Female attractiveness in the eyes of men

Female attractiveness in the eyes of men: 4 features

Attractiveness for a woman is an important factor because “men love with their eyes” and always pay attention to attractive ladies. Therefore, it is worth considering what makes up female attractiveness in the eyes of men? What are the eyes of a man her features, secrets, laws? How to increase, strengthen or increase it? You can read about all this in this article.

Agree, many women, girls are thinking about how to make a more favorable impression on others. Sometimes it happens that less pretty, less charming people have more success in communication than their beautiful girlfriends. Why? They clearly understood that to learn how to be successful in building relationships with the male, you need to learn to look at yourself through their eyes, which often evaluates a woman according to four criteria. Its main components: physical, energetic, intellectual criteria, and does it also have wisdom?

Features of an attractive woman

All women dream of being loved, desired while being popular among men. Therefore, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the main criteria of female attractiveness.

Physical criterion

Posture, gait, facial expressions, style of dress – literally everything matters for men. Therefore, all women need to work on this to the maximum and very carefully.

After all, a woman is a visiting card of a man, which means that he does not care who goes hand in hand with him. You are a social indicator of his status victories, so he takes your physical data seriously.


Speaking about attractiveness in the eyes of men, a woman needs to be confident in her exclusivity, which cannot be stamped by factory production. To develop the right attitude towards your figure, you still have to do something.

For example, correct your physical shortcomings or learn how to correctly present them. To do this, today there are many opportunities: go to the gym, eat right or buy clothes that hide imperfections.

It’s better than just sitting around complaining about how unattractive you are. Believe me, it is much easier to return your ass to its historical homeland than to suffer all your life with the realization that your lover is looking at other people’s fifth point. Everything can be corrected, only motivation is important, as well as the right actions.

Dressing style

Fashion has come and gone, but style remains. Style is an indicator of intelligence, harmony, and attitude towards oneself. It is an extension of your personality. Any woman can surprise others with something pleasant when she wants it. The main thing is to choose such a style of clothing, thanks to which she can feel comfortable and confident.

It’s important to consider two things:

  • Dress in a way that shows less of your charms, creating more opportunities to attract the opposite sex.
  • More fabric, but less makeup, if the opposite is true, this is a sign of desperation, which is unattractive.

Manicure, hairstyle

It is simply unacceptable for a woman to appear in society without a manicure, with dirty hair. This is part of women’s etiquette. Therefore, they must always be on top.

Conclusion: The ability to teach oneself distinguishes a “purebred” woman from a “mutt”, while we are not even talking about extra pounds or other flaws in appearance. An attractive woman has learned to make an element of her exclusivity or features out of her shortcomings, becoming a kind of brand.

Energy criterion

Have you noticed beauties with a completely absent expression on their faces, while turning up their noses, as if they were queens? Acquaintance with a similar type of man stops very quickly. Or another picture: a couple where the lady is unlikely to shine with ideal body shapes (lump), as well as the beauty of her face, but her gentleman eats her with his loving look.

Why is it that the first category, possessing furious beauty, fails to tie a partner to themselves for a long time, while the second one succeeds easily and even playfully? The bottom line is that these young ladies radiate different energy. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex, first of all, fall in love with the energy emanating from a woman, and not with external parameters. How to improve your energy rating?


Physical education, sports accelerate the blood, and all processes in the body begin to happen faster. Those who are used to doing physical education, playing sports become fresh, inspired, and therefore more attractive to men.


Thanks to her, the representatives of the weaker sex at any age always have sparkling eyes. An intoxicatingly inquisitive look with sparks of feminine weakness and childlike spontaneity – these are the features that make any woman attractive and drive men crazy. In their eyes, this is very attractive, they are unlikely to leave such ladies unattended. (Find out what you need to do to please men? )

Sense of humor

A woman who can laugh at herself in any situation or take a decent joke on her address is always more attractive than pretentious ladies.

Self-irony is one of the main secrets of the most powerful charm

People who can’t laugh at themselves are simply boring. Agree, even if you get into something, it’s always better to laugh at yourself, while walking out with your head held high and gaining a rating for yourself than to pretend that it doesn’t concern you.

It is worth noting that a sense of self-irony is inherent only in self-confident women. Who does not try to hide their shortcomings, but rather puts them out, making it their brand? Packing their minds in humor and self-irony, they became incredibly attractive. This is what distinguishes them from the crowd, the seeming beauties.

Conclusion: female attractiveness is energy, not beauty and youth. Beauty replaces style, years are compensated by sports and wisdom, but energy is the secret weapon of an attractive woman. This is what will allow the lady to attract strong and successful men.

Intelligent criterion

Unfortunately, it can be said about some ladies (as well as men) that their level of intelligence, that is, mental abilities, is extremely low. But men look at women’s brains the same way they stare at their legs. Because they also want to talk heart to heart with someone, to speak out. They want to deal with a partner, a great conversationalist, and not just an “empty doll”.

