Decoration for a simple wedding 18+ Ideas and trends 2022

Discover decoration ideas  for a simple and original wedding  that you can do yourself. Decorate with crafts and recycled items. Here you can find tips to turn the environment into a magical setting. Show off and surprise your guests with the best details.

This new year finds us developing new trends with glitters and metallic colors that are imposed. Decorating yourself can be a fun and rewarding task. It will help you to occupy yourself so as not to feel the typical nerves before the wedding day.

The decoration with white and gold is ideal for a summer party.

Decoration for a simple wedding made with paper garlands

The simplest and most original method of decoration for a simple wedding is to use papers that give a lot of color to the place. Decorate your wedding with garlands made with different papers or cardboard. Create an amazing atmosphere by adding texture and shapes.

  1. Get the paper and choose the colors
  2. Fold the paper into a fan shape
  3. Fold it in half and knot it
  4. Open the folded paper as far as possible
  5. Take the second half
  6. Complete the flower-shaped opening

It’s an easy way to decorate for the party with pom poms and fringes too if desired. Many models, shapes and types can be made. Crepe paper garlands are inexpensive and look eye-catching.

Table arrangement for a simple and inexpensive wedding:

For a simple wedding the centerpiece that is being used is floral. Buying flowers in wholesale markets lowers costs. The flowers most used in weddings are:

  • Carnations
  • Gerberas
  • Hortensias
  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Orchids

In the big cities of the world there is usually a flower market where you can get a great variety of ideal flowers for your wedding at affordable prices. On its website you will find a section of frequently asked questions that will help you choose. There is another section called “plants and flowers” to find the name of the flower that you like the most.

simple wedding decoration

Natural flower centerpieces are easy to make. Choose a set of pretty flowers and ornaments for glass vases, using candles, stones or including metal jugs to your decoration.

How to decorate a simple wedding at home?

One of the best allies to decorate a simple wedding are balloons. To support them with flashy ribbons and some posters that add an extra touch of romance to the place.

There are times when it is favorable to request the collaboration of family and friends. In addition to sharing a good time, surely with their help you can achieve a better decoration than you imagine.

how to decorate a simple wedding at home

Decoration for marriage at home

Many times we can recycle objects like jars and boxes to create a wonderful and inexpensive wedding environment at home. Color the garden table if the wedding is during the day in the summer and the celebration takes place outdoors.

Some small boxes are also used to place romantic phrases and give a rustic style to the atmosphere of the place.

simple wedding deco

The elements used can be varied if the event is day or night.

  • Lanterns or pendant lights if it is at night.
  • Candles on the tables.
  • Pennants or paper decorations if it is daytime.
  • Posters with texts and initials of the bride and groom.
  • Table runners with paper flowers.

When the wedding is celebrated in the garden, install a gazebo surrounded by candles or lights. This lighting provides an incredible atmosphere.

How to decorate a patio for a simple wedding?

Before choosing the decoration of the patio we must see how the tables are organized. Consider the number of guests, their age and the formality or not of the celebration. Ambient with:

  • Round tables
  • Rectangular
  • Elongated
  • And form the “U”

Many brides choose to have their wedding at home. This would be, begin to enjoy the organization. Include for this occasion all the elements that are synonymous with joy for the bride and groom. It is always necessary to add some fun and original detail to the decoration.

  • Curtain of lights.
  • Colored streamers.
  • Paper butterflies.
  • Drawers with flowers

Simple and inexpensive wedding table decoration

Discover the ideal decoration to combine with:

  • Mantel
  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Wicker baskets for bread
simple wedding decoration

Simple and inexpensive wedding table decoration

Jute and wood ornaments are ideal to put together the decoration of living rooms in the park. Zinc trim, flowers, and candles add to this country setting as well. You can add details with feathers and wicker balls to hang from the trees.

simple wedding decoration

Decoration for a simple wedding with recycled objects:

The decoration for your simple civil wedding at home can be in a rustic style. Recycle everyday objects such as drawers, bicycles and barrels. Recycled logs and jars turned into vases add a visual image. It’s a good idea to also use disused glass goblets as candle holders.

