Crystal wedding (15 years of marriage): congratulations and celebration

60 years of marriage is a diamond wedding. The holiday is of great importance for the couple, because they have been together for so long! Since the spouses are at least 80 years old, information on how to celebrate the celebration will be more useful to children, grandchildren, and other relatives involved in organizing the anniversary.

Diamond Wedding Celebration Ideas for Every Taste

There are many ideas for celebration, but in this case, it is important to consider the age of the spouses. Elderly people are mostly very modest and do not like noisy parties. For such, two options are suitable:

  • Arrange a romantic evening for two. Before or after a meal, go to a significant place, for example, where the couple met, remember those pleasant moments of the first meeting and wedding. Spend dinner at home or book a table in a restaurant. The last option is the most convenient, frees an elderly woman from unnecessary troubles, from which she will quickly get tired and will not have time for romance.
  • Celebrate in a close family circle. People aged 80 and over need the attention of children and grandchildren, they will be pleased to celebrate their wedding anniversary with them. Suitable for both home and restaurant options. If you celebrate at home, your family should take care of all the cooking, cleaning, and hassle.
Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary with family

If despite their venerable age, the spouses love to have fun, the ideal option would be to arrange a retro-style holiday, namely the time when the beloved got married. Decorate a house or a banquet hall with appropriate attributes, choose music and outfits of those years. Older people will have a great opportunity to be imbued with memories of a wonderful time when they became husband and wife!

If the spouses do not want to arrange celebrations for the 60th wedding anniversary at all, the children should be offered to go to nature for a barbecue, to have a small picnic in a small family circle. This is a good opportunity to relax in the fresh air, enjoy the natural beauty, swim in the river and be with your family.

Celebrating sixtieth wedding anniversary in nature

Also, for those who do not like holidays, you can simply order a photo session, having come up with an interesting plot.

If senior couples have no major health problems and love to travel around the world, the kids should take care to arrange a wedding trip abroad!

As an alternative for avid tourists, arrange a 60 year wedding anniversary with a travel theme.

For example, choose one country and use its traditional menu, decor, as well as come up with quizzes on the knowledge of different nations and states.

Anniversary script

The task of coming up with a script for celebrating a diamond wedding falls on the shoulders of the children. If the celebration is celebrated in a restaurant, it is better to order a toastmaster and free yourself from unnecessary worries. If you had to compose the course of the wedding yourself, you can take ready-made options as a basis.

Option 1

  1. Speech by the organizer of the holiday.
  2. Congratulatory toasts from the children.
  3. Congratulations from grandchildren and great-grandchildren in verse, in the form of a song and a dance.
  4. Touching memories and funny stories from the life of a couple over 60 years of marriage.
  5. Viewing family archives – videos, photos.
  6. Competitions for guests and children.
  7. Slow dance of heroes of the day to the music of their youth.
  8. Dances for guests.

Option 2

  1. Celebration organizer speech.
  2. Congratulations and gifts from children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.
  3. A small play performed by children, according to their own script on the theme of eternal love.
  4. Watching a movie made from family photos, videos.
  5. Heart-to-heart conversations, parting words of spouses for the younger generation.
  6. Competitions for adults and children.
  7. Dancing part for guests.

When writing a script for celebrating 60 years from the wedding day, it is important to consider the old age of the beloved, at which it is so important for people to be paid attention to. There is no need to focus on contests and other entertainments for guests. It is better to include points in the plan when spouses can tell interesting stories, indulge in memories, give advice, and parting words to children and grandchildren.

Tips for organizing an event

Special attention should be paid to the decoration of the hall. A great option is to decorate it with balloons, flower arrangements. Choose warm, calm colors so as not to tire the elderly and guests. Decorate the table with accessories with rhinestones symbolizing the precious stone of the anniversary – a diamond.

If the celebration is held in a certain theme – retro, travel, then the decoration of the hall should fully correspond to it. For example, for a retro style, you will need to add rare things to the interior – a record player, antique clocks, samovars, and so on.

Whatever theme of the holiday is set, one should not forget about flowers. There should be a lot of them and they should be exquisite. Roses, lilies, orchids are perfect.

Organization of the sixtieth wedding anniversary

Choose the music for a diamond wedding that suits the spouses. During dinner, it is better to use calm background music that does not interfere with people to communicate, congratulate the spouses on their wedding anniversary, and give gifts. After dinner, switch to fun, danceable compositions.

Pay special attention to the preparation of the menu. Be sure to include the favorite dishes of the heroes of the day. But first, clarify which foods they are allowed to consume, and which ones are better to refrain from. There should not be only fatty, spicy dishes on the table, you need more light, dietary ones. From alcohol, it is better to give preference to good wine. For children and non-drinkers, do not forget about soft drinks.

What to give my husband for 60 years of marriage?

The most suitable gift for a spouse for a wedding anniversary of 60 years is a gift with diamonds, for example:

  • watch;
  • cufflinks;
  • ring;
  • tie clip.

Such a gift is expensive, and not all people can afford it. If the budget is limited, it is better to give preference to practical things, for example, to present your beloved husband with something from household appliances, electronics, orthopedic appliances.

Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

If a man sadly recalls how he used to listen to musical records, a player will be an excellent present for him. Now they are also produced!

What to give your wife for your anniversary?

