Top 25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

Did you know you can read the mind of a person with his emoticons?

This is the real story…

Every emoji is a secret feelings behind them.

As international relationship and dating coaches We’ve helped thousands women find their perfect partner and get those relationship they’ve dreamed about being in.

If you’re hoping to become more attractive and popular with men, you must be able to comprehend and read the hidden meanings of emojis.

In actual fact the more in love someone is and the more emojis use by him!

This is exactly what you have to be aware of:

The Complete List of Emojis Men Use to Show Their Love

This article will demonstrate the most well-known emojis men are using to make friends.

We’ll also discuss EXACTLY the meaning of these emoticons represent for guys. You’ll be able to master decoding the emojis of guys!

After reading this article, you’ll find out which emojis are best to make men respond to you as well as which ones you should steer clear of.

These are the top 25 Emojis Guys Use to Say They Are in Love With You.

1. The Angel Emoji

MEANS: He wants not to remain “just acquaintances”

The Angel Emoji appears innocent. However, its meaning is the exact opposite.

Guys love to utilize the term in 2 ways:

In the beginning, they employ it to appear jolly (especially in the aftermath of an incident or joke or funny story).

They often use it to indicate something unruly and filthy…

This Emoji is effective because it evokes it the “good guy/bad” concept.

This means that he is certainly attracted to you.

If someone is sending this emoji to you frequently, it indicates that you are open to becoming greater that “just acquaintances “…

2. The Smile of Relief Smile

SYNONYM: He is concerned about you

The significance of this emoji is dependent on how it’s used.

The most common sign is that they care about you.

Most often, men will use it to respond to an incident you’ve told.

For instance:

Your: I have just completed a very stressful exam today

Him: Wow that’s fantastic! ????

In this instance, the emoji that is relieved shows that he understands your feelings and is thrilled for you.

It demonstrates an emotional commitment that is a powerful indicator of love.

This emoji may also represent calm and peace. We all know that it isn’t easy for men to convey their true feelings.

If he’s using this emoticon frequently, it could suggest that he’s relaxed with you and eager to be open with you.

However, you should be careful not to make him feel uncomfortable when you reply. A lot of women make this error accidentally.

3. The Heart Eyes Emoji

SYNONYM: He’s fervent about you.

It’s true the majority of guys are insecure about their love life.

It takes time for them to be open. However, they’ll give you some tips throughout the process.

The Heart Eyes Emoji is a low-key method for men to express their love for each other.

It does not matter what they do with it. If you’re seeing them using it frequently that signifies that they’re feeling something special about you.

4. Kissy Face Emoji

SYNOPSIS He feels for you

We all know that guys have a problem when it comes to their feelings…

It’s not easy to let them express their affection. They prefer to keep it simple.

That’s exactly what a man is sending you when he gives your this Kissy Face emoji. They’re trying express their emotions, yet appear casual.

Try to imagine yourself in the shoes of the person who is in his:

If a person only wishes to make friends, it’s unlikely that you can expect him to send this Emoji.

A Kissy Face is a great indicator of the nature that the couple is in: It is moving from “just friends” to “guy and girl”.

5. The Smirk Face

Meaning”He’s flirting with you

It is believed that the Smirk Emoji is actually similar to the Angel Face Emoji. It’s a wonderful indication of playful teasing and flirting.

If someone employs the emoji smirk, it is likely to mean that there is an unspoken meaning to the message.

Seek out sarcasm or humorous phrases in his text. You shouldn’t overlook it. If you did you’ll look ridiculous and he’d lose interest.

Tips for Bonus…

Emojis that you send to him and observe how he responds.

This is a fantastic method for playing text games, and it will help him get right back into the limelight.

Also, you are showing him that you’re having fun and flirting. He will be encouraged and then he will become more interested in you.

By sending the emoji back him will make him feel pressured to make things happen!

6. Smiling Laughing With Sweat

Meaning: He is anxious

It’s that feeling you get that you get when you are with a man are getting closer…

…And suddenly, there’s conflict between the two of you?

This is typically what this smiley is.

In reality, men are nervous under the pressure, also. They also like to keep cool, they usually employ this emoji to ease the tension.

Again, be sure to be mindful of when you respond. It’s possible to utilize these tensions to help make your interactions more romantic and interesting.

7. Monkey-See Emoji

MEANING: He’s being shy

Like similar to Sweating Smiley, the Monkey Emoji is another indication of shyness and nervousness.

The person could add this emoji in the “edgy” note…

For instance:

“I believe you are beautiful in your profile picture! ??? ?

Or , he could be more adventurous:

“Maybe we could go to this movie tomorrow“??? ?

