Disappointment Quotes

Are you angry that someone has failed you? Do you feel that disgust has taken over your thoughts? Then do not miss this list with disappointment quotes that will help you meditate and rebuild your life.

Today I have collected short disappointment quotes with which you will identify if you have recently been disappointed, either because your partner has broken your heart, because a loved one has betrayed you or because your friend has turned out to be a hypocrite . Relieve yourself by expressing your sadness and disappointment on some social network such as Instagram or WhatsApp, or telling that person how you feel through a message.

disappointment quotes of love

While you swore to me that you would love me until the end of your days, I keep your own oath.

Your charm won me over, but your true personality disappointed me.

You treated me better when I didn’t love you.

True love ends up coming, but you may spend 50 years waiting.

I’m not going to show a drop of resentment. I’ll pretend I don’t care, it will hurt more.

What a disappointment, realizing that your appearance was a lie.

You will win an Oscar for best actor in the lie.

Although you have disappointed me deeply, I still hope that you will return.

Good night, my love, and greetings to your boyfriend.

Hopefully you realize you screwed it up, you regret it and ask me to come back. And hopefully it’s strong enough to answer you, “You missed your chance.”

My head wants to trust you, but my heart knows that you will let me down again.

!! Congratulations!! Today I care a little less than yesterday, and a little more than tomorrow.

It meant nothing to you, and instead to me you were everything …

Today when I woke up I remembered you again, then I understood that my thoughts are full of scum.

It doesn’t hurt to have met you, it hurts to have wasted so much time thinking you were worth it.

When he claims that love is a sham, he is actually saying “I fell in love and he let me down.”

Our memories are unforgettable, but I can’t stop thinking about that life we ​​would have enjoyed together …

I miss you so much, but I’m not willing to trip over the same stone ten times.

When your girlfriend invites you to fly … be careful! Because one day he will end up dropping you.

With a smile you conquered me, with a hundred disappointments you sank me.

So many people trying to fall in love, and instead you don’t even remember what my name is.

At school they should teach us who to give a chance and who not to forgive to avoid so many disappointments.

How is it possible that, being happier without you, I can’t wait to return to your side?

In a time of heartbreak and pain, you can only overcome it with the strength of your heart. -Paulo Coelho.

At first I was in love, yes, because I didn’t know you well enough.

I will save your messages, and when they say “eternally” to me again, I will remember that it means “maybe in two months I will get tired of you”.

Remember that you must differentiate a friend who is wrong once from the one who disappoints you day, day too . It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, the fact that your partner, a son or your brother fails you, or that the love of your life is not eternal causes much sadness. However, to be happier in this life, we have to hold less rancor and forgive more.

When they say “I love you”, don’t believe it; it’s much better that they prove it to you.

How ironic life is, that everything has been better for me since I separated from you.

They’re going to give you an Emmy for the most disappointing man in the world.

Do you remember those days when you said to me on the phone, I’m not going to hang up? Well, in the end you hung up on me.

Disappointment Quotes

I hate it when you say “Thank you” when I say “I love you.”

Look, I’m weird … even after one disappointment after another, after causing me so much pain, so many disappointments, I keep waiting for him to call me.

To make you call me ‘my husband’, it seems that your ring belongs to another woman.

Disappointments exist, and denying it would be stupid; but the illusion too, and forgetting it would be greater stupidity.

Believe it or not, disappointment can also be a lesson to grow with.

Waiting is the prelude to disappointment.

Having you away hurts, but it hurt more to have you close.

Keeping your head up after hundreds of disappointments is tremendously difficult.

You hurt my heart for life, but I would rather be a survivor who knew how to continue his path than be a martyr to your betrayal.

The fact of wanting to make everything perfect, more than joys, usually brings upset.

A disappointment is always more painful when it comes from a person for whom you had a deep affection.

Knowing that you would give your soul for a person, and that she would not give a sigh for you … that does disappoint.

Expectation is like a credit that you can never pay, and that is why you are disappointed.

