Distance Love Letters

Writing long-distance love letters to maintain a love relationship is not easy. Not seeing each other every day makes you doubt if things are right or wrong; if they are going to continue or if love can end at any moment.

Physical absence generates sadness and longing. But there are tools and ways to surprise your love to keep him attached to you. If your union is true, nothing will be able against you. Next, I leave you several examples of love letters from a distance; either for a woman, or a man, to show that you miss that special person or a short letter. Keeping love at a distance is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

Discover below the best free long-distance love letters.

Long-distance love letters to fall in love

Hello darling. I am writing these lines to show you that our love is still intact. To tell you that every day I look forward to our next meeting. I love you deeply and sometimes the desperation to see you overwhelms me; so many others I am sad not to wake up next to you every morning. However, looking at your photographs; watch our videos and always remember how beautiful we have lived so far; It gives me strength to go on and on.

I know we are not at our best. But we are doing our best to keep the flame of love burning. This time alone has helped me to value even more your virtues, your love for me. It has also made me reflect on the times we fight over absurd things. It has allowed me to reaffirm my conviction that you are my only true love.

Do not feel sad or despair because this is only a transitory time; until our next meeting. I am preparing it with great desire to surprise you. When the distance discourages you, think of me and reread this love letter ; so that you feel me there right next to you.

See you soon, love of my life.

Long distance love letters to my boyfriend

Love, I don’t live a day without thinking of you. Your memory and nostalgia for everything we have experienced strengthens our love day by day. I feel more and more attached to you. Knowing that you are well calms me and comforts me. Although I don’t stop missing you, every night I dream of you and our reunion. And it is that, ultimately, there is no distance that can turn off this love. We are meant to stay together and our love will bloom like spring does. I love you madly and I will always be there for you, that’s why I wanted to write you this love letter from a distance, my life. Love you.

sad long distance love letters

My only love, today I want you to know how much I miss you. The distance that separates us cannot be greater than the love that unites us. However, sometimes I feel faint for not being by your side. The day I left, I left all my roots with you; my best feelings and emotions; my dreams; the warmth of your body and the indescribable love we feel for each other; and that I still feel like a living flame in my heart.

Since I left, not a single moment has passed in which I don’t think of you; in which I do not remember how happy I am by your side; and how safe and sheltered I feel in your arms. I must thank this travel experience for teaching me to value your unconditional love and everything you have done for me. Now I see more of your virtues and less of your flaws. I don’t suffer for nonsense that I used to give a lot of importance to. Thank you my sweet and tender love for waiting for me.

The only reason I’ve stayed on my feet; firm during all this time; It is the hope of seeing you again and hugging you. I dream of our meeting. Sorry to be repetitive: but I miss you . Soon we will be together again. Always yours, I love you to infinity and I need you by my side.

Long distance love letters to my girlfriend

Hello my princess in the distance. You know very well that there is no other love in the world like ours; so big, so immense, so strong. Although our bodies are separate; our souls are still together and more linked than ever.

You know that I am not very expressive, and that writing is even more difficult for me; but this distance between the two is killing me, and I needed to let you know. I would give anything to see your smile again. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night choking and agitated by your absence. It’s getting harder and harder for me to wake up in the morning and not see you by my side. The days feel gray and cold. If it rains, oh the rainy days that we enjoy so much together warm at home!; If it rains, my soul tears with sadness.

Come back soon my dear, loneliness and sadness are taking their toll on me. Your absence has been the greatest sadness that I have had in my life. I know that you think of me, that you are still with me and that we will see each other again soon. Every night I make a prayer to the stars so that you don’t forget me; so you don’t leave me I’m sure you’ll come back to me, my life, I love you.

Long distance love letters for a man

My love. My life. And my everything. I am writing these lines to you because the distance between the two hurts me, makes me sad; many times it doesn’t let me sleep. There are whole nights that I have spent remembering you and thinking about you, feeling you close; here by my side, but in my imagination. Many times I shudder and sigh with your memory. The moon and the stars are witnesses of it.

I want to ask you not to underestimate time, it is eternal ; however, life does shorten and it goes away. I want us to be together again, to grow old and if death surprises us, let it be together; close to each other. Time can be merciless with love; It can become the worst enemy of lovers. Let’s not let time do this to us. A love like ours cannot be ended by the imposing action of time. We have the strength to overcome it and win; for how much we love each other and have always loved each other, for our love.

Although we are far away and our bodies separated; We remain united always and for all eternity. So don’t delay my dear love. I always was and I am yours, and I am waiting for you, as always; My dear love.

5 tips to show your love from a distance

To maintain a long-distance relationship it is necessary to be constant; be very sincere; do not give up and keep your love at a distance as the priority in your life. Don’t let love die. Check out these 5 ideas to keep your love at a distance:

1. Send him photos

Send him photos constantly, in every place you visit and that reminds you of your love. You can make a sign with a loving message and include it in the photo as a nice detail.

2. Create an album

Create an album that records your love story. She uses old photos; those that have been sent; those of the stage they are living. You can also add postcards; as well as screenshots of your video call conversations; cards and letters that have been sent; movie and theater tickets; concert tickets, etc

3. Communicate

Spend a lot of time together online. talk; exchange information; play together on the same team in some online game; watch a movie online together. Ultimately, there are many possibilities.

4. Send him surprises

Send him surprise gifts. Not only on commemorative dates. Surprise your love just because; to celebrate how much they love each other.

5. Write him love letters from a distance

Lastly, write him lots of love letters from a distance. A classic never fails.