The main point is: He’s starting to be concerned about what you think of him.

One of the most fundamental principles of text-based Chemistry: The more you like him the more concerned he is over what your opinion is about him.

8. Winky Face

Meaning: He’s amusing with you.

The most significant elements of flirting is playing.

This is the way to keep things interesting and entertaining.

If you make the situation too serious, it will ruin good feelings and spread negative emotions.

For males for guys, for guys, the Winking smiley is an excellent method to be playful.

Like that of the Angel Face emoji, be sure to look for the hidden significance and the sarcasm in his messages when he employs this smiley.

Important note…

Do not forward this emoji.

This emoji could cause you to look “easy” as well as “desperate”. One can be bored very quickly by this.

Instead, keep him on the chase. If he continues to chase, more addicted he’ll be.

9. The Cheesy Grin

HAS A SENSE: He’s just playing with his wits

This Cheesy Grin Emoji sweet and cheeky.

Most often, guys will make use of it in the context of a joke or as a symbol of snark.

The hidden message in this Emoji: He is becoming more comfortable with you.

He’s not afraid to expose his cheesy, embarrassing side. He’s open to you.

When a guy and woman first get to meet there’s always some anxiety and fear…

However, if the relationship grows it will eventually fade away. This is precisely how the Cheesy Grin emoji shows.

10. The Heart Emoji

MEANING: He loves you

It is the Heart Emoji is one of the most powerful signs that a man is in love with you.

Certain guys prefer to use the purple heart emoji others prefer red. It’s the same thing.

If you’re not already in an intimate relationship, the man is not likely to use it directly to show his love for you.

In reality, he will normally use it to reply to a text message.

For instance:

You might be telling him a humorous joke. The joke will demonstrate that how much he “loves” what you have to say.

You could even ask him to respond on the Instagram story.

If an individual sends an Heart Emoji, it indicates that he sees your profile as more that just a friend.

The more he utilizes his device, the more apparent the effect will become…

11. Lovestruck Smiley

MEANS It makes him feel swoony

The emoji needs very little explanation. Three hearts say the whole story!

If a person sends you the heart-warming smile, it shows the world how much he’s in love with you.

It’s also a sign you are always in his thoughts about you and is filled by feelings of love for you!

12. Upside Down Smiley

MEANS: He’s playing with his wits.

Many women are at a loss with this Emoji. It is often difficult to understand what a guy is trying to convey when he says the emoji.

However, in actual significance is quite like the smile or angel face Emoji.

The upside-down smiley tells that he’s being playful and fun with you. This in turn tells the closeness he has to you in his thoughts.

When you understand this, it is more easy to grasp the real meaning of his words…

13. Delighted Face

Meaning It means: You make him happy!

Be careful not to confuse this emoji with different smiley face emojis! This one has more significance…

If guys are using regular smiley faces such as ???? and??? and???, they’re usually exuding joy over the words you’ve made.

However, if he shows you a happy face (with eyes shut and curving downwards) usually indicates that he is happy with you as an individual.

It’s a good sign you’re considered who is unique in his world!

14. The Yummy Face

MEANING: He finds you attractive

We all know that guys are unassuming and are fascinated by their appearances…

The Yummy Face emoji is a way for men to inform him that he thinks you are extremely attractive and fascinating.

It’s an indication that he’s got an interest in you and is in search of your attention and love!

15. The Beaming Face

SYNOPSIS: He’s having great fun talking to you

Like the Cheesy Grin and similar to the Cheesy Grin, Beaming Face emoji is usually employed by men when he’s having fun or makes a joke.

The first time guys get to meet someone they’re attracted to, they typically try to appear cool and be cautious about their words…

If he begins to love you, he’ll warm to you and get more comfortable together…

This is exactly what it says on the smiley is all about!

16. Puppy Eyed Face

HAS A SENSE: He’s acting adorable

There are many scenarios in which men will make use of this Emoji.

Sometimes, he could be showing fear or dread at something. Sometimes, he could be demanding some thing that you do not want…

However this is the actual significance of”the Puppy eyed face:

He’s so cute with you!

We’ve all heard that guys tend to cover their emotions and keep it cool when they meet women…

If he’s able display his love for you, he’s bound to have certain feelings for you!

17. Double Heart Emoji Double Heart Emoji

Meaning: He perceives the two of you an unison

It could be that two hearts simply means he is loving you twice as many times…

However, this symbol actually signifies more than that.

A person can only show the double-heart emoji you if he is thinking of the two of you together as two people.

This is also true if you’re currently in a relationship or you’ve just begun chatting.

Whatever other things he may say regardless of what he says, this is a sign of what’s really taking place inside his mind!

