Farewell Letters to a Love

Writing goodbye letters to love can be one of the most difficult things you have to do in life and almost all of us go through it, here we help you with good examples.

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Love ends in various circumstances, either because it is necessary to say goodbye to impossible love, a true one, an unfaithful one, or simply because it is a long-distance relationship and it is very difficult to continue.

Below we leave you a series of different examples of farewell letters to a love with which you can be inspired or dedicated. Choose the farewell letter that best suits you.

Short farewell letter to a love


You were always my great love. I’m leaving, and although it hurts, I’m not leaving empty. I take the smell of your skin and your hair, your caresses, the taste of your kisses. I also put in my luggage our laughter, the rainy days of long sleep, our complicity, our confidences. I treasure everything as precious goods in my heart; who will accompany me on this long journey that means starting again to live without you. Although, remembering how negative we live is what gives me the strength; to move on and accept our separation.

I loved you, but we can’t go on anymore. I thank you for what I lived, and I have nothing left to say: goodbye.

Farewell letter to a forbidden love

My love:

Our love story has no future. You and I know better than anyone. To avoid greater suffering, for both; I prefer to say goodbye at once. We have lived unforgettable moments and things. You have made me feel the happiest and most loved person in the world. However, it cannot be. It is better that I say goodbye now. Before our actions bring us consequences that we can regret.

I ask you please don’t ask me to do what you know I can’t. You are the sky that I can never reach. try to forget me I will do the same. Although, I admit that it will not be an easy task. Forgive me for only thinking of myself, also for not giving you more than I could have given you. You know as well as I do that our story cannot have a happy ending.

I am sure that our love will be possible at some point in existence. Probably in another life, in another time. Writing a goodbye letter to a forbidden love is not an easy task. For that reason, here I dare to confess what I never told you. I envisioned us building a home and a life together; raising our children and growing old too.

I miss that time when life was but a path to travel from the beginning. In which dreams and expectations occupied most of our relationship. When we had that encouragement to discover everything together and that impetus to build a beautiful relationship. Although we always had everything against us; we were very happy. Unfortunately, that time will no longer return. When the destiny of love is not to stay; time is always against you. Be that as it may, I want you to know that I loved you and loved you very much. More than even I could imagine that anyone could love.

I will always remember you as my great impossible love.

Farewell letter to a true love

My dear love:

This is a farewell letter to whom I always considered my true love. We both know that, although we have lived an almost perfect love; We are already together more out of habit than just out of love. With you I learned to touch the sky in an instant; to live life in a second; to say without speaking; to shut up and look; to feel without thinking.

I want to thank you for your honesty, your loyalty, and your dedication for all this time we spent together; for being my support when I needed it, in the worst moments. You ree wonderfully and I learned a lot living with you; even to know me stronger than I thought I was. I also want to thank you for teaching me what true love is and what that means.

Please forgive me for all the bad. The inconvenience, the lack of gratitude, the lack of understanding, and the lack of communication; hurt us both so much. Forgive me for not being able to say these words to your face to face. The truth is I’m still afraid of losing myself in your gaze; and that your kisses do not allow me to finish saying everything I have to say. That is why I leave you this farewell letter impregnated with my most sincere emotions.

That is why I leave you this farewell letter impregnated with my most sincere emotions. Goodbye.

Farewell letter to an unfaithful love


When we start a relationship, the least we expect is to be betrayed. Sadly, for me, the time has come to go. I loved you much more than you can imagine and; much more than you loved me.

The time has come to say goodbye. A love like the one we live in deserved to have a happy ending, at the height of what it was. What we live, what we were, what we were, what we shared; what we dream, and that no longer exists. Everything deserves a few words of farewell at its level because it was very great.

I can not put aside the feeling of sadness that overwhelms me. I constantly think that we were very happy; We were very much in love and I would like to go back to that moment. Life changes in an instant and we both know we must part before our souls; now wounds; end up sinking us.

I never thought I’d write a goodbye letter to an unfaithful love. It’s probably a little late for regrets. But before giving you the final goodbye, I would like to thank you for giving me the best years of my life so far. As bad as we are, I can still see your virtues over your flaws. Thank you very much for everything you did for me.

This whole situation has made me understand that, before loving another, I first have to love myself. You changed my way of understanding love and I thank you. Even when I have to say goodbye, I come out of this separation stronger. With all this, I have grown a lot. I am no longer the same as before. I hope that you too have learned something from everything that happened to us.

Despite everything, I will always love you. Although, now in another way and for that I wish you the best. Goodbye.

Farewell letter for long-distance love

My great and dear love:

I send this farewell letter to a long-distance love because the time has come to say goodbye. Since we parted, trying to keep this love at a distance; What we have done is increase the suffering and delay the definitive separation. We lost the spark of the early days. I admit that it is costing me a lot to maintain this relationship; due to physical separation.

I remember well that we promised each other that our love would be greater than the distance that separates us. Also that we agreed that distance separates bodies and not hearts. That’s why I apologize a thousand times. You don’t deserve my goodbye like this, unexpected and sudden. But I prefer that we be honest; Let’s try to overcome sadness and continue forward in the search for our happiness. Every man for himself.

You don’t deserve to be tied to the memory of the time we lived together, but it won’t come back. You deserve to rebuild your life with someone who is always there for you. Right now, that can’t be me. Forgive me, my love. I will carry you in my best memories. I hope you can forgive me and also keep the best of us. Resentment poisons the heart and that is not what I wish for you. Finally, thank you for your sweet and tender love. Goodbye.

How to deliver a farewell letter to a love

In the case of goodbye love letters, it is usually difficult for the sender to come forward. We give you 6 creative ways to send your farewell letter.

  1. If you don’t want to see him for anything in the world, either because he was unfaithful to you, or because you’re still very much in love and you’re afraid of losing yourself in his eyes; or because you can’t say goodbye; you can put your letter under the door and discover it by chance.
  2. As they say out there “the classics never fail”. You can make your letter handwritten, in your handwriting, and leave it on the bed. Either to get it when you wake up or when you return home.
  3. Another way to get your farewell letter to him is to leave it among his belongings; to get it without having any idea that she was there.
  4. You can send your goodbye letter to a mutual friend; that enjoys all your confidence of course.
  5. The best and most sincere thing is to deliver it personally and for your recipient to decide when they are going to read it. Yes right there or later. Also, to give you a little participation in the farewell.
  6. If you are separated by physical distance, you can send your farewell letter through direct email, because by text message you start a conversation and that is not what it is about.