Empty and long-standing glass jars can be used to place flowers. The stairs of all sizes that we use to paint already have a destiny in the celebration of your marriage at home. Paint them colors and place them to support different environments of the house. To give a warm touch I included a shelf with candles.

Decoration for a simple home wedding

If you are getting married at home first inspect the venue for realistic decorating ideas. A pretty decoration enhances the party. The offer is infinite.

  • Signage signs
  • Hanging lamps
  • Chairs decoration
  • Centerpieces
  • Letters

In order for your creative ideas to flow without losing focus, you should plan and explore beforehand. Choosing the perfect wedding decoration is a big task.

Simple civil marriage decoration

We recommend that you focus on ideas that keep your style. We know that it is a difficult task but we can help you before you buy or rent decorative objects.

Romantic corners are a trend to add a group to the conversation. If the wedding is outdoors, green walls are all the rage with vertical green living gardens.

The letters with lights are also widely used in original ways to decorate the environments in a simple way.

Simple wedding themes

There are some paper ornaments that are easy and inexpensive to make. Enjoy creatively discovering some ideas to implement in your themed wedding.

  • Rustic
  • Eco
  • Urbana
  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Zen
  • Ostentatious

Phrase hearts and pieces of colored paper cut like confetti give a beautiful frame to photos and are good for different looks. It can also be combined with other objects. The wicker and the rustic give a fresh and country aspect to the celebration.

simple wedding decoration

Decoration for a simple wedding with Christmas lights:

Reuse the Christmas light to give atmosphere to your wedding space. Choose white or yellow lights to decorate a staircase, a tree in a park, or light up the windows with garland-shaped lights. The fixture is a great and simple way to bring a warm tone to your reception.

simple wedding decor

Wedding Decoration  with LED lights: Home, Garden, Party

Simple wedding: How to decorate a room for the party?

For your creative ideas to flow, we advise you to visit the place and explore the web. Once the ideas are gathered, just implement so that your vision becomes reality. Choosing a nice decoration is a never-ending task. We can help you define:

  • Simplified centerpieces
  • Setting the place with lighting tricks
  • Decorated chairs

There is an inspiration for every style and budget. Create a romantic atmosphere by placing strings of pendant lights. If it is an outdoor wedding, lamps can be woven into the trees.

How to decorate a patio for the wedding?

Create a visual aesthetic that transforms the space.

  • Neon signs
  • Letters with light bombs
  • Decorated stairs
  • Illuminated Initials

These elements are ideal to accompany a “Green Wall”. Place to take photos in front of a set of greens. Textured living rooms or puffs allow guests to move around the patio throughout the celebration.

To give a touch of glamor to the environment, use the fashionable color palette such as:

  • Roses
  • Golden
  • White and Creams

If you want to bring a young style to the entrance or at the head table, balloon arches look great.

If your style is more oriental, place biodegradable paper lamps that will give a warm and bright light to the patio.

Simple decoration for marriage

A decoration with balloons gives the place a perfect fresh and youthful atmosphere. It is easy to do and not that expensive. If the ceiling of the place is very high, it is possible to lower them with the decoration.

Simple wedding decorated with images from the past:

We recommend printing giant photos  of you from the beginning as a couple to the present to distribute chronologically around the different places or in the garden. Take into account that the most recent ones are located in the background in the place where the ceremony is held. Choose a photo in love to be the greatest decorative piece.

You can hang colored ribbons from the ceiling where you can paste photos of the bride and groom and guests, as well as use space furniture or recycle stairs or pallets.

Posters for a simple wedding:

Another suggestion is to paint yourself some posters bought in a lumberyard with the word Love or amor or the initials of the bride and groom. Arrange them in transit areas with openwork wooden letters and help as a guide for the guests.

