Do you want to be my girlfriend letter

This letter from want to be my girlfriend is based on words that many men want to say and Can not find how? because they don’t know how to express their feelings and tell that girl how much they like her, that they want to be more than friends and turn that love they carry inside into a courtship that is a reality.

Falling in love and discovering that a woman begins to awaken emotions that you have not felt for a long time and that all your thoughts throughout the day and even in dreams always run towards her.

It is a normal situation, but express it and declare it through a letter asking if you want to be my girlfriend? It is something that is not easy, that is why we want to bring to you these words that are messengers of all your love, to break the barriers of your elusive heart and embrace you in endless love.

Do you want to be my girlfriend love letter

If you asked me when or where all this love began to germinate within me, the only honest answer I can give you is that since the day that the brightness of your eyes pierced the gloom of my loneliness, there was not a single moment when you you will cease to exist in my thoughts.

There was not a single moment in which my sighs will stop claiming to see you and to be able to feel the softness of your hands, brushing my body in an embrace that has no end and that I sealed an infinite love through a kiss as desired as far away in this moment.

That’s why I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you and ask you if you want to be my girlfriend in this love letter to you.

You might wonder, because I expressed all my love to you through a letter and I am not looking for you to look you in the eye and tell you personally.

Well, simply because every time I see you, my heart begins to beat as if it were going to run and leave my chest to hug you and never let you go, at that moment the words become elusive and disappear from my mind, and my reason is lost without finding or coordinating a phrase that can let you know how much I love you.

Letters of you want to be my girlfriend

But it is not fear, it is anxiety to let you know and the same desire, the same need, lead me to not be able to express myself, but this letter from you want to be my girlfriend, without a doubt it is a beautiful tool with which I can express through these Words what I feel and hope reach you like a soft breeze that refreshed your soul and caressed your heart.

I hope you receive this message of love as an announcement that I connected your feelings with mine, and give direction to my steps so as not to wait another second and run to you, because you have become the love of my life.

I want to tell you that I do not want to look at that beautiful smile away from me again, with which even the sunlight seems little, because you radiate in me the brightness that illuminates my path and my feelings towards you, so that I never lose myself in the darkness of the sadness for being away from your love.

I can’t finish this letter, where do I ask you if you want to be my girlfriend? Without first telling you that the main reason why I am so in love with you is only your fault, for that inner beauty so dazzling that it cannot go unnoticed for my life.

This is how all this was born and I do not blame myself for anything, not even every night turning my dreams into criminals, by kidnapping you and making this illusion the most beautiful and perfect reality that can exist in my future, which I hope will be with you, beautiful queen of my silences.

Letter to ask her to be my girlfriend

We hope that this letter of declaration of love where you ask the girl you like , if you want to be my girlfriend? find a positive response and an open heart for you, which allows you to begin to consolidate a relationship that is responsible for attracting happiness to a partner who loves each other.

Through a successful strategy, that helps you follow this plan step by step, which will lead you not only to be with her, but to make her fall in love with you as you have never imagined.

Thus, begin to make that happiness that you long for a reality with the girl you like and the woman you love, so as not to suffer for an imaginary answer and ask her decisively if she wants to be your girlfriend.