Disappointment Quotes In Relationships

We present you some disappointment quotes in relationships, since all of us at some point have suffered disappointment and that pain is something that is not forgotten, for those moments we have these disappointment quotes in relationships for you:

  • Disappointment hurts but without a doubt what destroys me the most is knowing that you are not who I thought you were.
  • Your smiles and looks were the ones that made me fall in love but it was your actions that disappointed me.
  • It hurts to know that you would give everything for the person you love and that that person would do nothing for you.
  • It was with a look that started ours but it was a disappointment that ended everything.
  • We could have lived beautiful moments but you disappointed me and now there is only “we could have lived”.
  • This disappointment hurts me but it hurts me more to have believed you blindly, the time I lost with you hurts.
  • I feel disappointed not from you but from me for loving you so much without deserving it.
  • If I am not going to be your first option, I prefer to be someone else’s priority.
  • Although a disappointment hurts does not mean that it will always hurt.
  • A disappointment will not make me stop loving you but if you do not learn from them I will definitely forget you.
  • What hurts me the most that you have disappointed me is that I still love you.
  • If at any time you miss me remember that I was always there for you and it was you who disappointed me.
  • Disappointment goes away when you smile at me and invades when you ignore me for someone else.
  • When we met you showed yourself differently and now you show me something I don’t want.
  • You were my everything but disappointment showed me that I was nothing to you.
  • I would like to be who you smile for but right now I know that your smile is for someone else.
  • I don’t hate you for disappointing me or judge you, I’m just going to ignore you so that you feel what I feel.
  • Even though there was never anything between you and me I wonder why I keep expecting something from you.
  • Disappointing me was the best thing you did, you only confirmed that I deserve better.
  • If they tell you that they are not interested in love, it is because one day they fell in love and ended up disappointing them.
  • There are words that just by saying them can disappoint and destroy hearts.
  • People wonder why we close ourselves to love and the blame is on people who only know how to disappoint.

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There are words of how to express the disappointment caused by that person to whom we gave such great importance in our lives and failed us in some circumstance. Here we leave you some disappointment quotes in relationships so that you can let off steam and express yourself.

  • I know that the damage you caused me will not be overcome so easily, but I assure you that when it does, it will be because your absence in my life no longer matters.
  • You have given me a great disappointment. I never imagined you were that kind of person, but it doesn’t matter, I won by meeting you and you lost our valuable relationship.
  • I will not hold a grudge against you, I will only treat you with indifference, so that my absence hurts.
  • It was a disappointment knowing that he gave everything for you and you were not even able to do something for yourself.
  • I am disappointed because I thought you were someone better and not equal to everyone else.
  • Turning the page is not for me. I will throw the entire book in a black hole so I don’t remember anything about you.
  • It’s amazing how in just a moment a person can disappoint you and stop caring about you.
  • By letting me down you didn’t hurt me you just confirmed that you weren’t worth that much.
  • There is no regret for having met you, I regret believing you were a better person.
  • Maybe you don’t know but I believed in you, and the only thing that resulted is that I ended up disappointed.
  • The sad thing about ending up disappointed is discovering that you were with a person who didn’t deserve it.
  • I know I told you that I would trust you, but what you did made me never forget what you really are as a person inside me.
  • There are people who just don’t know how to love, only know how to disappoint and you showed me that you only know how to disappoint.

Phrases of disappointment of love

  • Sometimes love is full of disappointment and although it hurts we must continue.
  • Last night I took out the trash and in one of the bags I carried my heart so as not to share it with anyone else.
  • For the good and bad people who come to me, they will never disappoint me again because I will never give the key to my heart again.
  • When I tell you that I don’t believe in love, it’s because I already fell in love and that person disappointed me so much that it destroyed me.
  • What ironies life has, while you apologize and want to try I feel much better without you.
  • They will never see me lend my heart, never to feel the disappointment that they once caused in me.
  • I am in a stage where they will not be able to differentiate between a piece of ice and my heart.
  • Love is not just disappointment, people are the ones who disappoint not love.
  • Love is achieved in many ways, but there are times that after we give it to a person, they do not thank it and it destroys us.

Quotes of love with disappointment

  • Love is undoubtedly a very nice thing but sometimes we find disappointment.
  • Sometimes when we feel love we also have to feel the pain of love and at the same time the pain of disappointment that that other person made us.
  • I do not regret having met you, but rather insisted on knowing you even more.
  • In love they can disappoint us, but that does not stop us from being able to love the people who love us.
  • Don’t claim me for this winter in which we have our relationship, you did it with your deception and although I still love you it will be difficult to forget.
  • I always looked for you to be happy, but you already taught me that I am not your happiness. So I let you go and don’t reverse.
  • I will not be able to do anything with your destiny, today I cry and I want to have you next to me, but tomorrow you will cry because you regretted what you did to me.
  • I opened the doors of my house and heart to you, so that you come and leave me when I am in this situation.
  • When you exceeded my expectations I also knew that I had to be prepared to accept that you would disappoint me.
  • Time is the greatest remedy, to heal the wounds left by disappointment.

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