Do You Prefer Questions

Dilemma Game: Top 100 Unanswerable “Preferred” Questions

The “Do you prefer questions” game is a great way to spend an interesting and fun evening. Indeed, during the long winter evenings or simply if you want to know the somewhat strange sides of your friends or your partner, this dilemma game will make you die of laughter.

The “You Prefer” game is a game that forces you to choose between two alternatives, one crazier than the other. Thus, you reveal certain aspects of your personality that others do not know.

This dilemma game is a great way to get to know your loved ones better. For example, you can check if your friends have the same outlook on life as you, and if you are a strong group.

You can also play the game “You prefer” with your partner. This is the opportunity to discover the funniest sides of your other half and to check if he / she is not completely crazy :-).

Plus, this dilemma game is the perfect opportunity to start interesting conversations. Indeed, after having obtained the answer to the question “What do you prefer…”, you can ask “Why” to your interlocutor.

How do you play the game “you prefer”?

Nothing’s easier ! You can play in pairs or with a group of people.

Write the following questions on slips of paper and mix them in a bowl. Or, you can follow the order I established and ask the questions as well.

Then, if you play two: take turns, you choose a question and answer it honestly. Then you repeat this process until there are no more unanswered questions.

If you are playing with more than one, you follow the same process. Simply, you can also have a bowl with everyone’s first names. So, when your turn comes to ask an unanswerable question, you also draw a piece of paper from the bowl of names.

And the person whose first name you drew must answer the question in the dilemma game. Then you repeat this process until all the questions have been used.

So are you ready to discover our impossible questions? Want to start the dilemma game?

Here are 100 “Do you prefer” questions arranged in 5 categories.

Game “You prefer”: my 20 favorite questions

We start with my selection! These unanswerable questions are my favorite. For my part, I find them funny and interesting.

Plus, they’re a fun way to start this dilemma game smoothly. Yes, you do not go directly. In short, you set the stage for the more naughty and weird questions.

1. Do you prefer to have more money or more time?

2. Do you always prefer to say what’s on your mind or never say a word?

3. Do you prefer to have a “go back” or “pause” option on your life?

4. Do you prefer to go to the past to meet your ancestors or to go to the future to meet your great-great-grandchildren?

5. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or know all the languages ​​in the world?

6. Do you prefer to be the smartest or funniest person around?

7. Do you prefer to be stuck on a desert island alone or with someone who talks ALL THE TIME?

8. Do you prefer to live a cushy life with your loved ones or a luxurious life on your own?

9. Do you prefer to win the lottery or live twice as long?

Do You Prefer Questions

10. Do you prefer to know how you are going to die or when you are going to die?

11. Would you rather have a billion euros in your name or spend 1000 euros for each homeless person?

12. Do you prefer to be able to read people’s minds or predict the future?

13. Would you rather listen to just Justin Bieber or just One Direction for the rest of your life?

14. Do you prefer to wear a ski suit on the beach or be naked in the snow?

15. Do you prefer to be invisible or super fast?

16. Do you prefer to lose your sense of smell or sense of touch?

17. Would you rather have your YouTube access revoked or your Instagram account blocked?

18. Do you prefer to watch TV all the time or never watch it again?

19. Do you prefer to lose all your contacts or 150 euros?

20. Would you rather not use social media for a week or have a hangover for 2 weeks?

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Game “You prefer”: 20 funny questions

Do you want to have a good laugh? Well the following questions are intended to lighten the mood by making you laugh at the top of your lungs.

Here is my selection of funny, fanciful, and sometimes silly unanswered questions. Have fun !

21. Do you prefer to be a cow or a hen?

22. Do you prefer to look like a fish or smell like a fish?

23. Do you prefer to have a head the size of a grape or a watermelon?

24. Do you prefer to be Nicolas Sarkozy or Emmanuel Macron?

25. Do you prefer to have to tell everyone every time you fart or pee?

26. Do you prefer to start all your sentences with “Hi, idiot…” or end all your sentences with “Rhoo, I’m kidding…”?

27. Do you prefer to use toothpaste made from vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?

28. Do you prefer to have a Marseille accent and live in Paris or to have a Parisian accent and live in Marseille?

29. Do you prefer to want to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye for 6 months?

30. Do you prefer to publish your diary or make a film telling your most embarrassing story?

31. Would you rather be a giant hamster or a miniature rhino?

32. Would you rather have the same face but be of the opposite sex or have a different head and stay the same?

33. Would you rather be a green pig or a pink horse?

34. Would you rather have only 2 large yellow teeth directly under your nose or not have any teeth at all?

35. Do you prefer to have bananas instead of hands or instead of feet?

36. Do you prefer to talk like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck for the rest of your life?

37. Do you prefer to smile at the end of all your sentences, whatever the subject, or burp before each sentence?

38. Do you prefer to send an embarrassing email to your entire company or eat 2 sticks of butter?

39. Do you prefer to have the power to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation or put others in an uncomfortable situation?

40. Would you rather have 300 tarantulas moving around your house or 500 crickets jumping all over your room?

“You Prefer”: 20 Questions About Love Life and Sex

Here we are at everyone’s favorite subject! Of course, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of ​​talking about their sex life in front of others, but when it’s done humorously, it’s okay.

