Dresses for wedding guests: 13 stylish ideas

Dresses for wedding guests are surely the first thing you thought if you received the invitation for a wedding. 

What dress do I wear? This is a big question that can become a concern, but don’t worry, here you will find many options. So many alternatives that surely after reading this article you will be ready to buy – or rent – the dress that will make you look beautiful.

Generally, at weddings, the bride and groom suggest a dress code for the guests. This code is in accordance with the type of party, time and place of the event. Here we want to show you the aspects to take into account.

1. Dresses for wedding guests

Fashion has evolved so that today there is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the way of dressing. There are grooms who let their guests dress as they feel most comfortable. So you can use all your creativity to choose your dress. Think about whether it will be functional to use in many other opportunities, taking into account whether the wedding is formal or informal and day or night.

Find elements in your wardrobe that help you highlight your personality. You were invited to a wedding and you need to look elegant? There are many versatile styles to suit day and night. You can look splendid in a wedding ceremony gown that is lace. There are also high-waisted designs that suit some bodies very well. 

Dresses for wedding guests according to your personality

2. Wedding day that I wear

There are guests who like to dress well even if the wedding is in the garden. Find designs and colors that may be protagonists in addition to the traditional black and white. Some options are:

  • Yellow
  • Fuchsia
  • Orange
  • Plum
  • Metallic colors, silver and copper

3. Short dresses for the guests  

Short dresses are perfect for summer . That they reach the knee or only a few inches above it. It is a very popular option because it provides comfort and highlights the female figure. If they are combined with some nice sandals or even with stiletto shoes you will surely look very elegant but fresh.

4. Dresses for wedding guests: long

This is the best possibility if you want to look super stylish. In addition, today, fashion determines that they are to be used during the day as well as at night. There are countless alternatives for long dresses, from the well-known mermaid style or other fitted dresses, to the very current  Maxi dress . Especially the latter are a very nice option to feel like a princess. Their very wide skirts are combined with high heels and even with beach sandals.

5. Dress for best friends at a beach wedding:

Also take into account the fabrics, light but strong. You don’t want a very fragile fabric to blow up in the breeze or tear easily. Fashion is very subjective, always be you in whatever you wear. To avoid going unnoticed that day, get a cute hairstyle and makeup to match the dress you chose. Don’t forget, put your energy into the details as well. 

Dresses for the bride’s closest friends

6. Dress for guests at a wedding party: The neckline    

Whether you’ve decided to buy it made or have it made, you can choose a dress with a high neckline that stands out. It does not necessarily have to be the typical round neckline in the front, there is a good variety of necklines – V, square, side – and those that are most fashionable at the moment are the necklines in the back.

For more ideas see:

If you decide on one of the latter, the ideal is that the front part is covered, so all the attention will be focused on your back. The combination of lace fabrics with the necklines gives a very romantic touch to the dresses. 

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7. Dresses for wedding guests.  

If I am the godmother of the wedding and I want to have a memorable look, what should I wear? Look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Wear a skirt, haute couture or a short shirt design. It is the best opportunity as a godmother to dazzle with the best image.

8. Dresses for colored wedding guests

On the subject of colors there are almost no restrictions. One of the few colors is white, which is generally unique to the bride. There are exceptions, such as when the bride and groom specify in the invitation that they want their guests to be white or light tones. Otherwise, for a greater impact on the photos, it is better to opt for bright colors such as blue, red and even the elegant red wine.

Pastel shades will never go out of style so you can wear a mint green or pink and you will look great. You can also opt for prints -floral, asymmetrical, polka dots-, with this you will look modern and you will surely attract glances.

9. Dress for the guests according to each season of the year

If you are going to a wedding in a country with different seasons, we recommend that you take into account the date and the weather by looking at the forecast for that specific day. In the winter wear long or medium sleeved dresses with lace because the transparency looks beautiful. Do not forget to wear a jacket according to your dress. 

The best look for the guests in winter is the bet on velvets as this prestigious fashion magazine for brides shows us:

10. V estidos of guests with different and stilos and designs  

Some of the most popular dress styles are:

  • Princess: they are generally tight at the top and with wide skirts.
  • Mermaid: recommended for bodies with proportionate bust and hips. They are tight to the body from the top to the knee, from there the skirt widens a bit.
  • Empire: they have a cut below the bust and the skirt is generally made of fabrics with a lot of drape.
  • Tubed: if you want to highlight your figure this is the option. They are dresses tight to the body from top to bottom. You can wear it in one shade and it will look wonderful.
  • Straight: they are ideal when you do not want to highlight any particular attribute, they look very simple and at the same time elegant.

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11. Dresses for wedding guests:

Include a complete outfit that can be combined with the dress for a wedding guest. Those who like to dress well combine shoes, bags and style with the dress.

If it is a wedding in summer or spring, take the opportunity to wear a floral dress with movement that will make you look very feminine. If the wedding is in autumn, lean towards romantic styles, satins and lace are a very good option as well as ocher tones.

12. Ideas wedding guest dresses.

Accessories are too important to complement your look. You may have a very simple dress and all you need to do is add a cute pair of earrings or a necklace or choker to complement the perfect look. Accessories have the ability to transform the clothes you wear.

13. Sister dresses with minimalist style

With your dress, try to impose your own style code. Depending on the time of day and the place, solid colors are easier to combine with accessories and fashionable details.

Color blocks are used a lot in long dresses. Jumpsuits and prints for a summer wedding. It is advisable to combine playing with color:

  • Blouse
  • Tops
  • Bags and Accessories

Accessories such as wallet, necklaces, belts and hat

If your dress is a single tone, it will be very easy to find a necklace or bracelets (gold, silver or the same tone as the dress). If you opted for a printed dress, try to keep the accessories small and not so flashy so as not to overload it. 

Accessories for a wedding guest dress

In any case, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the dress you are wearing, try to start looking with enough time before the wedding. We help you planning with our post on a stress-free step-by-step wedding schedule so that you have time to try it on several times and find the perfect accessories and shoes.   Pin It