We are often disappointed because we expect those people we care about to give what we hope to receive, that which we ourselves would give them. However, you are not that person, and until you assume it, you will continue to be disappointed.

Success is also about learning to cope with disappointment.

Walk without waiting, because then you will be free and happy.

It hurts a lot to learn that you really didn’t mean that much to him.

A disappointment is a door to a new life, to a new opportunity that if you know how to take advantage of, it will not disappoint you.

Disappointing Quotes of sadness in life

In this section you will find the best disappointment quotes, disappointments that you have suffered in life and the pain that a person can cause you, both your partner and a friend, as well as reflections on how you can manage this feeling emotionally to smile a little more.

  • The semicolons are over; our relationship has just come to an end.
  • You will get less disappointment by looking more at pretty gestures than just words.
  • A love movie fills you with smiles; the reality of disappointments.
  • I accept your apology, but if you don’t change, you will lose me forever.
  • Ignore all those people who only come to you when it suits them.
  • One disappointment after another, this is how you kill a heart.
  • Hard and mature. If not, I don’t want you in my life, «friend».
  • When you close the door, remember to throw the key in the trash.
  • When you wonder if it’s worth a try, listen to me and root the problem.
  • Don’t pretend to be my caviar when I’m just your bland snack.
  • To love me day yes, day no, I’d rather you not love me.
  • I prefer to go, so you won’t know where I live and you won’t find me again.
  • “I can’t” is just a lie to hide a “I don’t want to see you.”
  • Love is like a pencil, it decreases as you write stories.
  • Your loved ones deserve to see you happy, but your enemies too, so they know they cannot make you suffer.

If you need to vent on your love life or the betrayal of a family member, share these disappointment quotes on Tumblr or on your Facebook wall.

  • I may accept your apology, but don’t expect me to forget what you did.
  • Now that I’m an executive, everyone is looking for me, but when I was just the errand boy, they didn’t even talk to me.
  • Stop making excuses and give me a schedule that is not a thousand hours a week.
  • Now that you’re gone, I hope you never come back.
  • Being honest with you hurts, you may even be offended; but being lied to in the face disappoints, a lot.
  • Setting the bar so high will make the fall extremely hard.
  • I never imagined that I could feel so much sadness and pain because of someone I loved so much.
  • It is easier to be disappointed when you believe his words than when you check his actions.
  • We are disappointed until reason opens our eyes.
  • If you don’t love him, he can’t disappoint you.
  • You don’t need to ask me for forgiveness; I already know that every word that comes out of your mouth is a new lie.

Short Quotes of disappointment of a person or a friendship

Look at all these disappointment quotes of a friendship that you can share in your WhatsApp states or send it directly so that it knows how you feel. Likewise, if the person who has caused you sadness is a family member, these messages will also serve you.

  • They used to disappoint you in person. Now you are disappointed by Facebook, or by Instagram.
  • You praise me too much to know me for three days.
  • When you succeed, friends will rain down on you from all sides. When you go bankrupt, you will have real friends.
  • I was wrong when I said “I accept but do not read your hypocritical policy.”
  • If a person promises you friendship the first day, be careful: he will end up disappointing you.
  • Real friendships are born little by little, they are forged over a slow fire.
  • Humble pocket, few friends. You get rich, even your enemies adore you.
  • A true friend will make a mistake, but others will take away the illusion.
  • Get away from those people who hug you today and tomorrow will trip you up.
  • He distinguishes between “being wrong” and “constant disappointment.”
  • False friends give themselves away. At first you receive a lot, then you die for each other; finally, he forgets that you exist.
  • Give him an ovation, because he speaks of friendship and only knows treason.
  • The disappointment is to realize that not everything is as you had originally imagined.
  • Stop inventing realities and you will stop suffering so many disappointments.
  • He promised me many things, but he showed me the opposite.
  • Each disappointment is accompanied by a positive part; however, you have to learn to see it.
  • Often knowledge comes from disappointments.

I hope you like all the disappointment quotes.