Facts about men: 50 interesting facts about a guy

There are many facts in the world around us that amaze and surprise us. Some facts are strange, others are funny. The same can be said about men. We decided on bigmatrimonial to collect interesting facts about men, guys, which will help to better understand male behavior and oddities.

This knowledge is power because it can turn the female idea of ​​men and, accordingly, the reaction of a woman to a particular male act. Thanks to this, it will be easier for her to win a man’s heart or avoid mistakes in a relationship.

After spending just 10 minutes of reading, you can enrich yourself with knowledge about male psychology.

 Interesting facts about men

  1. A man is a master of flattery in dealing with a woman. He knows how to say what she wants to hear.
  2. Men prefer compliments from other men and choose their friends based on common interests.
  3. They also tend to cry, like women.
  4. Unfaithful men have a lower IQ.
  5. They don’t like dirty clothes. Even a small stain irritates them.
  6. A man understands: it is easier to become a father than to remain one.
  7. They are more attracted to women with brains than miniskirts.
  8. A man in most cases, when he wants to, will find a way to keep a woman to himself.
  9. Most men, when talking about their virtues, like to brag a little.
  10. Men lie 6 times a day, twice as often as women.
  11. They hate to be pointed out and pointed at at the same time.
  12. Men should not hold a heated laptop on their knees, this can lead to infertility.
  13. They really know how to admire the woman they like, even if she is far from beautiful, since each of them has their own idea of ​​u200bu200bfemale beauty.
  14. During his life, a man spends almost six months shaving.
  15. Men’s excitement in a serious conversation with a woman betrays sweating, although outwardly they may seem calm.
  16. They are good flatterers when courting, but usually stutter when they need to propose marriage to a girl.
  17. Men’s imagination is limitless.
  18. Smoking can lead to male impotence.
  19. Men with a shaved head are perceived to be 2.5 cm taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.
  20. By 2020, there may be 30 to 40 million men in China who cannot find wives. (book “The History of Marriage” by historian Stephanie Kunz)

Funny facts about men

  1. To a woman in front of a man to praise “her ex” is to arouse hatred and male irritation from her “present”.
  2. Husbands can be tigers and lions in a male company, office, business, but at home with their wife they become tamed domestic kittens.
  3. Men hate to go shopping and markets with women.
  4. The husband’s request not to disturb him or interfere should be understood as follows: “I am curious to listen to you, but only at the right time, please wait!”
  5. When asked about marriage, women can abruptly become dumb and tongue-tied.
  6. It is said that a man’s beard grows fastest when he is expecting or thinking about sex.
  7. When girls walk in front of men with a wagging gait, they can “fall into a coma.”
  8. Don’t ask them what they think. Men can think about nothing for hours.
  9. The men all look nerdy in black socks and sandals.
  10. In Japan, you can hire an attractive man to sit patiently in your cab and watch sad videos with you until you cry.

Psychological and unusual facts about men

  1. Men can also breastfeed, but only under extreme conditions. ( According to the source).
  2. They like to be thinkers and philosophers, because they think too much.
  3. Lightning strikes men five times more often than women.
  4. For them, it is not the career and education of a woman that is more important, but her devotion and love.
  5. Men are 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than women are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  6. Men commit suicide attempts 3-4 times more often than women and, unfortunately, succeed.
  7. Most of the men are unlikely to refuse to start a short affair with his wife’s girlfriend, especially when she herself hints.
  8. It is difficult for men to balance their work/career with the responsibilities of husband and father.
  9. According to the survey, men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women.
  10. Many of them have a strong passion for change, but weak willpower.
  11. All men dream of success in life , but at the same time, most of them do nothing to make their dreams come true.
  12. Postpartum depression in fathers is just as real as it is in mothers, with about 10% of men reporting symptoms of depression after having a baby.
  13. Men also experience hormonal changes when their wives are pregnant. A few months before giving birth, men experience a decrease in testosterone levels and an increase in prolactin levels. And their brains begin to focus more on collaboration rather than competition.
  14. They really have a hard time making final decisions.
  15. As a rule, when a man has a serious relationship with a woman, he becomes too demanding. So women need to keep this in mind!

Interesting facts about men and women

  1. They do not like women involved in male strength sports (boxing, wrestling).
  2. Even loving a woman, a man will still spend time and money on football / hockey in the same way as a girl on cosmetics.
  3. They love women who know how to cook delicious food.
  4. Women overdoing the use of cosmetics are more repulsive than attractive to the male sex.
  5. Men are more prone to fantasies about women than those about men.
  6. They really think that women are weird and unpredictable in their decision making.
  7. Most men will listen to women’s advice or a hint in solving a problem, but they will definitely do everything in their own way.
  8. While sudden heart attacks during sex are rare, most of them happen to men who cheat on their wives.
  9. Their weak point is their knees. Knee pain is a common men’s problem.
  10. When a problem arises, a man usually remains calm, but at the same time he is already thinking how to find a way out.
  11. It is difficult for them to admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness from women.
  12. If a man cries in front of a woman, then he really hurts or feels bad.
  13. Women are allowed to touch men’s things, but not their hair.
  14. A truly wise man will not be deceived by either the opinion of his acquaintances about the female intellect, or the idea of ​​u200bu200bits success.
  15. Almost 40% of men do not feel confident when meeting a woman for the first time.

