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In that sky where you are, in that moonless night that kisses you, in our feelings that only look at happiness, in the beauty of your body, in the tenderness of your skin, in your eyes of sweetness, there I look at your love.

 Heaven and earth meet to contemplate your beauty, the sea opens to be worthy of touching your wonderful skin, the sun flees by radiating less light than your eyes.

 Whispers in the silence of our love, my hands touch your skin that is my skin, the tears come from my eyes that see with yours … my desire leads me to you.

In the immensity of you, furrowing the sensations of your desire, in your pleasure, looking at your eyes with joy, in the solitude of your beauty, contemplating your beauty, in you, reaching you.

I see through your excited eyes the joy of our love, I feel through your skin the passion of caresses, I kiss your joy with your lips…

Your face as fresh as the wonderful dew, your hands caressing my skin feeling the awakening of happiness, your eyes fixed on mine loving us to the end.

Yesterday I felt that heaven was you, that my life only passes through you, that my lips need to kiss you, that my hands belong to your skin, that my eyes can only look at you, that my smile is yours … that my heart he can only fall in love with you.

I see in your eyes a light that leads me to lose myself in your sweetest tenderness, I see in you that love that I long for … I see happiness in us.

I would like my eyes to be heaven to see you, my hands the wind to touch you and my lips the rain to kiss you.

If the star of the East guides the sailors, I am guided by your eyes that shine more than you shine.

When the night spreads its cloak and the firmament dresses in blue; there is not a star that shines as much as those eyes that you have.

Beautiful lines on eyes: eye compliments

They say that the dark is sad, but it is not true because dark are your eyes and they are my happiness.

 I have seen black eyes, in a brown face, and if they are not for me I am going to die of pain.

You have girlish eyes blacker than jet and a face whiter than the milk you suckled.

You have little girl eyes that look like doorknobs, when you blink my heart they hit.

You have such happy and smiling girl eyes that everyone falls in love with and you kill me with them.

You have girlish eyes, like mill wheels, that grind hearts like grains of wheat.

You have eyes girl, that I look at them, do not close you kill me, do not close them, open them.

Everything black is ugly but your eyes girl, what they have in black is beautiful.

Your eyes are two stars your jet black hair and I’m messing with you like a truck in a rut.

Fish sail in the sea, shrimp in the river, and in the eyes of my girl, moons, stars and suns.

Your eyes are stars and all of you are the sky, now I understand why I always wanted to be an astronaut.

Your eyes are my sky, your lips are my sea, your body is the land that I want to inhabit.

Twilight falls and everything is erased, except your eyes, less your mouth. There are three butterflies on your face, two in your eyes and one in your mouth.

Looking into your eyes I don’t know if I’m in heaven or drowning in the sea.

eye compliments

Do you know why the sky is so gray? Because all the blue has stayed in your eyes.

The moon shines at night, and the sun shines by day, but your pretty eyes light my heart.

If your gaze were the sea, I would stop swimming, so that in your eyes I could drown.

Open your blue eyes, I want to see the sea.

I would like to be a sailor to navigate the sea of ​​your eyes.

If your eyes keep shining like that, the sun will have to find another galaxy.

To look at the stars I look into your eyes, because you are a sky!

What pretty eyes you have as round as the sun, they resemble the zeros that the teacher puts on me.

In the sky lightning flashes and on earth your eyes are the most beautiful.

Hopefully half the stars in the sky will shine as bright as your eyes.

Seeing the sky in your eyes and the sun in your golden skin I wish you were my dawn every day.

Your eyes, like a flash of lightning, dazzle me with their radiant beauty.

Do you know what happened to the ozone layer? They ripped off a piece of heaven and put it in your eyes

Your eyes are the lights that I need in a dark night.

Compliments your eyes: eye compliments

If your eyes only saw the fire of this planet, it would be difficult for you to notice me until the ash burns and black smudges you.

With the fire of your eyes you can burn a field, and with the fire of your hands you set fire to the Amazon of my body.

The depth of the Universe is reflected in your eyes. eye compliments by bigmatrimonial

Your eyes are so deep that the universe is lost in them.

If your eyes were the sky and your mouth was the marée, I would like to be the horizon so I can kiss you.