18. Hugging Face

Meaning: He would like to be your comforter

We all are aware that true love is genuine care and support for one another…

This is exactly what the Emoji stands for!

The Hugging Face Emoji is used by guys who would like to comfort you and offer you his fullhearted affection and love.

It’s a clear indication that you have an exclusive place for you in his heart!

19. Starstruck Face

MEANS He is attracted by your work.

The Starstruck Face is less commonly observed, but it typically signifies that the person is involved in the conversation.

This indicates that he’s either amazed by what you’ve made or has been captivated by your personality!

If you receive a message from a man like this it is a guarantee that you have stolen his heart!

20. Eye-Roll Face

Meaning He is playing

A lot of girls make the error of thinking that this is a negative sign from an individual, and then start contemplating and worrying about it…

However, rest assured that Eye-Roll is usually a sign that the person is just playing with you.

The majority of guys will use it to address something you dislike or maybe a joke you’ve come up with.

This can be an indication of the intense connection you have with him. Relax, and enjoy an enjoyable time!

21. Wacky Face

Meaning: He’s having a blast with you.

A true relationship doesn’t have to be focused on love…

It should also be enjoyable!

In fact, one the best indicators that an individual is in love is when the man truly enjoys the person you are with…

This is what the Emoji represents!

If someone gives your the Wacky Face You are sure to find that he’s a fan of conversing with you, and would like to know you better.

22. The Lips Emoji

Meaning: He would like to hug you

There’s nothing that shows love more beautiful than the kiss.

If he’s not there in person to meet you, he’ll text an Emoji instead!

Do not be deceived. If someone is sending you this message an email, it is clear that you are more than a mere friend…

If this emoji is revealed as an unwelcome surprise, be cautious about how you react to him.

More details on this to come…

23. The Tongue-Out Smile

Meaning The way you make him feel happy

The meaning behind this emoji may be a bit unclear initially…

Once you have a grasp of it you’ll have an idea of what he is thinking about you.

When someone offers you the smiley with the tongue typically, it means that it’s a feeling of excitement and joy to be chatting with you right now.

Since his emotions are soaring This is the ideal opportunity to propel things forward and make him more enthralled by the relationship with you…

24. The “Oh My” Face

Meaning: He feels close to you.

Similar to it’s counterpart, the Cheesy Grin, and also The Angel Face, this emoji could be a sign that the man is playing and jolly in your presence…

It could also refer to something more profound.

Guys typically use their Chuckle Face in two ways:

In the beginning, he might be expressing a hint of shyness , while he’s opening up to you.

He could also be telling an inside joke with you.

This is a wonderful signal, as it tells you that he’s getting closer to you.

25. Of Joy Tears Of Joy Face

Meaning: He loves being around with you

It could be a frequent emoji. But do not underestimate it when someone is sending this to you!

Everyone knows that that the Tears Of Joy smiley means joy and laughter.

If a person is frequently using it this simply means that you are having a great time with you and is enjoying being around.

If this is an option, it’s hard to “lock-in” the interest of his you and make things happen…

Use These Emojis to Make His Respond

We’ve all been there. SO annoying when men don’t respond to texts…

We’ve got a great news! There are a variety of emojis you can use to prompt them to respond.

Psychologists and dating experts have the same opinion on this point. using these emojis within your messages can result in quicker responses.

In fact, research shows that those who utilize emojis tend to receive higher rates of dates!

Emojis are for guys. They represent emotions and closeness. When you incorporate them in your messages you’ll draw him closer to you.

They are perfect for initial messages and for sparking conversations!

These are the most appropriate Emojis you can use for your male friends. Make sure you use them with care!

  • Smirking
  • Crazy Face
  • It’s a Laugh and Doing
  • Relieved Face
  • OK Sign
  • Two Hearts
  • Upside-Down Face
  • A tired face
  • Tongue Out
  • Monkey-See
  • Kiss Mark
  • Heart Eyes

Here are some emojis that you shouldn’t use for guys:

  • Vulcan Salute
  • Ring Emoji
  • Crying Face
  • Poop Emoji

One last thing How to Make Any Man Totally Committed to You

Girls, we’ve been through this before:

Sometimes, we don’t know what we should tell someone…

That’s the way we are missing out on some truly amazing people.

This is why it’s important to grab their attention and “lock on” their attention as quickly as possible…

Then turn his curiosity into a commitment.

What do you need to do to do this?

It’s simple:

There are several particular methodsthat create powerful emotions within him.

They will first grab his attention, making him love you.

In the next step, they’ll “lock-in” the emotions the man has for you. They will get more powerful and deep.

Then, he’ll have an overwhelming desire to completely dedicate himself to youand only you.