Elements Of A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship can bring great benefits to your life and that of your partner, friends and family. However, achieving a successful and healthy relationship is not easy. Indeed, it requires work and effort. in this article we are going to define 6 key elements of a healthy relationship.

“Respect and sincerity are two of the basic pillars of relationships. Do not forget that your freedom ends where that of others begins”

Key Elements Of A Healthy Relationship

No matter whether it is a relationship partner or friendship, you always encounter challenges related to the expectations you have. Luckily, there are some elements that will help you have a healthy relationship with those around you.

Of course, you must understand that this involves an effort. List? Take note.

1. Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness

The first step in creating a healthy relationship is to take care of your own happiness . You should always remember that no one should have enough power to determine if you are happy or unhappy.

elements of a healthy relationship

A happy life depends on several factors: your hobbies , your tastes, your activities, your diet, your dreams and your challenges. All this will give you balance and make you feel completely satisfied.

Relying completely on another person is the right path to unhappiness and emotional disaster. Neither a friend nor your family nor a partner should have so much power over you.

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2. Set And Respect Your Limits

An emotionally healthy person has limits and respects them. When these people enter into a healthy relationship, the first thing they do is make known and respect those limits.

Being clear about the limits you want others to respect is crucial because there are a lot of factors that can influence you . In addition, this includes any area of your life:

  • Time you spend alone
  • Tastes and hobbies
  • I respect all your interpersonal relationships
  • Finance
  • Employment and family

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When you allow a new relationship to influence these, or any other area, you may encounter negative emotions such as frustration and despair . Therefore, it is important that you talk with your friends, family and partner so that everyone respects your limits, and you theirs.

In short, relationships in which limits are not respected are often exhausting, harmful and extremely painful.

elements of a healthy relationship

3. Accept And Respect Disagreements

To think that a healthy relationship is completely free of discomfort, anger and disagreement is a total mistake. Rather it is the opposite. Indeed, disagreements are something completely natural and healthy that will evolve and improve all your interpersonal relationships.

Each of us has its peculiarities, so finding differences is the most common. Therefore, if you want to create healthy relationships , you must learn to respect any belief or difference , whether it be about religion, politics, lifestyle or any other subject.

The important thing when finding disagreements is knowing when a discussion makes sense and when it is better not to give too much importance to the topic. When you find a situation that really deserves time and effort to solve it, give yourself the time to talk with that person. You can also check this article How To Be Confident In A Relationship.

On the other hand, it is important to start the conversation with an open mind to listen to the other point of view . You may not be able to agree with the other person, but you must accept and respect their ideas.

The most important thing is to avoid forcing the opinion of your partner, your family member or your friend to match yours.

4. Commit To Having A Healthy Relationship

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, you must be clear that you cannot control the other person, so compromising is very important. Thus, when you commit to your friends , family or partner, you offer them your time and attention.

This means that you must support your loved ones when they need it, and you will receive the same .

We all go through very happy moments and others very negative. Therefore, it is very important that both are shared and respected. Think that, the more you share with your loved ones, the stronger and stronger those relationships will be.

5. Always Be Honest

Lying is toxic and we all know it. The only way you can achieve a healthy relationship is by forcing yourself to be honest at all times.

Although it is true that there are times when telling the truth can be painful or difficult, but it is the best way.

When you let the other person know the truth you foster complete security and a bond based on respect . Mind you, being honest never means hurting on purpose.

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6. Spend Time Yourself

To have a healthy relationship it is important that you give yourself some time , to take care of yourself, to listen to yourself and to understand yourself. Therefore, at least once a week you should give yourself time to do something that you find exciting or that you love.

By spending time alone, you give yourself the opportunity to know yourself , to listen to yourself and to create memories . In fact, keeping a sense of individuality is essential for all your relationships to remain healthy.

At the beginning we talked about creating limits, but this will be complicated if you don’t really know yourself. There are those who think that spending time alone shows that they are unhappy, but this is not true.

Actually, it is a fundamental part of creating or discovering your identity.