Couple Compatibility Test

Many times when a relationship has several problems and is about to fail, those involved are the last to notice. If you do not want your relationship to break, you can take the following couple compatibility test.

Couple Compatibility Test Questions

The Couples Affinity Test Begins

1. When you distance yourself, do you miss your partner?

  • If much
  •  Usually yes
  •  Sometimes
  •  Do not

2. Do you argue frequently?

  • Yes, at all hours
  •  Quite
  •  Sometimes
  •  Never

3. Have you ever discussed in public?

  • Most of the time
  •  Enough times
  •  Ever
  •  Never

4. Do you think he knows your tastes? Do you like what he gives you?

  • Yes, always right
  •  Usually right
  •  Rarely right
  •  Never hit
couple compatibility test

5. Do you remember your date of birth?

  • Yes
  •  I think so
  •  Do not

6. Do you like the same style of clothes?

  • Yes, 100%
  •  We almost always agree
  •  Sometimes
  •  No, we have different styles

7. Do you get along with your friends?

  • Yes, I have made good friends with them
  •  I have a cordial relationship with them
  •  Well … I try to pretend to like them
  •  I have no relationship with your friends

8. Do you get along with your parents and your family?

  • Yes, great
  •  More or less yes
  •  I have a very cordial relationship, we respect each other
  •  No (or I don’t know them)

9. Do you like the same movies?

  •  Yes, we have an almost identical taste when it comes to movies
  •  Most of the time we like them
  •  Sometimes we like movies in common
  •  We like totally different movies
couple compatibility test

10. Do you like the same music groups?

  • Yes
  •  No, but YES we like the same styles
  •  Occasional
  •  No, we NEVER like the same styles

11. On days off, do you wake up at the same time?

  • Forever
  •  Most of the time
  •  Ever
  •  Never

12. Do you go to bed at the same time?

  • Yes
  •  No, I go to bed later
  •  No, I go to bed sooner

13. On politics: Do you have the same ideals?

  • Yes
  •  Do not

14. Have you ever thought about being unfaithful?

  • Yes
  •  Do not
couple compatibility test

15. Have you ever wanted to leave it?

  • Yes
  •  Do not

At the end of the couple test, we recommend reading the following point, to manually validate the results.

Verification Of The Couple Compatibility Test

There are other types of tests to guide you in choosing a partner or in diagnosing the health status of a romantic relationship, including questions such as the following:

  • ​Both friends and family have asked you how the relationship is going.
  • The two agree on money management.
  • Families are cordially related.
  • They always have fun together.
  • You always keep good or bad memories of how much you are together.
  • When the subject refers to children they always agree.
  • He never chooses work before family.
  • You have never thought that your partner is already tired or tired of the relationship.
  • You are not tired or tired of the relationship.​

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If Most Of The Answers Were Positive

It means that the relationship is in good condition, that is, there is still a connection between them and they can be sure that they are on the right track.

If The Answers Of The Test For Boyfriends Were A Maybe Or I Do Not Know

Your relationship is in danger, since you do not know your partner and you do not know what their desires and goals are both personal and with you. It is recommended that they communicate and express everything they feel.

If The Answers Were Negative

Your relationship is in a critical state, since the problems are going very far and this can cause them to be immersed in a very unhealthy dynamic. To avoid this, a change of attitude on the part of the two is necessary, it is best that together they overcome the problems and open the doors for a new stage of the relationship.

If The Communication Fails

Remember that you can always go to couples therapy , your relationship can be rescued if both fight for it . It is possible that not only is there a problem “of two”, but it can also be individual. There are many cases in which learning how to combat anxiety  has served as a starting point in the solution to partner problems .

Compatibility Test Questions For Couples

Are you looking for those questions that give you clues about how your relationship is going? Well, here we will give you some examples for you to put into practice and see if your relationship is good or on the way to any crisis.

Compatibility And Love Compatibility Tests Usually Address The Following Problems

  • They have differences about educating children.
  • They discuss frequently.
  • You suffer from lack of affection.
  • Sexual problems
  • There is jealousy.
  • There are signs of infidelity.
  • They deepen their problems.
  • They are used to the routine.
  • You have any addiction.
  • They have some political or religious difference.
  • You have problems with a family member of your partner.
  • They lie frequently.
  • There is time for the couple.
  • You keep praising and considering your partner as attractive.
  • They have goals together.
  • You enjoy good times alone with your partner.
  • You notice the change of mind in your partner.

Depending on the positive responses, a score of 0 to 10 indicates that there is a very weak compatibility with your partner . It is suggested that you seek help to improve your relationship.

If your equality of positive responses was from 11 to 25 , there is a strong bond, you have confidence and respect in your partner, so they are very close, although there are small differences.

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If the positive responses are greater than 25, your relationship is very good, you should pay some attention to what you are seeing in difference but your relationship in every way is going successfully. You can say you’ve found your better half.

As you saw,  the questions have positive and negative aspects , so you should pay attention to the answers you place there.

There Are Many Types Of Couple Compatibility Test

To know if they are going well, if one of the two is cheating the other, if you have different objectives or expectations, if you really love each other or if it is something temporary or for a lifetime. This type of ideal couple test may seem insignificant but it is not so, they can help you see many things that we can’t see for the day to day.

If once you have done these tests for couples you see that there are problems, we recommend the following guidelines to solve them.

Solving problems must be considered as a very special activity, it is not a conversation anymore . Therefore, it cannot be expected to be a spontaneous, natural, relaxing activity, etc., as any communication process could be. This does not mean that problem solving cannot be a fun matter.

On the contrary, once couples discover the advantages of adequately resolving their differences and do so with a certain frequency, they usually tell us that they find it pleasant and thus feel more united and satisfied. However, problem solving is, especially at the beginning, something difficult, complicated and certainly exasperating.


For troubleshooting possible to understand a structured interaction, designed to solve specific differences between them. These differences sometimes consist of complaints from one of the people or, on other occasions, the complaint can be mutual: he believes that she is a spender, she believes that he is very stingy, etc.

Where And When To Solve The Problems Following The Couple Test

As you can see, there are many compatibility and couple tests , each with its own degree of perfection, which can cause the relationship to improve even more or to get worse, but if this is the case, if you follow these guidelines it will not cost you much time Recover the good state of the relationship.

Have you done this couple compatibility test? Share with us your test result in comment box.

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