Disturbing facts about men

  1. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged 15 to 34.
  2. Men make up 55% of the world’s workforce and account for 92% of all workplace deaths.
  3. They think they can handle the problem on their own and is the third most common reason men don’t seek mental health care.
  4. Men are almost twice as likely as women to die prematurely from diabetes.
  5. Back injuries are the second most common cause of all male disability.
  6. Men suffer from hearing loss 2 times more often than women.
  7. 80% of spinal cord injuries occur in young men.
  8. Boys are about three times more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) than girls.
  9. Men are about 20 times more likely to be color blind than women.
  10. The most common cause of death for men worldwide is heart disease. Russian men: circulatory diseases, myocardial infarction and stroke.

Facts about a guy that girls need to know

  1. A girl’s smile can be a great opportunity for any guy to get to know each other.
  2. Most guys can choose sports over girls.
  3. Many single guys wear the same pair of socks two days in a row (or longer).
  4. They would rather take a phone number than leave theirs to a girl.
  5. When a guy teases a girl by mimicking her speech, it’s an easy way for him to show his sympathy for her. (Learn how a girl can understand what a young man likes? )
  6. Athletic guys are more prone to fleeting relationships, and less attractive, more faithful.
  7. They use their imagination excessively in order to develop and not lose courage in front of a girl.
  8. If a guy starts talking seriously about some things, then the girl definitely needs to listen to him in order to continue the relationship.
  9. More often the height of the girl does not matter to the young man, but he pays attention to her weight.
  10. A young man needs to immediately, clearly and clearly explain how he should behave with a girl before she agrees to go on a date with him.
  11. Most of them subconsciously look for girls who are similar in quality and character to their mothers.
  12. Guys always have more problems and complexes than it can be seen with the naked eye.
  13. More than half of guys over 18 watch porn movies.
  14. If a guy likes you, he will watch the movie you like even though he hates it.
  15. They always react sharply to the question: “Where have you been for so long?”

Interesting facts about guys

  1. A guy can fall in love for a minute and then forget you forever.
  2. Most guys are emotionally weaker than women, even if they are physically stronger.
  3. Guys usually try to get back the girl who dumped them. This is because it is harder for them to admit defeat.
  4. Boys can flirt all day with girls, and before going to bed, fantasize and think about the girl’s reciprocity.
  5. Guys may stop dreaming, but they’re unlikely to stop hoping too much.
  6. Most young people believe that it is more important to have a beautiful face than a toned figure.
  7. After a breakup, it’s really hard for a young man to forget the girl he broke up with. But he will pretend that he does not suffer at all.
  8. Guys love their mom more than their dad.
  9. They are in no hurry to remove the numbers of former girlfriends from their phones.
  10. Half of the guys do not want to get married until they buy an apartment, and 40 percent want to wait with this significant event until they can afford a decent wedding.
  11. They hate to lose.
  12. The reason for youthful aggressiveness lies in the large amount of testosterone, which affects not only their behavior, but also forms external features, such as physique and hairline. He also controls the timbre of the guy’s voice. An excess of this hormone affects the formation of male features, but can also cause skin problems.
  13. The way to make a guy grow up and become more mature is to break his heart.
  14. They like girls who have their own opinion and are able to defend it.
  15. The younger the young man, the more impulsive he will act. His decisions are shaped by momentary impulse, not by the voice of reason.

10 facts about a guy and a relationship with a girl

  1. Even without knowing how to look after beautifully, it is unlikely that any of the young people will consider themselves a bad candidate for the heart of a girl who has liked him.
  2. Not all SMS messages from guys should be trusted by girls, because often for them it’s just a way to please the opposite sex.
  3. Most young people choose to marry at 25-30 years of age, while half of them marry earlier.
  4. It is important for girls to remember that the offer of guys to go out for coffee more often means that they are waiting for the continuation of the relationship.
  5. Most guys say that they will arrange a second date with a girl who laughed and was positive at the first meeting.
  6. If a guy cooked dinner for you , then he really has serious intentions.
  7. Most guys will not refuse to make an acquaintance and meet with an older girl.
  8. All the guys do not like the words of the girl “we need to talk.”
  9. They prefer to lie to girls than to tell the truth that will offend them.
  10. They tend to generalize about girls, attributing bad motives to them. But, as soon as they hear a lot of positive things about a particular girl, they quickly change their opinion from bad to good.

Facts about guys for girls

  1. If a girl won the heart of a young man, then the desire to break up with a guy can be dangerous for her.
  2. Saying to the guy, like: “you know what, okay, never mind, let’s go!” the girl allows him to conclude: “this is far from what she planned or had in mind.”
  3. If a guy says you look good in this dress, he really thinks you look good in it.
  4. When a girl says “no” hesitantly, the young man hears “try again tomorrow, maybe you’ll get lucky.”
  5. If a guy tells you about his problems, then you are really important to him.
  6. A guy is willing to donate his lunch money for one purpose – to get a girl on a date.
  7. They love to gossip about relationships even more often than the girls themselves, while adding colors and fantasies.
  8. When a young man responds with a smirk to a girl’s jokes, this is not a sign that he wants to offend her. It’s just his attempt to be polite.
  9. Even if girls tell guys that they love them, they will still continue to doubt, because they want to see the evidence of love, not hear.
  10. When guys are in love, then they will show their best qualities.

These are the facts about the guy, although you must admit that this is not the limit to all the facts, because there are many more of them.

We encourage you to learn more about the differences between men and women.


Women can be annoyed in men by spiky beards, football obsession, and a complete lack of interest in shopping. On the other hand, their rare but meaningful expressions of love can make women smile and feel happy because men play an incredibly important role in women’s lives.

The purpose of this article is to tell facts about men, their emotions, health, to help women understand male psychology and preferences regarding relationships with the opposite sex.

The second goal is to open the veil to girls on many things in relationships with guys, which they can then share with their girlfriends. They will also be able to write facts to the guy on Instagram and thereby start an interesting correspondence with the person they like.

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