Simple and elegant garden wedding:

Decorate the tables with seasonal flowers to make it an elegant environment. Recycle and decorate your simple wedding with simple and beautiful objects. Metal Garden tables and chairs used to sit and support food and souvenirs.

garden wedding decoration

Large drawers and tree leaves on which to place crockery and glasses instead of tablecloths. The logs used to serve food add a natural and rustic concept. In this way, your wedding will shine and the entertainment will dazzle all your guests.

simple wedding decoration
Glamor and decoration for a simple wedding

Inexpensive wedding hall decoration

If you have a limited budget, include decorations made by yourself such as pennants, garlands and romantic love notes on the walls.

  • Hanging flowers
  • recycled bottles
  • Paper cones
  • Paper lace
  • Tulles for the chairs
  • aluminum jars

Decoration for a simple wedding with finger food

Offer finger food such as cakes and canapes to simplify and avoid the use of formal cutlery. Ingredients of different colors can be combined to create an attractive table.

What are the wedding table decoration trends for this year?

Discover and imagine how to bring your table to life to add a personalized spirit to your wedding. More and more couples participate to choose the best options. An elegant wedding table with a glass centerpiece would give it transparency.

Decorated snacks for a simple wedding

It seeks to give careful attention and full of love with decorative elements that differentiate you. Add design and innovation with original and trendy fonts. The table decoration can be composed of:

  • Bowls
  • Sources
  • Decorated plates

Basic elements to place the simple and easy snacks to prepare with seasonal fruits. If it is summer, strawberries are healthy and delicious, as you will see, you will have the best of receptions by putting into practice some of the ideas for decoration. Use them in a serving basket with a keepsake to-go card. With these tips, your wedding will be enhanced by the details that personalize your style.

Strawberry dessert as decoration for a simple wedding

Setting for a simple wedding with Asian elements:

New trends are always emerging in wedding celebrations. Take the opportunity to add vibrant and contrasting colors. Bowls that match the happy and personal tastes of each couple.

  • Cold color palette: blues and greens
  • Warm color palette: pink, orange and yellow

Color represents communication factors at the table. The American company Pantone has revealed the shade chosen by experts for this year and it was the color ” living coral”  as representative of a breath of fresh air.

Pantone says: “The lively and vital coral tone with golden undertones adds energy and dynamism with a touch of softness”

A fun and inexpensive way is to go to a Chinatown and look for objects to decorate. Prices are generally affordable and there are original Asian products to decorate your simple civil wedding.

  • Make your own or buy paper umbrellas and lanterns in Chinatown.
  • Use fans and fabric garlands.
  • Locate the paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Pay special attention to a good color combination.
  • Place the paper lanterns as a way to go in all areas where the wedding is going to be celebrated.
  • Attach the fans to the walls where you are going to celebrate.
  • Decorate the entrance to the house with banners and fabric garlands of different colors.
simple wedding decor

Decoration for a simple wedding with the collaboration of friends:

  • Ask each friend for a decorative element for your garden . This game proposal is for your friends to guess that you like it. Everyone’s participation and collaboration makes it more fun. You will test how much your friends know about you.
  • Ask your friends for decoration elements for a simple wedding some time before the planned wedding date.
  • Make a sketch and draw each piece of decoration for a simple wedding that your friends brought up. That way you will be able to see in the environment of your house and garden, where the collected objects are better.
  • Present the decorations as you arranged them a few days before the ceremony. In this way, you have enough time to correct, modify or combine what you imagined.
  • Complete the decoration with original centerpieces.

Themed decoration for a simple home wedding:

For a simple home wedding, a rustic wedding theme is often used . This style is the best for these cases because we can use everyday and natural elements. We recommend you visit our post on decorating and organizing a civil wedding at home.

simple wedding decor

The mix between modern and rustic artisanal consists of merging elements originated in different materials creating interesting contrasts. Combine elements of straight and simple lines with details of floral works for example.

There is definitely a return to the artisan and made by your own hands (DIY) do it yourself. Create an alliance with natural fibers with indigenous design and include a green and relaxed aesthetic within the proposal.

Put some vases and colored candle holders on the table. The fashion is also to use rustic decoration elements including vintage objects.

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