Cute and funny poems for a wedding from children

Wedding celebrations are attended not only by adults, but also by children. They are taken from completely different ages.

As a rule, children of preschool or school age are most often attending banquets. They already know how to talk, can entertain themselves and actively participate in all competitions.

Cool congratulations from children

Often, children sing and dance at weddings, wanting to congratulate their relatives. Therefore, one should not neglect such congratulations. In all cases, wedding congratulations from children look bright and original. Even if the child makes a mistake and performs the wrong movements, in any case he will look cute.

A child can give an adult speech and learn a large poem. They will always look at him with affection and undisguised delight.

Parents go to the wedding with their child. They always pay more attention to his appearance and congratulations. In addition, many parents make it so that it is their child from the family who utters one wish. Mom is looking for beautiful children’s congratulations for the wedding , and dad learns them by heart with his daughter or son. The result is an exciting sight.

Short rhymes to parents from children

In the event that the wedding ceremony of their own parents takes place, it will be ridiculous if mom and dad prepare a poem for themselves.

Here you can ask your son to write a wish list on paper in advance. These can be separate words or interesting text. If a child is talented, then he can even compose a whole poem.

Alternatively, the following nursery rhymes for a wedding can be used :

  1. Today two hearts have merged,

    And they have become one life.

    And this is called a union,

    Strong and indestructible.
  2. Mom and Dad got married,

    Here’s the news, I’ll tell you.

    Mom and Dad were not lazy,

    But they found their love.

    Thank you mom and dad,

    that now we are all a family.

    And of course, to congratulate you, who is in a hurry?

    Of course it’s me.
  3. Mom and Dad, today we have all become one real close-knit family. Now we all have the same surname and I am very happy about that. I really want you to never part, always live in peace and harmony. And if you quarrel, then I will scold you and reassure you. We will soon heal with such a cheerful family.

Original wishes from nephews to uncle

For nephews, an uncle is always a young and energetic person. You can play football with him and have fun laughing. He understands all youth jokes, so children treat him with special trepidation. P ozdravleniya happy marriage of children:

  1. Our dear uncle, you got married, this is news. We are happy and happy for you. At the same time, we are afraid, but won’t you exchange us for your wife now? Of course not. But still, we want to wish you that you were happy. Let your life shine with bright and sunbeams, and your beautiful wife pleases every day.
  2. I wish to go on a big road,

    Remember not on a small path.

    Go boldly holding hands.

    And let it not be out of great boredom.

    You love each other tightly and tenderly,

    As if you were on a snow-white liner.

    We will not forget to wish you and finance,

    After all, no one sings romances without.

Poems from nephews to aunt

For an aunt, the birth of a nephew is a special joy. It is as if she immediately becomes a godmother, protecting the child and helping him in everything. Therefore, she will be doubly pleased to hear kind and warm words from him. These speeches are moved to tears. With quiet wedding for children:

  1. My dear aunt,

    You are such a concern.

    I love you more and more.

    Thank you, aunt,

    For your kindness,

    For being brighter than the sun’s rays.

    I wish you to

    Sparkle all the brighter

    And please your husband with your beauty.

    My dear aunt,

    You are such a concern.

    How lucky your husband is to be with you.
  2. One fine clear day

    Aunt got married.

    Lilac blossomed, and the singing of birds made

    us happy that day.

    I wish you aunt,

    I have more children.

    Let everything be in your life:

    both yachts and a fur coat.

    You deserve happiness,

    But not bad weather.

    Love, create and prosper,

    Hurry, hurry, come on, come on.

Beautiful words from godchildren

Godparents are very important people in a child’s life. They surround him with increased attention and care. If something happens, the godparents are always in a hurry to help. During the wedding ceremony, the task of the godchildren is to congratulate their second mothers and fathers.

  1. Godfather, I’m glad you are getting married today. This means that you have found your love. From an early age you told me how necessary and difficult it is. I haven’t figured it out yet, but at least I’m glad you managed to find your princess. After all, you are a real prince, like in a fairy tale. Therefore, now you need to protect your faithful so that the villain does not steal her from you. I know you can.
  2. Godmother, you have always been a model and an example for me. Looking at you, I wanted the same. Now I also dream of a white elegant dress and a prince next to me. The only question I have is why the prince is not on a white horse? Godmother, you got into a real fairy tale, so let it come true in full and for life.

Original number for congratulations of the newlyweds

Greetings from children can be expressed in different forms. This is mainly a poem or a prose genre. If you want to make an independent original number, then you can think about songs or dances. This option will look no less bright and interesting.

Children’s love songs from popular cartoons can be used as a number. For example, from “Shrek” or “Cinderella”. The child should rehearse his number in advance. Don’t come up with complex choreographic movements. Keep it as simple as possible. Effectiveness will be created thanks to the acting skills of the child himself.This is interesting:   A touching poem for the wedding to the groom from the bride and vice versa

An additional option may be the performance of a musical composition. One of the most popular is the song “Do you love me? Yeah. ” It will not be difficult to learn it. It will be possible to add a few simple movements to it. As a result, you will get a beautiful and full-fledged number.

Touching congratulations from the child

In itself, the congratulation from the child’s side always looks tender and touching. Therefore, you don’t have to try too hard. It is necessary to learn in advance the congratulations on the children’s wedding with the child and rehearse it well. The more he is afraid, the less colorful the performance will turn out.

Try to calm and relax her as much as possible before speaking to your daughter. If she feels that she is in a positive atmosphere, then everything can turn out.

Do not make your child nervous, do not scold him for forgotten words. If, nevertheless, this happened, then you can prompt your child. Remember that you are not in school in class and no one expects perfect pronunciation.


Wedding congratulations from children can touch absolutely any guest. Better prepare for this moment in advance.

Ask to record this number on a video camera, because in the future you will want to review it, and more than once.