Differences between a man and a woman: facts, humor

What is the most common cause of misunderstanding in a relationship? These are the differences between men and women. BigMatrimonial tried in the article and accompanying videos to collect some differences between men and women (gender, social, psychological), which are hard to argue with.

This difference is visible not only in the fact that we differ physically, in communication or values but also in the perception of information or methods of resolving disagreements.

We have different goals and values ​​in life, we love each other in different ways. Otherwise, we go to the store or express our feelings. We think and behave like different species, but we cannot do without each other. The difference between us is so great that it seems that we will never be able to understand each other.

After reading the article, you will learn interesting facts for yourself and be able to draw your conclusions. So read carefully, we are sure you will be interested!

Gender differences between men and women

  1. The male heart is larger than the female one and it beats less frequently than that of the fairer sex – 72 beats against 90 beats. The walls of the left heart chamber in women are thinner and more elastic than in men, so they are not so afraid of high blood pressure.
  2. Representatives of the stronger sex get drunk more slowly than women. The reason for this is the enzymes that break down and utilize alcohol. These enzymes are less active in the female liver compared to the male, which means that alcohol stays longer in their blood. Moreover, women have less water in their blood, and alcohol is known to be localized in the fluid. Conclusion: even with the same weight and amount of alcohol consumed, women get drunk faster than men.
  3. The amount of fat in the body of women is greater than that of men, even if they are on diets or trying to lose weight. It’s all about genetics, for example, the average for men of average build is about 12% body fat, while for the weaker sex it is 25%. Thanks to this fat, they produce more energy for successful reproductive function.
  4. The size of the brain of a man is larger than that of a woman, but this does not affect its functionality in any way. The male brain, unlike the female, passes 15% less blood, so it does not work as quickly. This increases the chance of a male stroke.
  5. Men require 700 more calories each day than women due to their faster metabolism and higher body temperature than women.
  6. The main reason for male aggressiveness is a large amount of testosterone, which can influence not only behavior, but the formation of its external features. For example, physique, body hair and voice timbre.
  7. The volume of blood circulating in the male body is about 5–6 liters, while in the female it is 4–4.5 liters. The blood of the male sex is richer in red blood cells and hemoglobin, so it is easier for them to endure physical activity.

From this video, we were able to understand more what is the difference between the brain of a man and a woman, we recommend that you watch it.

Psychological differences between men and women


Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are more adapted for communication. They find it easier to learn languages. This explains why it is generally more difficult for men to express emotions or feelings in words.


Women have better memories than men. They have a lot of activity in the brain’s hippocampus, the part of the brain that helps store memories. Research from the University of Cambridge has shown that the fairer sex has a better memory for faces, words, names, photographs, objects, and everyday events.

Feelings and sex

The male sex among other senses of perception is more focused on visual senses. The female gender tends to use multiple senses.

For example, in men, sexual desire is caused by female beauty, attractiveness, figure. Women have atmosphere, smell, touch, words.

Conclusion:  the differences between a man and a woman are that the former need intrigue and the latter need beautiful romance.

Sense of risk

The male brain, unlike the female, gets a greater release of endorphins and a sense of pleasure when faced with a risky or difficult situation. The greater the reward, the more often a man takes risks.

They have different roles

Historically, the male role is financial service providers, home repairmen, sports coaches for their children, “heavy artillery” for dealing with abusers of his children. The female role is the emotional upbringing of children, the creation of home comfort, as well as the planning of children’s events and family holidays of a married couple.

Perception of information

The male gender has a natural ability to solve problems. This is seen in their perception of information. For example, when listening to a woman’s complaint about a problem that has arisen, they immediately think about its solution. They are not interested in details, subtleties, or trifles to make a decision. In the male brain, an action plan instantly arises, on the implementation of which they then work.

Representatives of the opposite sex, on the contrary, listening to the information, are trying to understand what happened and why? They need details to understand and make a decision. Therefore, they are slower than men to begin to act. Even having made a decision, they will continue to doubt, believing that there was another, better one.

Exception: illness, severe injury to a child or loved one. Then the woman is transformed and can quickly make a decision, what and how to do? Then act accordingly.

Sense of orientation

In women, visual-spatial and geographical memory is better developed. Therefore, it is easier for them to remember the area, the areas that they are shown. It is also easier for them to remember the area they have seen before.

The female gender is easier to navigate in an unfamiliar area, choosing simple things or details of the area as a guide.


  1. A man feels good when he proves his competence in practice.
  2. Self-esteem is defined in the male sex through the ability to achieve results, success or achievement. To feel good, he must set specific goals for himself, and then achieve them.
  3. Create, create, repair – this is what is a symbol of male wisdom, efficiency, strength, talent.
  4. Men like to talk about business, money, rather than people or feelings.
  5. They hate to ask for information or ask about something for fear of showing their incompetence and ignorance of some things.
  6. Men rarely ask for help, even less often to hear about their problems. For them, this is like an admission of their weakness, and the offered help is only a confirmation of this weakness. Whereas a woman receiving help or support from someone is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, she perceives them as a sign of concern for her.
  7. For success among women, men are important earnings, not appearance. Therefore, as a rule, they are obsessed with making money more than women. Also, men’s self-esteem is more related to career than women’s.
  8. It is more difficult for men than for women to accept expressions of sympathy or pity in their address. This can even cause them to have attacks of aggression or outbursts of anger . The female sex, faced with difficulties, on the contrary, is waiting for sympathy, understanding and support.
  9. A woman’s attempt to change a man, to improve or correct him with advice, is always perceived with hostility. He says: “It’s not for you to teach me,” because he is sure that a woman is not competent in the advice that he needs. At the same time, the male sex suggests that the female half always needs advice or quick solutions to their problems. Therefore, they always have a solution and advice on duty at the ready.
  10. The male gender perceives information through facts and evidence, while the female gender perceives information through emotions and feelings. That is why a man in women’s love needs proof, and a woman needs words and feelings.


