Farewell Letter to the Love of my Life

This farewell letter to the love of my life is the painful summary of what someone can do who sees how the footprints of the person they love move away and are erased by the brush of a wind that carries away the last reality of a love marked by destiny, to meet and then have to move away.

We look forward to this farewell letter for an unforgettable love that knows how to connect with your broken heart to express everything that a faded feeling for goodbye has to say.

Letter for a farewell letter to the love of my life

Farewell Letter to the Love of my Life

This farewell letter to the love of my life traces the end of the most wonderful illusion that life has placed in my present to make my heart sparkle with happiness.

Fate wanted that one day our paths would meet and immediately a silent light would ignite our hearts so that they could communicate through a language that only they could understand.

From that moment, holding hands, they decided to set out in the direction of an infinite love that has no limits and that today fate itself has not wanted it to be like that, breaking in two that happiness that has cost us so much to build and that disappears. of our present like ashes in the wind, unable to do anything to retain this illusion.

Letter to say goodbye to the love of my life

In this farewell letter to the love of my life I want to express everything that my broken heart needs to get out in order to even be able to breathe again, because even that is difficult for me without your presence.

I say goodbye to you and I know that with your departure the greatest dream that has made my life flourish in a way that you can not imagine is destroyed, I say goodbye and I promise you that I will not cry in front of you, I will try to drown my tears in this sadness that I invade to prevent them from coming out as a reflection of the internal destruction that my soul lives through knowing that you will no longer be with me.

I need you to know through this farewell letter to the love of my life that my thoughts go with you to make your memory remain in my life, to miss you in such a way that there will not be a day that you are not on my mind.

The best goodbye letter to the love of my life

However, I will try by all means to be strong and hope that the infamous destiny that once was in charge of uniting us and today of separating us, can make another of its master moves and want our gazes to meet again so as never to separate us again. Steps.

How hard it is for me to write this farewell letter to the love of my life and to know that what made my soul smile yesterday, today is only defined through the emptiness that your absence leaves, I do not understand why love has to end, it did not accept that what yesterday was happiness today becomes pain and suffering.

Even so, my life is going through the most terrible moments of my existence, the truth is that I do not regret any of the ” I love you ” that I have dedicated to you, you are that star that has guided my steps so as not to lose me and to take me through landscapes of a thousand colors that adorned our moments as a couple with flashes of happiness and eternal kisses.

To end this farewell letter to the love of my life, I ask your forgiveness for these words that express the feeling that I carry inside.

They sail in tears as it is the most painful thing I have had to do, the years will pass and your departure will be very difficult to overcome, I just wish I could get used to living with the emptiness left by your eyes full of light.

Your transforming smiles, your kisses that fed my existence and your company that was the essence to wake up every morning knowing that everything was going to be fine. Goodbye love of my life.

Farewell Letters for the love of my life

We hope these goodbye letter for the love of your life together with this nostalgic letter will help you release all the pain that accumulates in your heart and that you need to let out in order to see the light of hope shine again and reign in your present. so desolate.

It is not easy to accept something that hurts us, much less let go or let go of the being we love, but clinging will only cost us infinite days of suffering where one after another will be harder and more difficult to cope with.