Your eyes are so blue, that I would like to be a boat, to know the happiness of navigating your tears.

It must be that I look with the eyes of the heart, because I see your face everywhere.

If I knew how to swim, I would jump into the pool of your eyes from the trampoline of your eyelashes.

With the sparkle of those eyes you look at me and I ignite!

I would eat your eyes … This would give me an indigestion of eyelashes.

See how the coconuts fall when the palm trees move, this is how my eyes go when you move your hips.

Girl, give me an eyelash to hang me with love for you. eye compliments by bigmatrimonial

They told you that you have eyes of fire. Why? Because when you looked at me you burned me inside.

I want coffee, I prefer coffee, coffee is the eyes of the boy I love the most.

Butter eyes, little mouth of cottage cheese, wrapped in an omelette I send you my heart.

Your eyes are two little jars of dulce de leche with which I have breakfast every morning simply because I feel you are in love.

If your eyes are honey and your lips are chocolate, tell me darling if I leave you, don’t you bat?

My chubby honey with brown eyes, I don’t know why I will love you. Ah! I know, it’s because of your sweet singing.

The glimpses of sunset are very beautiful, but they cannot be compared to the brightness of your eyes.

With your eyes as beautiful and deep as the sea, there are very few moments that I stop admiring you.

I like blue, I like red, but I like your beautiful eyes more. eye compliments by bigmatrimonial

If your eyes were stars, and your lips the sea, what a beautiful landscape to admire.

Blessed are the eyes that see you.

Sweetheart, I never forget what my eyes see, let alone those beautiful red lips!

Your eyes are ruby, your lips are emerald, but best of all you have it where your back ends.

Beautiful, God has caressed my eyes to see you.

Do you know what is the most beautiful of my eyes? The reflection of your own!

Let me take a good look at you before the light in your eyes melts me.

Your beautiful eyes are like a rose, every time you look at me you stick a thorn in me.

In the sky I looked at the seven goats, I was counting them all, and when I looked at you, I saw in your eyes the two most beautiful.

To a boy who wears glasses: You have such beautiful eyes that you put them in a showcase!

How happy is my eyes that can appreciate your beauty, more blessed is the wind that caresses your figure, but poor my heart that you hold it in contempt and walk to its grave.

Happy are my eyes to see such beauty… eye compliments

Your eyes are lights that illuminate the darkness, how lucky are your parents who do not pay electricity.

Happy my eyes that are recreated with your presence.

My love when your eyes get sick, do you go to an ophthalmologist or to a jewelry store?

How beautiful are your eyes like two stars that illuminate me at night that guide me along the path of good and that call me madly to love them.

Happy are the eyes that see you, and the heart that has you.

You have a war front, artillery eyes and your mouth is a flag that I will kiss one day.

When two are loving each other with their eyes they greet each other and with kisses they speak.

That ruby ​​mouth and those emerald eyes seem to be a dream where your beauty is not equaled when I have them close to me, I feel lucky and with my soul overflowing.

My eyes are two tow and yours two little bras, but I would like to turn on and off in your mouth…

Look at me once, eyes of hope, look at me once, and you will see how my love reaches you.

If your eyes are the window of your soul, I want to live in the house of your heart.

Your eyes are as longing, because they gladden what they reach, eyes that through the veil, radiate bliss.

Little woman with sad eyes, I want to look at them, and with affection and kisses, make them shine. eye compliments

I would like to be a diver, to jump from the springboard of your eyelashes and fall into the gap of your eyes.

I must be a good painter because I have been painting my soul the color of your eyes all my life.

Why is the sky cloudy? Because all the blue is in your eyes.

When I see you my mouth water, but when you are not there my eyes water.

Devil with clear eyes, you are a great thief, because without realizing it, you stole my heart.

My eyes cry to see you, my arms to hug you, and my lips to kiss you.

 Your eyes are two daggers that should be locked for deadly crimes.

 In your pretty eyes I read my luck because if you forget me it will be my death.

 If I pass by you and I don’t greet you, don’t take it as anger that the loves you love greet each other with your eyes.

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Beautiful eyes compliment for girl

Look me in the eye and you will see the truth: my love is not for a day but for an eternity.

My eyes cry to see you, my heart to love you, my mouth to kiss you, and my arms to hug you.

