Farewell letter to a great love

This Farewell Letter to a great love seeks to find those words that are so difficult to express when we need to say goodbye to the person we love.

It is not easy to recognize that we should let go of someone who still makes our hearts beat, but they know and recognize that love exists, it is necessary to let go so that both can seek the happiness that they could not find together.

This farewell letter to a great love seeks to end a love story that no longer writes happy chapters and that has also become a toxic love cycle where smiles fled and kisses preferred to hide.

We hope that in this Farewell Letter to a great love you will find everything you want to express and thus free your soul from the weight and that constant suffocation that does not let you live for having to write a few words to put an end to that illusion that slowly dies.

Farewell letter to a great love

We both knew that this moment had to come and this Farewell Letter to a great love is a chronicle of an impossible love that became torture for those who love the most.

In this case “I” but, even so, there always existed in me, that false hope of conquering your heart again.

That elusive heart that once loved me and made me the happiest and most special on earth.

But it was also a shooting star that passed through my life so quickly, that I did not have time to save unforgettable moments and keep them alive inside me, so that in this absence that burns my soul, I could take them out and make them a reality that strange and that today he lives very far from here.

I hope this Farewell Letter to a great love means a new starting point for both of us, to renew feelings and remove this sadness that settled in each space of our shared environment.

I cannot deny that I miss you a lot, because you know how much I love you, and the pain is so deep, when I see how the traces that were left of your departure are erased by the wind that carries them away as custom took our love.

Time passes, and in me the moment when you said goodbye to me has remained intact, when with just one look I already knew that that was the end.

The most beautiful words to say goodbye to a great love

You didn’t need to say a word to understand that what we both always knew in silence, I needed to leave to finish the wait for an inevitable goodbye.

I always thought that time would take over the end, from the day you stopped looking at me with that brightness that illuminated my days and made, in my heart, everything was reborn.

Today I can only say goodbye and face this loneliness that does not miss the opportunity to bring back all those memories that hurt so much and deepen my suffering.

They come like bursts of pain to feed my grief, but I know that this is what heartbreak is about, enduring the storm to see the sun rise again in my present.

So to end this gloom that left your game and that got darker and darker with the distance of your kisses and your caresses.

I hope you can find everything that your heart demands and that you could not find in me, so that this Farewell Letter to a great love is worth it.

I also follow my way, looking to fill this great void that you left, though, I can never fill it completely, because there ‘s always a space for you, for all those wonderful moments that you gave me and they certainly stained beautiful colors the story of a love that ends today.

I say goodbye, putting an end to this last page is written through tears, because in no other way can I accept that you are no longer, nor will you be, more in my life.

Farewell letter to a great and unique love

I hope this farewell letter to a great love can calm a little that anguish that germinates when you need to say goodbye to someone you still love.

And even if you do not want to do it, you know that it is inevitable, and in order to stop suffering it is necessary to let go and start again.

Doing it is not easy, but it is a process that your present demands and deserves your life to breathe again and remove that love depression that wants to take over your present.

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