Daughter In Law Gifts For Wedding Day

What gives the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law at the wedding

The matchmaking ceremony and the wedding ceremony are very important events not only in the life of the newlyweds, but their parents. The groom’s parents make a gift to the bride for matchmaking, and to a young couple for the wedding.

Presents from the spouse’s parents have a special meaning. They are memorable symbols of the transition of the relationship of lovers, first to the level of the engaged couple, and then the spouses. In this publication, we will consider what a gift for a mother-in-law on the wedding day and an engagement can be, as well as what a return present is possible.

What is customary to give a bride for matchmaking?

Matchmaking has long been held in the bride’s house. The groom, accompanied by his parents and matchmakers, who usually invite brothers, uncles or godparents, comes to the chosen one to ask her father for his daughter’s hand.

On this occasion, the bride’s parents arrange a lunch or dinner, which is attended by the closest relatives and godparents.

The groom and his parents do not go to the house of the future daughter-in-law empty-handed.

The groom goes to matchmaking with an engagement ring and flowers for the beloved, her mother, and the bride’s sisters.

Different bouquets are selected for all the fair sex. It is customary for the bride to give a very delicate composition, and to the mother a more solid bouquet than to the sister.

The groom’s parents come to the matchmaking with a box of chocolates, a bottle of good alcoholic drink, a basket of fruits and a cake, which replaces the long tradition of entering the house with bread. In some regions, it is customary to bring meat delicacies and other snacks.

The future mother-in-law gives the bride a separate gift. A tradition has developed to give a gold or silver chain.

But if the financial situation of the family does not allow giving jewelry, then you can stop at other presentations. A common option is a perfume or cosmetic kit. It is not necessary for the parents of the daughter-in-law to make gifts, but, if desired, small gifts can be prepared, and the godfathers and other relatives invited to the matchmaking are given sweets or good alcohol.

Bride’s reciprocal gifts

The bride traditionally does not give a gift to the groom for matchmaking. It is believed that on this day she needs to pay attention to his family and establish good relations with them, so that in the future communication will go smoothly.

You can give your potential mother-in-law a beautiful scarf. Any woman is happy to use this accessory. Perfume should be given only if you know exactly the preferences of the mother of your chosen one.

The future father-in-law is appeased with a gift that meets his hobbies. An avid fisherman will appreciate a good spinning rod, and a chess player will love a beautiful chess set.

In the old days, a girl gave her father-in-law a cut for a shirt. A modern man will gladly accept a quality branded shirt or jumper as a gift. Your beloved will help you decide on the size.

For the sisters and brothers of the groom, a win-win presentation is some accessories that they can wear in everyday life. No need to buy expensive items. Pick up pleasant and useful gifts with your heart, and then mentally give.

What kind of wedding present is it customary to give to the groom’s parents?

When preparing a gift for the marriage of a son, it should be remembered that it is not made for him personally, but for a young family. Therefore, a present is selected that provides for the joint use of both newlyweds.

In order for the present to please the young and be as useful to them as possible, consider where the couple will live after the wedding. If you are planning to buy a separate home, then of the utmost importance you will need to equip the life of a young family.

Newly made spouses will be delighted with any help in this costly business. When the newlyweds begin to live with their parents, give them the opportunity to be together in a romantic place, and also choose the presents they dream of.


In the West, for quite a long time, there has been a beautiful tradition of giving children, on the occasion of starting a family, a trip around the world or a vacation on exotic islands. Newlyweds are given the opportunity to start a family life, in which wonderful and not very pleasant times alternate, with a joint rest, not burdened with everyday moments.

You cannot put vivid memories of your honeymoon in a bank cell, but you also won’t lose it in the event of a natural disaster. They will remain in your memory forever and will help you survive all the crises of family life.

In our country, the tradition of giving travel to children for a wedding is gaining popularity every year. Just give the heroes of the occasion the opportunity to choose the route of a romantic trip.

Apartment keys

Undoubtedly, each couple, deciding to start a family, dreams of a separate apartment, if one of them has not yet acquired their own living space. High real estate prices, unfortunately, do not allow all parents to give their children a separate apartment.

But if the financial situation allows, then the keys to the apartment presented at the wedding will be the most pleasant and unforgettable gift at the wedding celebration. The newlyweds will definitely appreciate your present.


In our dynamic times, a personal car is an invaluable tool that helps to make your plans a reality. It is much easier for a young family to get on its feet and deal with the heirs that have appeared over time, having their own car.

If the bride and groom do not yet have their own means of transportation, then the presented car will cause a sea of ​​bright positive emotions.


When the newlyweds plan to buy an apartment or carry out major repairs in the existing living space, the issue of acquiring a large number of necessary household appliances will become acute.

The newly minted spouses will gratefully accept the help of their parents in solving this important issue.

Young people do not often decorate an apartment in a classic style. They love other fashion trends with vibrant colors and intricate lines. Give them money for equipment or a certificate for its purchase. The spouses will be able to choose the model that meets their requirements for technical characteristics and design.


On holidays, it is customary to come to the heroes of the occasion with gifts. At the matchmaking ceremony, the mother-in-law gives a gift to the bride, and she gives her and other members of the beloved’s family reciprocal gifts. For the wedding of their son, parents are preparing a memorable gift for a newly-made young family.

Parents of newlyweds, as a rule, give at the wedding the most expensive gifts or money for them, but you should not go into debt to make a present that does not meet your financial capabilities.

Parents for children are the dearest and closest people on earth, who are loved for the fact that they always understand and support in everything. We wish you a happy wedding!