Your eyes are like two stars that shine on the high seas, I would like to be a sailor to be able to reach them.

I do not want to be a prisoner of this love, but I do not want to free myself from the enslaving gaze of your eyes.

 I would like to be a word of love … to be in the poetry of your eyes.

 Let me take a good look at you … before the light in your eyes melts me.

 In a very sad afternoon I reflected in your eyes, your gaze was so sweet that I fell in love with you.

 When you are, my mouth water … but when you are not, my eyes water.

 I like white, I like red, but I like your beautiful eyes more.

 Sorry, you have a map, I think I lost myself in your eyes.

 There are stars in the river, there are stars in the sea, but stars like your eyes are hard to find.

 When I looked into your eyes, I knew that God existed; When I hugged your body, I knew that paradise existed; But when I tasted your lips, I knew that heaven really exists.

Your eyes are two barrels, your teeth are artillery, and your lips are the flag that I will kiss one day.

 Your green eyes shine so bright that they blind me with passion, it reaches my soul and melts my heart.

 If my eyes say they love you, don’t ask my lips for an explanation, the words are blown away by the wind and the looks are saved by the heart.

With the sparkle of your eyes, you look at me and I ignite.

If my soul were extinguished in the night of the times, only the light of your eyes could rekindle its flame.

 The sky is cloudy, about to rain, so are my eyes when I can’t see you.

Every time I think of you my eyes burst into tears, and I wonder very sad why I love you so much.

Your parents must be thieves; They stole two stars from the sky to put in your eyes.

What do you study? From today … your eyes.

It was a summer day when your eyes became obsession and your soul became feelings, it was that day when I saw you and love appeared with you. 

Dance in my mouth the song of a thousand kisses, move to the sound of feelings and do not stop looking at me with those eyes that melt every piece of my heart.

I love you at this moment, in which only you exist and your eyes are my motives, I love you eternally .. I love you immensely.

See if I love you so much, see how much I love you, if my eyes are gouged out. I look at you with the holes.

If the moon were dark the stars would not shine, if my love was a lie my eyes would show it.

How beautiful are your eyes, how sweet are your lips. Beautiful girl you are, with cute little black eyes.

Blue is the sky, green are the plants, brown are the eyes of the girl who kills me.

Last night thinking of you, my eyes were sad when I couldn’t see you, and then I understood how much I love you.

Love, your eyes guide my way, illuminate and brighten my life, please don’t leave me, with you I want to reach the end. Otherwise I would lose myself. On the long road of life, thank you for your company.

In your eyes is the peace that my interior is looking for!

Because you have the sweetest honey on your lips, because you have those bright eyes and you have that tender smile, that’s why, I love you love!

My eyes are black and yours brown.

If angels really exist, and actually observe us, surely they do it through your eyes.

Your eyes are like two stars that illuminate my course.

Do you have diabetes? , because you have such sweet eyes!

When the sweetness of eyes poisons you, there is only one antidote: Love.

I would like to be a tear of yours, to be born in your eyes and die on your lips.

Special to you who are the smile on my lips, to you who are the crystal of my soul, to you who are the eyes of my sweet look, to you who are the ones I can only love.

A glance at those eyes full of desires is enough to know that I would die for you.

If in your eyes I look in your heart I fall in love.

Do you know what is the best in me? . . . My eyes. . . Because they reflect yours.

If your eyes were jail and I jailer, as I would also like to be the prisoner.

You looked at me with your eyes, I was stony; And in that same instant, I fell in love with you.

My eyes mourn at the lack of your presence, because they know that today they will not be able to enjoy your great sweet look.

If you are to marry, marry by the ears and not by the eyes.

Heaven don’t look at time, look me in the eyes and time will shine in our hearts.

As I would like to be a tear to start in your eyes, continue in your cheeks and end in your mouth.

That is not two eyes, it is two headlights that have overshadowed my heart.

If your eyes told me what you think, my clothes would not be enough to wear your days or yours to undress at dawn.

I work in an office of a skyscraper but I never saw the sky so beautiful nothing more than seeing your eyes.

Seeing you pass my eyes forgot that there is something further between the two.

From the moment you love a woman you will stop knowing what the color of her eyes is.

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