Therefore, having created an extraordinary appearance, it is also important to impress men with your intellect. Being intellectual doesn’t just mean reading books or going to the theatre. This means putting the accumulated knowledge into practice.

For example, by engaging herself in some business, hobby, work, thanks to which she can use her brain to the fullest. At the same time, constantly developing and improving in this area. Otherwise, she will begin to endure the brain of her missus.

Even if your IQ is high, you know a lot, and are well-read, still avoid constantly saying “I already know this, I read it, this is no longer new to me.” Believe me, this behavior is annoying.

The attractiveness of a woman in the eyes of men is the ability to shut up in time and stop being smart, as the lady has enough intelligence to understand and do this. She understands that sometimes it is better to shut up, trying to be surprised by the information she hears, especially when communicating with the opposite sex.

After all, men are attracted to the female brain, just like their legs. Women who lead a rich, creative, interesting life, who know how to keep up a conversation on any topic and who know when to shut up in time in the eyes of men will always be attractive.

Conclusion: what kind of women are considered very attractive? Those who can sincerely laugh at other people’s jokes without irony. Who can be surprised even at the well-known news, told by a new person or in a new way? Such ladies attract, you want to constantly communicate with them, share the latest news.

Women’s wisdom

Being wise means working on yourself, your priorities, life principles, and this is a special art. A woman with wisdom clearly understands what she wants and who she wants. She understands well that there is a difference in how males and females love, and what they love at the same time. Patience + understanding are her main allies. Consider 4 secrets of female wisdom.

1. Love, know and respect yourself

Thanks to this, she will be able to remain calm without losing her face even in conflict situations. For example, she avoids hysteria or constantly sawing her man, because it is impossible to please her with anything. She understands that her wisdom is not in defending her point of view through heated debates with foam at the mouth but in the ability to avoid these disputes. Knowing how to do this, a woman will already be 50% more attractive than the rest of the fairer sex.

2. The ability to trust your man and believe in him

Agree, when everything is good with him, he is easily trusted, and when things go badly, doubts awaken, then whining, a desire to “nag”. It must be remembered that an attractive woman is a man’s fighting girlfriend. Even if the whole world takes up arms against her faithful, she will silently and patiently remain his support.

3. The ability to forgive and patience

Men are by nature more temperamental, hotter than women, so it’s hard for them to make concessions. Ladies should remember this, having developed the right tactics – to give in to their lover on trifles, but to defend their position in the main. This does not mean that you need to become a kind of “sufferer”, constantly enduring all the male antics.

You just need to develop a new tactic of patience – explain intelligibly several times what hurts you, then if you don’t understand, explain more firmly and stricter. With such a position, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to reproach the lady for impatience.

4. The ability to raise male self-esteem

A wise woman always raises her lover’s self-esteem, thus helping him achieve new successes. It is important to know: the male ego can work wonders. For example, a man can “break into blood” to make his beloved insanely happy, who managed to raise his self-esteem.

Why? Because women who know how to raise a man’s self-esteem, and not suppress it with their nit-picking or tantrums in the “noble maidens market” are worth their weight in gold. Such young ladies are constantly being hunted by men.

Remember, attractiveness does not mean being quiet, resigned, indulging your little man in everything. This is a strong, bright self-sufficient personality, clearly understanding what she wants and who she wants. Men love strong women who can be weak and relaxed in their hands.

Therefore, wisdom lies in the ability to be different. In the ability to recognize the moment when you need to be gentle or affectionate, and when you need to properly motivate your beloved so that he can reach new heights.

Conclusion: a woman becomes attractive when she knows how to understand masculine nature, knows how to look at everything with masculine eyes, but at the same time behaves femininely. When she is tolerant of all-male “jambs”, can forgive him for it. A believer in her partner and any difficult situation raises his self-esteem. Who knows all the shortcomings of her beloved, but continues to love him madly, trust, and also maintain devotion to him.


We tried not to discover America but paid attention to some little things because they have all the power. It is the little things that give charm to a person, allowing the index of personal attractiveness to grow rapidly upwards, even go off the scale.

As a result, a woman becomes confident, attractive, knowing her worth. Or she becomes a boring, insecure, lonely “clunk”, who believes that everyone except her is lucky, and only “goats” revolve around her.

Get ready to avoid molding your personality to fit any social standard. Just put some order about yourself, while placing some accents in the right places.

So that your female attractiveness in the eyes of men acquires new features and hooks them. After all, every woman already from birth has everything necessary to experience pleasure from herself. It is then that your attractiveness will gain truly lethal force.

And what needs to be done for those who want to become and remain attractive will be in the next article. Therefore, subscribe to blog updates to be aware of the release of this and other articles.