Emotional Letter To God

At some point, all people (or at least most) have felt the need to communicate with a higher entity. This is a good way to find answers and vent if you find yourself going through difficult times for yourself. It may cost you some work or you cannot find the necessary words to address that someone who may be watching your every step. That is why today’s article is so special. We have compiled some emotional letters to God, with which we are sure that without a doubt, you will be able to identify yourself depending on your situation.

So many things I ask myself and so few answers

Dear God:

Today I am sure that you are there somewhere, although I must admit that many times I had serious doubts about it. As guilty as I may feel over this, I know that I am not the only one who has faced uncertainty. And that’s because like everyone else, there are so many things that I usually ask myself and so few answers I get, that I always come to the conclusion that I just have to trust that things will work out.

I don’t know how you do up there (or wherever you are) to observe our every action. Although I have witnessed many injustices, I have also witnessed that in the end, people get what they deserve. That makes me think and hope that you are there attentive to all our problems.

But I am also afraid. Fear that sometimes the opportunities I need will not come, or that some want to hurt me for no reason. I fear for those who have been hurt and to this day, they do not find their consolation and see how there is so much impunity around them. Why do these things happen? Only you know the answer. I do not want to fill my heart with resentment when I know that sooner or later, things fall under their weight.

So I am confident that as long as there are good people and as long as you don’t forget about us, there will be nothing I need to fear. However, would you bother if I ask you for just one thing?

Taking care of my family and the people I love, give us the strength to endure the problems that sometimes arise. I know we have never really had anything to complain about, but those times when I feel truly sad, I like to think that you are very close to me and my loved ones, to be able to comfort us.

The strength I need

I feel more alone than ever. Many people have arrived and just as they have presented themselves, they have not lost an opportunity to leave. There are times when I don’t know what to do and I feel like I should end my life. I need to talk to someone but I feel like no one is listening. If you are there God, I would like you to give me the strength I need.

I know that I have made many mistakes because I am imperfect and I have had to go through very difficult things. Yet they have taught me to believe and trust you. Despite everything that has happened, there is a part of me that clings to that hope.

I can’t explain it, but I’ve always felt better (even a little bit) when I think that you must be very close and that you will certainly be able to understand me. You know that sometimes I can find myself with a lot of cruelty around me and that even I can become cruel. I regret it but I don’t know if the same thing happens to all of them. There are times when I think that is not the case and that makes me hopeless. It’s hard to believe in people.

If I can’t believe in others, at least I want to have the confidence to do so in you. I know that you taught us to love our neighbor, but at this moment it is very difficult for me to put this teaching into practice. You are better than anyone who knows what I’ve been through.

Someday, however, I would like to go back to living as before, with the joy of trusting someone else and having someone unconditionally by my side. It may not be the time yet and you will need to go through some tests. That is why I would like to ask you not to leave my side or else I will collapse.

And today I need to believe in you more than ever.

Are you there?

Sometimes I wonder if this is so. I don’t want you to misunderstand me or take me as a bad person. I am aware that I have many things to thank you for, although I have also had to go through bitter experiences. However, I think these countries have also made me a better person. So I guess first of all I have to thank you.

But you know very well that there are people who are not as lucky as I am. I refer to those people who become bad because before they had to experience injustices since I know that evil can only come from situations full of darkness.

That is why he asked me if sometimes you will attend to all the prayers that your children make to you. I’m probably not one to question you something like this, but I guess I can’t be blamed for doing so. I wish no one had to suffer, the way I have seen many do.

I don’t know why something like this happens. They have taught me that the path that you have prepared for each of us should not be doubted.

But then I get to the times when I have seen many displays of kindness and I remember that people are also capable of giving a lot of love. I remember my family and friends around me.

I think that if there are beings like them, then it will never be too late to do something good for others. Maybe that’s what you want us to do to stop the bad things that happen in the world. And I promise to do my best to always do it, to have a little more faith and less hopelessness.

Today I have a lot to be thankful for

Many times I have been complaining to God and I have realized that there are few that I have stopped to think about the good things that I have. It is true that lately, I have not had it so easy, but the truth is that I have not had a bad time either.

I have health and a family that has always been willing to support me. I still have opportunities to advance in my work and do the things that I like. I have done wrong not to appreciate the life that touched me before and the truth is that it could be worse. I apologize for that. I am a lucky person and you know? Right now I feel like I don’t want to change anything in my life.

I know that in time I will overcome the obstacles that stand in my way because you want me to achieve my happiness. I promise to appreciate more the blessings you have given me from now on and to work hard to put my problems behind me. Because you have also empowered me to do so.

We grow thanks to you, share 🙂