Difficult Relationships

We have all had relationships with ups and downs, as well as past relationships that may have ended not quite right. But if your love history is a list of difficult relationships, it may be time to consider how to improve certain things.

Relationships Are Hard

Although so many bad experiences could make you believe that everything is lost, don’t be discouraged!

Breaking that bad luck in love is quite simple if you know what to pay attention to.

In this article, I will teach you how to improve your love life, showing you the main details that create that “bad luck”.

So you can have the relationship you deserve.

If all your friends know you as the person who always does badly in love.

The time has come for that to change.

So let’s begin to see all the most common details that create difficult relationships.

How Are You Looking For Couples

difficult relationships

Where you are looking for a partner and what you project is what determines the people you attract.

If you have found all your previous partners in similar places, changing the environment will make a difference.

We have already talked, in an earlier article, about unusual places where you can find other people and the advantages of each.

A place where, surely, you have thought about looking for or have looked for a partner is on the internet.

With social networks and applications dedicated to finding a partner, it is very important to consider the image you give.

Both virtual and in person, reflecting insecurity, indecision in what you are looking for or despair will certainly attract you the wrong kind of boys.

The desperation to get a partner will make your mind enter the concept of getting someone, whoever it is, which results in becoming a magnet for toxic people.

How To know If You Project Those Negative Aspects?

  • Thinking about the idea of being single makes you anxious or uncomfortable. This discomfort being unable to be well alone, on your own, is something that your body language will reflect.
  • You have problems defining what you are looking for in a possible partner.
  • You have a hard time keeping your own opinion firm, easily changing it for the opportunity to fit into a group.

Improving This Is As Simple As:

  • Learn to feel completely full and happy on your own.
  • Consider what you would like to complement in your life with a partner and define it well.
  • Take care of your self-esteem; This requires taking care of your self-knowledge, being well with your own image and having security and confidence in your decisions.

Even when you just start working in these areas, you can use techniques to convey a great attraction using the appropriate methods.

How Do You Start Your Relationships

Starting a relationship can be very complicated or easy, depending on each person.

Some relationships begin simply with two people looking for that perfect point of understanding before realizing that they really want a relationship together.

So even if things start a little difficult or confusing, they could reach a good relationship.

But, something always complicated is to accept something you don’t want or it bothers you.

A common example is to meet someone who says: “I don’t want anything serious” and respond with a: “Me neither,” just to be with him and try to convince him later.

Of course it is possible, but usually it ends up pressing and forcing the person instead of orienting them to a possible change of opinion.

Also, allow things to progress at a pace and direction with which you do not feel at all comfortable, just for the opportunity to conquer that person.

Improving How You Start Your Relationships Is As Easy As Taking Care of These Points:

  • If a person is clear with their intentions, take them into account.
  • If a person is not clear about their intentions, look for a way to clarify things or go backwards.
  • Learn to say “No” with comfort and firmness. This does not mean being negative, if not taking care of your comfort to get just what you are looking for.
  • Listening carefully to what a person tells you is important; Learn to take advantage by observing what the combination of his words and actions says.

Try to start your relationships in the best possible way and you will build, together with your partner, the emotional bond of your dreams.

With this text you can guide yourself more deeply about the relationship.

Difficult people, Difficult Relationships

There may be certain things that come from you and result in difficult relationships.

But, perhaps the main and only problem is in the couples you choose.

How to know if that is your case?

Remember All Your Former Partners And Answer:

What do they have in common?

If you are surprised that you have found two to five negative characteristics in common, that may be a sign that the first thing you should learn is to avoid falling into a relationship with the same type of person.

Think well what negative characteristics they share, whether of their personality, of what they expected of you, what they asked for or refused to offer you.

It really doesn’t just count if your partner is cold , sometimes you have to dig a little deeper.

Once you have all these characteristics, you will have a profile that you will identify and avoid.

For example, if all your former partners showed macho and authoritarian behavior, the next time you hear a man express himself that way, you will see that signal as a clear alert to step back.

You can notice it on time, stop investing your time in that person and look for someone different: someone better for you.

The Most Difficult Common Problems As A Couple

In many difficult relationships the same types of problems arise.

Sometimes they reach such extremes that they usually convert a stable relationship into a toxic relationship.

These Are:

Excessive Jealousy:

No, I don’t mean the fact that a person loves us exclusively for her.

I mean that it seeks to control personal actions and relationships, constant claims, interrogations, suspicions and feelings of guilt used as a form of control, all for feeling the couple as their own.

These jealousies can derive from an excessive need for control in people with dominant and authoritarian personality.

If your boyfriend is jealous it can also be the result of the following common problem …

In any case, celotypy is an issue that covers many aspects.

Low Self-Esteem:

Really, how important is good self-esteem for a relationship? Quite; simply not being quite right with you it is very difficult to be well in the company of someone else.

You are more likely not to notice certain abuses or negative actions towards you and consider them permissible.

Relationship Of One:

No one likes to feel that he is alone in a relationship; that is, striving for a relationship when the other person does not even try to match the effort.

In many occasions, this behavior is totally unconscious; by feeling a little better or having the idea that things can change soon, a person can ignore that he is alone in the relationship.

If you have any of these problems, the best option is to seek help from a professional; Psychologists are experts in improving these ways of acting and thinking, which could be unbalancing your love life, letting you fall into difficult relationships over and over again.

Leaving Difficult Relationships Once And for All

Well, now that you know what are the most common reasons why you can end up in difficult relationships, it’s time to change and break bad luck in your love life!

The last thing left to do is really take a chance.

Even if certain things are overlooked, remember that all relationships have their ups and downs.

As you already know the key to getting out of difficult relationships, go and try it.

Only then can you enjoy to the fullest knowing that you can find the ideal match .

Lifeguard Guide

After all that has been said, we devised the following guide in case you suspect if you are in one of those difficult relationships .

In this way you will save many mistakes in your love life.

Identify The Signals

  • You can’t imagine a future with that person.
  • It is difficult for you to introduce that person to your loved ones, be it family or friends.
  • There is a lack of trust of part and part.
  • There is no benefit of self-control in aspects such as emotional ones.
  • The ‘feeling’ in privacy is scarce.
  • The healthy communication couple is zero.
  • There is the possibility of infidelity since there is no loyalty.
  • You are not happy in his company.

Test The Balance

Sometimes making decisions becomes too complicated, especially when it comes to love.

Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to test the pros and cons in order to make the most sensible decision.

That is why we will now tell you what those things can be that in these types of cases you can test.

  • In the relationship you have your happiness as one of the priorities?
  • Do you feel admiration for your partner?
  • Do you think the communication between the two is optimal?
  • Is there passion in the relationship?
  • Do you think you could cheat or be fooled with other people?
  • Do you feel that you are holding or supporting the relationship or do you enjoy it?
  • Do you feel you stopped being you?

All these questions and more could help you identify the point where you are in relation to the relationship.

The usefulness of this in part is to learn how to know if we are compatible in love without having to deal with unpleasant situations.

In addition, you will know if you have one of those difficult relationships or if, on the contrary, you enjoy a good relationship.

The idea with this guide is that you do the exercise and thus identify which side you are on.

So you can, learn to handle toxic love and welcome a more conscious love.

Finally we wish you good luck in the evaluation of the guide. Dare and learn!