Fancy Black Wedding Dresses

A must-have attribute of any bride is a wedding dress. This distinguishes an ordinary young lady from a bride who is about to become a wife.

Such clothing was previously symbolic. Therefore, only white fabrics were used. After all, the very image of the bride meant purity and purity.

The meaning of the color of an evening or wedding dress

Black wedding dress, photo.

Currently, the situation has changed dramatically. Weddings are often held after years of civil marriage or second relationships. In such cases, there can be no question of innocence. In the 21st century, brides are allowed to choose whatever outfit they like.

The lack of strict rules allowed girls from all over the world to be determined not only with different styles but also with color variations. A large color palette is considered fashionable. Girls are allowed absolutely everything, especially if it is harmoniously combined with the stylistic orientation of the wedding celebration.

Before blindly choosing any color, you need to understand what it means. Therefore, initially think about which tone suits you best.

If you have already decided and have several color schemes in stock, then analyze the meaning of each of them.

  1. White is a classic version that has been used for several centuries. It is considered to be one of the most solemn tones. It is worn for all important events in life. Although in India, white personifies mourning. Therefore, it is worth understanding for which wedding you choose a similar outfit. In addition, white girls are not advised to wear to those girls who remarry. In their case, this color option will look ridiculous and defiant. The shade itself in this case is not considered bright and original. If you want to stand out, then you will need to highlight the design and style.
  2. Orange is a vibrant and fun option that is traditionally used in Spanish wedding processes. Orange is Spain’s favorite tree. It symbolizes eternal youth and beauty. If the bride wants to prolong her femininity and youth, then she should think about choosing an orange color. This shade is still bright and juicy, which cannot but become an additional advantage.
  3. Beige, champagne is the second most popular shade at weddings. It means that the girl who chose him is a soft and vulnerable person. An outfit decorated with gold embroidery can be safely called luxurious, expensive and aristocratic. A girl in this appearance will look graceful, emphasizing her own beauty and dignity.
  4. Yellow is a shade that is symbolized with the sun. This means that he promises endless happiness in life, sunny days and the absence of material problems. A bright tone will personify a temperamental nature, but on the contrary, a muted shade will seem more gentle and romantic.
  5. Green is one of the rarest shades. He is chosen only by confident girls. On the one hand, this tone is considered dark enough for the bride. Although in fact, this speaks only of the firmness of the spirit and character of the girl. Green means the absence of life problems and troubles, financial stability and targeted orientation of the relationship.
  6. Blue is a shade that allows you to seem to be in the clouds. Girls who have focused their attention on this tone are distinguished by special sensuality, naivety and romance.
  7. Pink is a color that at all times symbolized real femininity and girlish nature. This tone has been worn by little girls since birth, choosing it from many others.
  8. Black – it is generally accepted that this shade is considered mourning. Although a lot of girls love this particular tone. This does not mean at all that it cannot be used as a wedding one. Black can and should be worn at weddings, but it should be done with extreme caution. For example, if you add decorative trim or choose a pompous and luxurious style. In this case, the dress will not look mournful, but rather festive and luxurious.

Styles of black outfits

Black wedding dresses, photo.

If even 5-7 years ago black clothes were considered unacceptable for weddings, now this option has become the generally accepted norm. A girl can afford to wear whatever she likes.

Stylists still advise you to be very careful when choosing a dress. If in the case of white, you can get by with the classic version of a sheath dress, then in a black tone such a case is impossible. Since such clothes will personify mourning.


It has become a traditional style for wedding dresses and is gaining more and more popularity. The style is good because it suits every young lady. It looks the same on busty beauties, slender young ladies, and skinny girls. The dress seems to be flared, starting from the waist. As a result, it turns out that on top we have a sufficiently drawn bodice and a version of clothing extended downwards.

It is still customary to wear the A-silhouette for those girls who are not afraid to stand out and be bright at their party.

Gode ​​(mermaid)

An ideal outfit for young ladies who want and want to showcase their forms. The dress-year tightens the whole figure of the young lady, only a small flare begins from the knee line.

The dress-year already looks chic and festive thanks to the style. Therefore, if desired, it is not at all worth decorating with additional decorative elements.

Short with a train

One of the most striking and extravagant styles. It is generally accepted that the bride should have a long dress. This style destroys stereotypes. In the front, we have a slightly longer length than that of a mini-skirt, but a long and luxurious train flaunts at the back. This option is good for leggy beauties. They just need to show their forms.

An additional advantage of such clothing will be its practicality. It is not at all necessary to use it only for a wedding. In the future, it can be worn for any holiday event.

Dresses with white inserts and prints

If desired, the classic black version can be decorated with additional elements. Various fabric inserts can be used in their capacity. This is often lace. It creates unique patterns on the body of any person.

Lace can be either in one tone with the dress or in contrast. The combination of black and gold looks the best. Gold represents luxury and beauty. This allows it to be combined with the classic black version.

The insert can be and only as a separate element. For example, a belt can be tied with red or white ribbons. They will, as it were, dilute the image, making it more solemn and festive.

Embroidery takes place on similar clothes. White embroidery on a black dress looks especially original. She will allow you to decorate your outfit. They mainly embroider floral prints or beautiful simple patterns.

Photo of black wedding dresses.

Beads or sequins can also be an additional element that contributes to decorative design. On the one hand, they will not stand out much, and on the other hand, they will help create a more festive look.


The bride’s obligatory accessories are bijouterie, shoes, and a headdress. All these elements should be selected based on the specific case. Although designers generally advise diluting the image.

If your classic black dress does not have any additional inserts, design elements, then feel free to dilute your image with bright shoes and jewelry. Shoes can be any color: from white to acid lemon.

Jewelry should overlap with the colors and patterns on the dresses. If the clothes are modest enough, then you can emphasize bracelets, earrings, and beads.


Black wedding dresses have ceased to be something provocative and inaccessible. It can be used as a basic wedding dress for brides. The difficulty will lie only in the ability to correctly and harmoniously compose a holistic image.