An ideal gift for a spouse is diamond jewelry. Depending on the preferences of the life partner, it can be a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, brooch. If there is no financial opportunity to purchase diamond jewelry, you can simply choose something from gold without stones.

Also, a worthy present for a wife on her 60th wedding anniversary will be:

  • a fur coat made of valuable fur;
  • expensive coat;
  • rare piece of furniture;
  • a set for a hobby (if the spouse is fond of some activity).
Gift for his wife for the sixtieth wedding anniversary

Also, the husband must not forget about the luxurious bouquet or basket of his favorite flowers!

Anniversary gifts for guests

Practical gifts that benefit older people are more suitable for children, relatives, and friends, for example:

  • a voucher to a sanatorium;
  • travel abroad;
  • amount of money;
  • orthopedic mattress;
  • rocking chairs;
  • valuable service;
  • Appliances.

Children can also present on their 60th anniversary memorable gifts that can evoke tremulous feelings and delight spouses. It can be a family portrait, a film with the best moments from the life of the heroes of the day (photographs, videos), a poem, or a song of his composition.

Anniversary cash gift
Photo collage for anniversary to parents
Gift for parents for the sixtieth wedding anniversary
Anniversary mattress gift
Rocking chair as an anniversary gift

If the heroes of the occasion have a common hobby, present something necessary for him.

What gifts cannot be given for a diamond wedding?

There is a belief that some presents are not suitable for a wedding, because they bring troubles, troubles into the life of a couple, and even symbolize parting with a loved one. Such gifts include cutlery, wall clocks.

You can not give mirrors and scarves. Such things are believed to contribute to the emergence of disease, betrayal, treason.

Customs and traditions

In European countries, celebrating a diamond wedding on a grand scale has recently begun. In those days, the anniversary of the marriage of 60 years was celebrated as an ordinary wedding.

The spouses dressed up appropriately laid a large table and greeted guests with gifts. Celebrated for several days. There were a lot of guests, it was considered a manifestation of disrespect if someone refused to come to the celebration.

Later, the tradition changed a little, a new rite appeared – a few days before the holiday, the couple wrote letters to their children and young relatives, where they revealed the secrets of strong and happy family life, gave parting words. But the spouses gave them away only on the day of the wedding anniversary after having heard congratulations from the guests.

Married couple 60 years old in a tank

In wealthy families, a woman gave her daughter or daughter-in-law a precious thing and a family heirloom passed down to descendants from generation to generation.

Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary

A glorious anniversary of life together,

And it is also very beautifully called – The

Diamond Wedding

In sixty years it is considered!

This is a very rare and beautiful stone

And not everyone is given it in their hands.

Only the elite until this date It is

possible to live together!

Like the edges of a bright diamond,

Your eyes are burning with fire,

Even though you got married so long ago,

But you two are so happy!

You lived together in a friendly family for

six decades,

Today is the wedding anniversary,

There is no more beautiful than your couple,

We wish you love, health,

you do not waste your strength,

we respect and appreciate you,

And we love you two very much!

Life gave you a sea of ​​happiness, A

glorious couple walking in hand,

It was everything – both joy and bad weather,

Ups and downs, and passion.

Happy wedding anniversary
, dear,

Is it a joke to say that you are 60,

Let your relatives be side by side,

And do not know sorrows, sorrows!

Peace, happiness, joy, peace,

For a long time – to be together for a long time,

Let your eyes shine only with love,

we wish you just to live and live!

The house is not strewn with diamonds now,

Only brighter than precious stones

Grandchildren, great-grandchildren shine with talents,

And the eyes of children are burning with love.

Happy diamond wedding you dears!

Do not be ill! The family needs you so much!

May you years ahead await happy,

Forces to you, joy and in the souls of spring!

Isn’t that talent –

Six decades on the road?

Isn’t this a diamond –

Above happiness can not be found!

Well, of course, talent!

Present a diamond to

Affectionate, the only one,

The most faithful, sincere, Albeit


Bored and gray-haired,

But dear forever,

Sweet and cordial.

Summon all your friends

For a wonderful anniversary.

Rejoice, create,

Live up to a hundred years!

With a diamond wedding.


From a wonderful couple

Everything is just in admiration!

For sixty years you have been faithful

Walked brilliantly through fate, You

kept all family values


Let the grandchildren be surprised at

this understanding

And try to surround them with

Care and attention!

You know great secrets of love,

After all, there were different plots in life,

For six decades, everything met,

And in the past there is a lot of joy left,

But you do not be sad about the days of the past,

And boldly look into the future,

It promises you many victories,

And will not allow you, so that troubles happen.

May happiness not tire of circling you,

Let Fate not forget to reward you with

Successful and bright years,

So that luck will always be with you!

Your marriage has acquired real value, your family has become truly strong in 60 years of marriage! And therefore, the symbol of today’s anniversary from the day when you united your loving hearts is the most expensive and durable stone – a diamond. So let your whole life together sparkle with the facets of extraordinary happiness, bright joy and real well-being!

Now you know what kind of wedding it is – 60 years old, what is special and what is the name. The diamond anniversary is a significant date for a husband and wife. The spouses were able to walk their whole lives side by side, giving each other love, care, support, overcoming all adversity. Children should take the organization of the 60th birthday party with particular seriousness, and most importantly, be close to their parents on this day.