Fingerprint tree for weddings

Footprint tree for weddings: an original souvenir for your guests

A colorful, original and fun footprint tree is a way to remember those who attended your wedding.

More than a piece of decoration, it is a sentimental memory. This tree of footprints represents the shared moment and the support of family and friends throughout the couple’s relationship.

Having a giant book with dozens of long messages is not a good way to preserve memories. Here we suggest some actions to integrate the guests. The shared creation of a decorative and artistic piece such as a footprint tree develops a special dynamic.

Guests are an important part of every wedding celebration .

As witnesses and participants in the celebration, they are personally chosen to carry out the union of the couple. For this reason, the bride and groom will surely want to take the participation of their assistants beyond the photos.

Create together with the invitees a material memory that they can keep for many years.

Place on a small table:

  • Assorted color inks
  • The sheet you want to assemble
  • The name of the bride and groom and the wedding date
  • Wet towels to clean your hands

The use of bright colors such as red or gradients and pastels will give creative alternatives to the attendees. If there are many artists or music fans we suggest including labels with musical instruments.

¿ What is the tree of footprints for weddings?  

The footprint tree is a new and increasingly popular alternative, leaving aside the use of the traditional guest book .

It is a piece of memory in which your guests will leave their unique and original fingerprint.

The general idea is to have the silhouette of a tree with many branches so that attendees fill in the figure with their footprints as if they were its leaves or flowers.

How to make a footprint tree for your wedding?

The tree drawing should be on a canvas of a good material, preferably white so that the colors stand out.

Ideally, the material will resist to last a long time. Be easy to paint and that the traces will not be erased.

Use a white card, cloth, an oil canvas, a piece of wood or cardboard. 

If you dare to bring a creation yourself to a result, your wedding fingerprint tree can be as personalized and unique as you prefer.

They should only take into account the elements to support the canvas or cardboard on a lectern or table and with clear instructions.

Wonderful Footprint Tree For Your Wedding:  What Does It Take ?

1. The Base:

The poster board, cloth, or canvas should go on a lectern or easel. This can be purchased for later display of the final painting at home or borrowed. 

That frame can be large with a stand, or small that sits on a table.

Also be strong and stable because people will lean on it. Check that it must not wobble so that an accident does not occur.

2. The drawing:

Although the drawing of a tree and its branches is enough, there are many more ideas with which you can let your imagination and creativity fly. I ncorporar inside of the trunk line a heart or the same tree bark can have silhouettes of the couple giving a kiss.

Add birds on the branches, flowers so that the children’s footprints are petals. Do not forget the name of the bride and groom and the date of the event at the top.

3. The elements to paint:

Do not forget that they will need to put inks or bottles of watercolors of the colors they chose and cleaning towels. A box to throw away the material used as brushes or stamps.

It is also valid to replace the footprint tree with another design that identifies them more to the bride and groom. The footprints are not only leaves, but they can be images of balloons that lift a house.

There are designs that use the sparks and fireworks to mount the footprints. Also draw the feathers of a bird that you both like and as raindrops the footprints or signatures.

If you are afraid to experiment with your own hands, there are experienced illustrators who have models that can be printed. Visit etsy.com to find your project.

How to paint a footprint tree?

Different colored ink pads can be used. Enjoy doing it yourself using different shapes and artistic designs such as:

  • Round
  • Rhombuses
  • Squares or
  • Heart shape

Use the alluring colors of the rainbow with non-toxic, water-based inks. The guests fill with enthusiasm as each one puts their mark, shaping a creative drawing.

Once dry, the color is waterproof and can be applied to:

  • Screens
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Cards
  • Cardboards

This project will remain forever in the memory of the couple. It can also be painted using imagination on the wall. Make the drawing a great decoration for the wedding with the interaction in the painting of the footprints of all the guests.

What other ideas are there for your wedding footprint tree?

We should not expect the end result to be in a certain way. People will place their footprint where and how they want. It is best to let the spontaneity flow.

If you want more control of the situation, you can leave little rules explained. They prefer that the bride’s family stamp the signature on one side and that of the groom on the other, for example. If they like friends to do it in the farthest branches and relatives in the closest.

Wooden stamps can be used to make  guests more upbeat and involved. On the tables leave a small vase with hearts and wooden stamps that they can later stamp and sign.

Where to buy fingerprint tree for wedding?

You can buy them at fairs or at handicraft houses. Also where party favors are sold.

On the internet there are templates in pdf to print your footprint tree.

The memory: footprint tree and signature book

Opt for a signature tree instead of guest footprints. Especially if you want a memory where you can read each of the names. Also if you prefer that your guests do not stain their hand, just grab a marker to sign.

This format is more flexibility when having to choose a support. Peel off the paper inside a frame. Create a piece of shared art or wooden sculpture him in flat or three-dimensional form.

How to make a wedding footprint tree?

It is highly recommended to garland the footprint tree to highlight it. Put the cardboard in a more striking structure. Balloons can be used for this purpose.

They can also keep the footprint tree simple and make little cards with green leaf shapes that everyone signs in black or gold. And if they feel even more inspired, design the branches and leaves of the tree as a puzzle and let each attendee sign a piece to put together all the crossword of their love to  place in their new home.

We have this tutorial to guide you if you want to make the footprint tree yourself. So that the template you prepare does not bend, we advise you to frame the printing cardboard.   Pin It