  1. A woman’s sense of self-awareness is defined through feelings, the quality of communication and relationships. Therefore, they attach more importance to feelings, words, rather than deeds or actions. For them, love, beauty and relationships are more important than work.
  2. They can spend hours discussing issues of physical attractiveness . And any changes in appearance for the worse cause personal tragedy, stress. Changes in appearance are perceived by women as difficult as financial bankruptcy for a man.
  3. A woman can perceive male preoccupation with work as indifference or refusal to her person.
  4. It is believed that male thinking is more logical and rational-analytical, while female thinking is more intuitive and creative.
  5. Women are much more sensitive than men to smells and sounds. Therefore, in relationships, they put more emphasis on the “atmosphere”.
  6. All women, speaking out, are waiting for sympathy, because they just want to be listened to carefully. Men immediately offer them a solution. And if they feel guilty or responsible for women’s tears and problems, they will never talk about it anyway.

The difference between a man and a woman: humor

At the meeting

When women meet for the first time after a long separation, they usually jump up and down, squeal with joy and kiss their girlfriend. At the same time, they always shout something like: “My God, how long have we not seen each other” or “I haven’t seen you for such a long time”!

Can you imagine two men acting like this when they meet? “Oh my God… I haven’t seen you for such a long time” and let’s squeal with pleasure while hugging, bouncing, or kissing a friend.

The difference between the two sexes is significant. A man, even after a long separation, does not go crazy at the sight of an old acquaintance. Do not grunt, do not squeal, hug, and squeeze a familiar person. Such a scene will arouse bewilderment or suspicion in others. Whereas female behavior causes a smile or even the interest of others.

Reaction to breakup

The difference is also in how men and women react to the breakup of relationships. For the weaker sex, the fact of parting is always a surprise and a heavy burden, usually accompanied by tears, stress, and a nervous breakdown. Whereas men usually remain outwardly calm after learning about the breakup. Then they go on a spree. (This article will tell you how you can survive the breakup and part with the one you love ).


The female sex loves to say goodbye for a long time. For example, when they meet their longtime girlfriend in a supermarket, they cannot talk enough. The man accompanying her is already shifting from one foot to the other, showing a desire to leave the store, while his lover will continue the conversation with her friend.

They continue chatting while choosing groceries, then standing at the checkout while in the car park. After saying goodbye to each other, literally in a couple of minutes they can continue the conversation already in the messenger.

Men do not say goodbye for a long time. After briefly saying goodbye to an acquaintance or friend, they say: “See you”, shake hands and leave. They do not need to talk for hours, constantly smile, looking into their eyes to show the joy of the meeting. They just talk and just say goodbye, saying “see you later”.

This picture speaks for itself about the difference in how women and men look at themselves.

Blind love

Representatives of the weaker sex often fall in love with a sissy or a gigolo. Of the two proposed options: a good guy and a bad guy, girls are more likely to choose the second one, which is why they suffer.

They harbor the illusion that thanks to women’s efforts, this person will be re-educated or changed. Then, disappointed, they break off the relationship.

Aphorisms and quotes about the difference between a man and a woman

  • A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who is able to find such a man.
  • Men always wake up beautiful, and their wives need time for this. (Learn how to stay beautiful for a long time ).
  • Struggling with depression, women eat a lot or go shopping for shopping. When men are depressed, they invade a foreign country or other territory.
  • The male sex pays a minimum of $5 for one purchase. The female will make several purchases for this amount.
  • Diamonds are the best friends of the female half of society. Dogs are the best friends of the male half. How do you like that difference?
  • It’s not true that men prefer stupid women. Rather, they prefer women who can pretend to be stupid when it is necessary or beneficial for them.
  • Men and women look at the contents of their wardrobe differently.
  • To remain a happy woman in marriage, you need to learn to understand a man well and love him a little. To remain happy with a woman, a man needs to love her deeply, and not try to understand the female way of thinking at all. How do you like this difference between men and women?
  • A woman, getting married, hopes that her husband will definitely change his character. He will definitely disappoint her expectations. A man, having married, hopes that his wife will not change outwardly. She will also disappoint him.
  • A man cannot understand a woman twice: before marriage and after marriage.
  • The girl is worried about the future until she gets a husband. The guy does not think about the future until he gets married. Indeed, men and women are different.
  • A lady will always cherish the memory of the man who wanted to marry her. A man will always keep the memory of a stranger whom he was afraid to meet. We recommend that you learn a few tips on how to successfully meet the girl you like ?)
  • Married men live longer than single men. At the same time, there are much more married people who want to become single than those who want to get married.
  • In a dispute with a woman, the last word is most often hers.
  • Some husbands are living proof that it is possible to get married with a joke and a bet.


Men and women need to recognize the unique role of a life partner in a relationship. Recognize that there are differences between men and women. The stronger sex has its own, the weaker sex has its own. No better and no worse.

Ultimately, we have more similarities than differences among ourselves, so many relationships become and remain happy for many years. And awareness of the uniqueness of each gender helps to treat each other with understanding, improving, thereby relationships now and will continue to improve in the future.

And although the difference between us is a proven fact, we can successfully get along with each other.