile and energetic person. As a rule, such a dancer becomes the center of the mob itself.

Next, you should think about the number of people. Of course, the more you engage in the dance itself, the more colorful and interesting it will be. Therefore, do not hesitate, you can invite a large number of people. There should be at least 10 of them. Of course, each of them should not be shy and constrained.

Specify the time of the event in advance. Since there can be many participants, it will be extremely ridiculous if you have to approach everyone and inform about the beginning of the flash mob. It is better to at least roughly indicate the time so as not to look for any of the mob participants.

Take care of the props required for the dance. These can be balloons, colored ribbons, or other interesting items. In the end, it will be useful to give the bride a bouquet of flowers. This can also be considered part of the props. Having brought such accessories to the hall, agree with the presenter about the place of their storage.

It is impossible to do without musical composition. It is to the music that the main movements will be performed. Therefore, worry about its availability.

Tips for Performing Music Performances

Remember that a flash mob is not a dance that is performed from the beginning to the end of one song. Rather, it is a specific passage or segment of a vivid composition.

The music itself will depend on what idea you take as a basis. As a rule, most flash mobs are conducted with an energetic and lively song. It can be easily included immediately after the melodic part.

For example, everyone goes out to perform a slow dance and suddenly, suddenly, completely suddenly, the music stops, the lights turn off. After the lights in the hall are turned on, all the participants of the mob stand on the stage. They begin to move actively to the energetic song .


A flash mob is a bright and spectacular action that is actively used at many weddings.

It will not be difficult to organize it, but then how much surprise and delight you can see in the eyes of others.

Young people will later be happy to review photos and videos, remembering interesting surprises from their friends and relatives.