Femininity through the eyes of men: the secrets of true femininity

Femininity through the eyes of men: its secrets, strength and symbol

Judging by how often the topic of femininity is discussed on the men’s sidelines, this is one of the most sought-after female qualities after beauty. What is femininity in the eyes of men? What do they imagine it to be? In general, what kind of quality is this? This article will tell about all this.

We are glad to welcome you to the blog bigmatrimonial.com! Agree, it is impossible to judge all representatives of the female world according to a single template. As they say, the taste and color of each woman are individual, and for each man, she has her own. But speaking of femininity, it is worth recognizing that all men want to see its manifestation in their women. It is for femininity that they yearn more than the fair sex themselves.

Although initially they are affected by appearance, it is this female trait that awakens real feelings, including character, cleanliness, sincerity, accuracy, as well as female manners, voice timbre, gestures that are in harmony with her intellect and inner world.

Next to such a lady, any person feels really comfortable. Its presence in a woman pleases the stronger sex because it makes them more courageous and real men. This is not just a gift for women, but also a gift for men seeking emotional solace from life’s troubles. For most males, it is like the proverbial oasis in the desert.

What is femininity

It represents the integrity and sense of proportion, as well as the harmony of all the components of female qualities and external features that cause the male sex to desire to protect their owner. For example, tenderness, unobtrusiveness, defenseless fragility, emotionality, attractiveness, kindness, caring for others, the beauty of the body and face.

Speaking about femininity, we can say that it consists of three components: 1) physical; 2) mental; 3) behavioral and refers exclusively to the beautiful half of humanity.

Physical aspects of femininity

Include a woman’s body, body type, hair, hairstyle, clothing style. A woman who is able to position her figure as attractive to the opposite sex is likely to be more feminine in their eyes than one who is unable to do so. The predominance of skirts, dresses, blouses, and heels in the style of clothing is more conducive to femininity than a “unisex” outfit. An outfit for men’s style takes a lot of women’s energy.

Another physical aspect is the voice. A softer, more sensual voice will make a lady more feminine, while a lower, sharper speech has the opposite effect. For example, a man is unlikely to consider a girl feminine with a rough, smoky voice, even if she has a good figure.

Femininity is the only luxury that belongs only to a woman. After all, even her own children belong to her husband.

Mental aspects of femininity

These aspects include goals and values. A lady whose goals resemble men’s – building a career, promotion, participation in politics, while sacrificing motherhood can hardly be called feminine.

A woman who rejects the traditional feminine values ​​of being a mother to take care of her household appears less feminine from a male perspective than one who finds happiness in raising children or taking care of her lover.

We do not encourage women to be only servants, but we want to show that certain qualities naturally make a lady more feminine. It also does not mean that women do not have the right to have a prestigious job, education, own goals, or opinions.

Behavioral aspects of femininity

They are associated with a woman’s mannerisms, such as body language, demeanor, eye contact, speech. The more aggressive in body language or speech, the less it says about femininity. Whereas tenderness, elegance, smoothness in movements, good breeding automatically makes a lady more feminine.

The use of nicknames, abbreviations of words, curses, obscenities takes away this quality from a lady. It goes without saying that any traditionally masculine bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, spitting make a woman more masculine and therefore less feminine.

Femininity through the eyes of men

This is the most attractive quality from the point of view of men, which has a certain mystery. A survey conducted among the male population showed their representation of femininity. Here are the specs literally:

  • Gentle, affectionate mother, giving birth and raising children.
  • Possessing prettiness and feminine beauty . She has charm and sexuality.
  • Love for children, her man.
  • Natural, aware of what it really is, and not glossy, artificial.
  • Well-bred, educated, able to present herself beautifully and dress beautifully.
  • Anything that represents motherhood.
  • The Turgenev lady is gentle, sensual, kind, sympathetic, devoid of a touch of cheap and deceptive glamour.
  • She does not strive to be stronger than a man and be sure to achieve everything herself in life.
  • Avoids haste, fuss, chaos in thoughts, has a creative view of the world and approaches everything creatively.
  • The ability to be smiling, cheerful, radiating happiness and contentment.
  • This is a combination of all female qualities harmoniously interacting with each other.
  • The ability to take care of yourself, look good, be attractive . This includes primordially women’s clothing, beautiful makeup.
  • This is kindness, attractiveness, fragility, charm, and in general – God’s gift.
  • The ability to be a real attractive woman, and with her laughter to make the world brighter.
  • This is the ability to help a man straighten his shoulders, then to cling to his chest.

Secrets of femininity

  1. To have a correct understanding of your feminine nature is the ability to make any environment cozy and comfortable.
  2. To be able to convey to a man cheerfulness, a positive attitude. Inspire him to succeed by helping him become successful.
  3. Vulnerability. That is, do not be ashamed of the expression “the weaker sex.” Rather, on the contrary, learn to feel comfortable enough allowing the stronger sex to take care of itself. If a lady experiences discomfort when a man takes care of her, while considering herself equal with him in all respects, then she is unlikely to be feminine in men’s eyes.
  4. To feel comfortable in the guise of femininity while the modern culture of many countries is becoming more and more genderless. To be able to be proud of the fact that she was born a woman, not a man. Showing with your manners and behavior that you consider this quality one of the greatest gifts that a woman can give to the world.
  5. Do not think that in today’s rigidly dynamic world there is no right to remain weak. At the same time, not only understand, but also accept the difference between male and female roles. A man to be a man , and a lady to be a woman. Therefore, any competition with the opposite sex is alien to her.
  6. This is the ability to love your own body, while remaining attractive in every way to your partner in life.

Symbol of femininity

Dress and skirt. Until the beginning of the 20th century, all women went exclusively in dresses or skirts. With the advent of Coco Chanel, ladies began to wear trousers, and then jeans. Many are surprised that men are not always able to see femininity because of these clothes, while a dress or skirt is still the hallmark of femininity and beauty.

Sometimes, due to masculine clothing or a haircut, it is not always possible to determine whether it is a woman or a man from the back. A lady in a decent beautiful dress already on a subconscious level evokes male respect and a desire to treat her more tenderly.

Hair is the second symbol. These are women’s long hair, beautiful styling, hairstyles. For example, when a woman is cut very short without her consent, then on a psychological level she will feel as if something feminine has been taken away from her. Therefore, it feels very uncomfortable. Whereas men never have a feeling of loss of masculinity, even having cut their hair bald.

The power of femininity

First of all, in weakness, while modern ladies want to appear strong for the males, who are wary and have little confidence in emancipated ladies, believing that they need to be a little weaker.

They say that men are hard to lift, and so the strength of this quality is the ability to qualitatively improve relations with males, causing them to want to take care of the young lady. Give her gifts, wear them in your arms.

Or, for example, beauty, you can hardly call it a 100% guarantee of popularity among men. In addition, they themselves are not always able to explain why they are sometimes attracted to far from beauties, while real beauties are left indifferent? The reason for this attractive force is precisely in femininity.

The stronger sex knows that the source of his strength, motivation to achieve success and the filling factor is precisely the feminine woman.


So, femininity through the eyes of men is a happy woman who always behaves at ease under any circumstances, while avoiding pretense. Its integral feature is warmth, dynamism, openness towards people.

In relationships, she is attentive to others, caring, always ready to provide support and comfort. She is always easy, comfortable, and safe not only with women, but also with the opposite sex, and she also has a cheerful disposition, perkiness, and sociability.