Everything you need to know about colored wedding dresses

The wedding fashion of recent years is becoming absolutely democratic. Fortunately for many girls, the classic styles of white dresses are already receding into the old days. Wearing other colored clothing options is also considered fashionable.

All these things look beautiful and original. In addition, they are good because from now on you can choose absolutely any color gamut and this can now be done not based on general standards, but based on the color type of appearance and preferences.

About the meaning of the color of the bride’s dress

Some of the shades are considered more fashionable in the upcoming season, but there are those that, along with white, are becoming unsurpassed classics.

A lot of time and attention is paid to the whole image of the bride on a festive and solemn day. Every detail in its appearance is deeply symbolic and embodies this or that phenomenon. At all times, young ladies had a particularly reverent attitude towards the wedding dress.

In the Ancient days, girls got married in white sundresses, on which red embroidery was present in abundance. A similar thing in the girl’s wardrobe was considered festive and later they tremblingly and carefully kept it. Years later, the sundress changed to a colored wedding dress, but the color scheme – white – remained the same.

Colored wedding dresses photo.

Color often depended on the material well-being of the family. So at one time the nobles betrayed their daughters in burgundy or gold, believing that these are two shades that attract financial well-being and family happiness. In the Soviet years, the same brides in white wedding dresses were all over the place.

Currently, fashion offers a variety of formats, styles and colors. It’s time to expand the boundaries of your capabilities and fantasies. If earlier in the traditional Soviet registry office they could simply not be allowed in inappropriate clothes. Now, there are no prohibitions on this score. Often, newlyweds come to the painting in jeans and T-shirts, and then go to the exit registration in beautiful evening dresses.

It used to be believed that if a young lady becomes a bride for the first time, then they personify innocence and purity. And these are the main associations that a white tint causes. In the case of the second and subsequent marriages, delicate and creamy shades were offered.

Currently, it is allowed to choose any shade, however, it is still better to initially study what this or that color symbolizes. Then, after the analysis, you will be able to make the right and worthy choice.

Multicolored outfits

First of all, before putting on an unconventional colored wedding dress, the bride should decide and understand what she wants to see on herself: colored or pastel attire. This is not to say that some of these options are better, and some are worse.

In the first case, you will surprise guests and delight them in a creative way, but in the second, it is quite possible that you will not go far from the classic white version.


Multi-colored wedding dresses.

Several centuries ago, red was a symbol of luxury and wealth. These associations have been passed down to this day. Previously, only the rich could afford red linen. Such fabric cost an order of magnitude higher than other colors. If you go into the house of a rich man, you can see that most of the details are expressed in scarlet tones.

It was believed that they attracted wealth and luxury. In the Ancient days, red caftans and sundresses were especially appreciated, which were considered festive and elegant. Red clothes for a wedding are an appropriate option, since thereby the bride will attract material well-being to the family.

Besides, scarlet is the color of passion and love. It is especially suitable for hot, white-skinned brunettes. Such girls manage to create the image of an unapproachable beauty with a cold heart. Red has many shades, so any girl can choose the right one for herself. Someone will stop at scarlet, and someone will be more suited to the burgundy color.


A deep and rich shade that can enhance the beauty of the eyes. As surprising as it may sound, but most of all it suits green-eyed girls. On the created contrast, the eyes of the young lady will look much brighter and more expressive.

As a rule, the blue tone is chosen by wise young ladies who are balanced in their words and actions. If you think about it, it is the sea that comes to mind when looking at such a color palette.


Unusual, original and creative – this is how you can look in a purple outfit. He is still dearly loved by designers. Thanks to this, it is in it that the most creative outfits are sewn. However, in them the girl will look feminine and this is despite the seeming pretentiousness.

Purple has only two shades: delicate lilac and deep purple. If you want to look as bright as possible, then you should choose a more juicy color. However, you need to be careful, because such a shade will look bad on girls with problem skin.


Multi-colored wedding dresses.

The most romantic, girlish and innocent color. Girls from childhood choose this shade, preferring it to many others. Pink dolls, bows and bears are what connects us with childhood. Often, because of pleasant memories, brides choose pink.

In addition, in fairy tales, princesses and brides were in exactly this tone. The pink color can be in a variety of colors: from pastel to rich. You need to be careful with him. It is completely unsuitable for overweight ladies.


Heavenly shade is associated with tenderness and purity. This is the shade that can enhance the beauty of the eyes. In addition, you can adjust the shapes with this color.

Even puffy beauties are suitable for the blue version, since it visually slims and stretches, especially with the right style.


Well-being, hope and financial stability are the defining associations that the color green evokes. It is especially good during the summer months.

Blondes should pay attention to delicate shades of pistachio or salad. But brunettes are suitable for a rich version of green.

Ivory and champagne

A slight deviation from the classic color scheme. Ivory and Champagne are a slightly modified and subtle shade of white. It is considered the second most popular after the classic tone.

The color is very warm and delicate. Therefore, it is ideal for girls who want to make their look more sunny. This shade is especially suitable for red-haired beauties and blondes. With them, their image will play much more interesting and brighter.

If a girl does not want to violate the standards of classic wedding fashion, then ivory and champagne colors are ideal for her.

White dresses with colored elements

You can look both standard in general terms of the bride’s image and original, stylish with the help of additional decor. This will be the color finish. It will, as it were, lie on the dress as an imperceptible thread. As a result, the bride will get a classic white outfit, but with interesting and original splashes of colored fabric.

It can be satin or silk ribbons of various colors. They are best tied at the waist, thereby emphasizing the waistline. As a rule, a gentle and muted tone is chosen for this. It can be pink, cream.

Often colored roses are sewn onto wedding clothes. With their help, the bride looks especially romantic, because unusual flowers of various colors begin to flaunt on her dress.

In most cases, the inserted decor is made from pastel colors and shades. It will be like a coherent thread with the entire stylistic coloring of the wedding ceremony. For example, if the bride has a lilac ribbon, then the groom can also add lilac to the boutonniere.


Colored wedding dress will make every girl stand out in the wedding ceremony. Her image will turn out to be beautiful and at the same time non-trivial. Pay attention to modern bridal designers who create in many colors.

It is possible and necessary to shine at your own wedding in the spirit of time, choosing those options that are considered stylish and fashionable.