After all, whether you are with your partner or a group of friends, you trust these people so you have no reason to be ashamed.

41. Do you prefer to date someone you love or someone who loves you?

42. Do you prefer to have a lifelong partner or have several partners but never know love?

43. Do you prefer to watch 2 girls kissing or 2 boys?

44. Would you rather watch an erotic film with me or read an erotic book aloud while feeling me?

45. Do you prefer to pay for sex or to be paid for sex?

46. ​​Do you prefer to make love with my best friend or yours?

47. Do you prefer to be above or below?

48. Do you prefer to watch or to be watched?

49. Do you prefer romance or new, weird experiences?

50. Do you prefer to cheat or be cheated?

51. Do you prefer your partner to go out with your best friend or your worst enemy?

52. Do you prefer to marry someone who has a bad self-esteem or a vain person?

53. Do you prefer to send naughty photos by mistake to your boss or your parents?

54. Do you prefer to spank or have you spanked?

55. Do you prefer to surprise your parents during the act or that your parents surprise you during the act?

56. Do you prefer to hold your partner’s hand for 5 hours every day or never hold your partner’s hand again?

57. Do you prefer to publish all of your relationship disputes on Instagram or Facebook Live or never be able to use these social networks again?

58. Would you rather have sex once but live the experience of your life or have sex every day but never reach orgasm?

59. Do you prefer to be naked in front of your ex or in front of a complete stranger?

60. Do you prefer to write an erotic book or make a naughty film?

“What do you like best”: 20 ridiculous questions

Strange … Did you say, strange? Here are questions that will disturb more than one. This dilemma game is made to test humor and decision-making skills in absurd situations and the following unanswered questions do just that.

After all, we all have a bit of a weird side that we don’t reveal much about. Well with these questions from the game “You prefer”, everything comes to the light of day.

61. Would you rather stay you or become someone else?

62. Do you prefer to appear 10 years older / older in body or head?

63. Would you rather be allergic to your favorite food or be forced to eat the food you hate most for a month?

64. Do you prefer to be constantly worried / worried about germs or the monster in your closet?

65. Would you rather never get tired or have to go to the bathroom?

66. Do you prefer to spend your life jumping on one leg or doing squats?

67. Do you prefer someone to blow you up or slap you with a fish?

68. Would you rather kiss a toad or be bitten by a snake?

69. Would you rather lose the ability to pee or poo?

70. Do you prefer to wake up every morning and see your family naked or find yourself naked in front of your whole family every morning?

71. Would you rather lose all your nails or all your teeth?

72. Would you rather have your eyes fully open or fully closed for the rest of your life?

73. Do you prefer to have 20 cockroaches in your clothes or in your hair?

74. Do you prefer to eat all your food in a baby bottle or move around wearing a visible diaper for the rest of your life?

75. Do you prefer everyone to know everything about your financial situation or everything about your love life?

76. Do you prefer that everyone tells rumors about you or that no one ever talks about you?

77. Do you prefer to be born with an elephant’s trunk or a giraffe’s neck?

78. Do you prefer to constantly scratch or have sticky skin?

79. Would you rather be friends with someone you love or marry someone you hate?

80. Do you prefer to die by drowning or by burning alive?

“You prefer”: 20 questions yuck!

These unanswered questions are not for everyone! On the other hand, if you want to check the stomach contents of your friends or your partner, they are for you.

The dilemma game here takes a disgusting turn but at the same time it’s really funny. Moreover, “You prefer” is also a way to test the humor of your loved ones.

So go ahead… Give yourself to your heart’s content!

81. Do you prefer to eat the tongue of a cow or an octopus?

82. Do you prefer to eat chocolate that tastes like shit or shit that tastes like chocolate?

83. Isolated on a desert island, would you rather eat a dead friend or kill your dog and eat it?

84. Do you prefer to lick everything you see or eat everything you see?

85. Would you rather have diarrhea for 2 months or be constipated for 1 month?

86. Do you prefer bad breath or stinky feet?

87. Do you prefer to be stuck in an elevator with an old woman and her 5 completely wet dogs or 4 obese men with foul breath?

88. Would you rather look like a skunk but smell the rose or smell like a skunk and be very handsome / beautiful?

89. Do you prefer to live your whole life without using toothpaste or shampoo?

90. Do you prefer to be the ugliest person in the world or the one who smells the worst?

91. Do you prefer to have gas all the time or a really dry mouth?

92. Do you prefer to go 6 months without washing or 1 year without shaving?

93. Would you rather have booze hanging down for a year or a pimple on your forehead for the rest of your life?

94. Do you prefer to live in a house with 4000 cockroaches or 4000 flies?

95. Do you prefer to lick your dirty underwear or your dirty socks?

96. Do you prefer all your clothes to smell of skunks or your shoes to be filled with cow dung?

97. Do you prefer to eat a lock of hair or drink a shot of your own sweat?

98. Do you prefer to sniff a dog’s buttocks or eat cat food?

99. Do you prefer someone to throw up on you or throw up on someone?

100. Do you prefer to sniff 20 dirty diapers or lick a dirty diaper?

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