Cool wedding scenes for guests from relatives and friends

A couple in love, organizing their wedding, dreams of a beautiful and cheerful celebration, which she and the invited guests will remember with pleasure more than once. Newlyweds spend a lot of time looking for a host who works according to an interesting scenario that does not let anyone get bored.

But the joyful and relaxed atmosphere of the event largely depends on the active participation of the guests themselves. In the publication we will consider how you can cheerfully and coolly congratulate the heroes of the occasion in the form of a wedding scene from relatives and friends.

Scenes are a cool way to congratulate young people

For newlyweds, the wedding is perhaps one of the most important days in life. During the preparation for the celebration, they overcame a multi-stage and difficult pre-wedding marathon to get a solemn wedding and a boring banquet.

The event will turn out exactly like this if the young couple and the invited guests receive a large number of pleasant impressions and positive emotions at the wedding.

Undoubtedly, the atmosphere of the holiday, first of all, depends on the wedding host. It is he who organizes the entertainment program of the celebration, which includes various competitions and relay races.

But an extraordinary and truly fun wedding is obtained due to the activity of the guests at the event itself, and the original and funny congratulations of the newlyweds prepared by them in advance.

During the wedding banquet, all invited guests congratulate the newlyweds on the creation of a family and give gifts at the wedding to their parents . Many people prefer to read the prepared greeting from a postcard or say the words traditional for such an occasion, which are repeatedly repeated at the family’s birthday party. Therefore, at this stage of the wedding, other guests get bored.

Friends of the newlyweds can radically change the situation by preparing a funny scene as a congratulation that will delight the newlyweds and amuse all the people present at the wedding tables. Everyone will receive vivid emotions at the holiday itself and pleasant memories after its completion.

It is important to rehearse the scene well and present it cheerfully, showing the acting skills that everyone has to one degree or another.

Cheerful ATM – original congratulation scene

Cheerful ATM – the scene is not new, but rather funny, and by changing the questions asked to the newlyweds, it becomes original. We will tell you how to prepare the necessary props and organize the scene by pointing out an example scenario.

Friends of the young, showing a creative approach, while making an ATM and preparing a list of questions, will be able to pleasantly surprise a young couple and guests of the celebration.

The essence of the scene is as follows: friends do not give money trite in an envelope, but place the estimated amount in a cardboard ATM, which, as in life, issues bills after answering the questions.

Naturally, during the scene, they ask comic questions. Such a scene is appropriate not only for a wedding, but also for other holidays: birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

Preparatory process

An ATM is made from a large cardboard box from household appliances, such as a refrigerator. There will be a person inside the box with a microphone and should be comfortable. The appearance of the props is as close as possible to a real ATM. But, if it turns out to be far from the original, then it doesn’t matter.

A cardboard box can be easily transformed with a spray paint can. Use an adhesive tape to glue the sheet with the depicted keyboard, as well as the window for entering the pin code.

You should definitely come up with an original and sonorous name of the bank that owns the ATM. Make it up from the names of the newlyweds or the surname of a young family. It is drawn on paper or printed on a printer and glued in a conspicuous place.

Scene script

When the turn of friends comes to congratulate the young, they bring an ATM into the hall and invite the groom and the bride to come up to him. They are presented with a beautifully designed plastic card. A person with a good sense of humor and who knows how to improvise is hidden in an ATM.

He, imitating robots, announces to the newlyweds that money has arrived on their family account. They can be obtained by entering a pin code.

The ATM may ask the head of the family or the chief treasurer to enter the code, and thereby add additional intrigue. the pin code is the date of acquaintance or first date. As a rule, dates and other nuances of romantic events are more often remembered by girls.

You can ask the groom to enter the first two digits of the code, which are the size of the spouse’s engagement ring, and the bride the next two – the size of the husband’s engagement ring. The number of options is unlimited.

After entering the correct code from the ATM, it sounds that money is issued only after the correct answer to the security question posed. The groom is asked if he plans to give his wife money for cosmetics, outfits and beauty salons, as well as give gifts for all wedding anniversaries and other memorable dates for the couple.

The bride is asked other questions: will she let her husband go fishing, allow him to buy various fishing tackle, as well as nuts, keys and other tools that are necessary and not very much in the garage. After each affirmative answer, the ATM issues a tape of glued bills to the youngsters.

Depending on the question, the newlyweds will receive a ribbon of large or small bills. Having prepared interesting questions and comments to them, friends will delight heroes of the occasion and guests.

Cupid’s arrows – a scene for mood

Undoubtedly, it is important to play a scene with Cupid at a wedding. There are three main participants in the scene: a guy, a girl and Cupid – a young man with attached wings, a bow and arrows.

The rest of the friends are playing extras – minibus passengers. Chairs are placed, like on a bus, and all the seats are occupied. A guy sits in the first chair, and Cupid in the last one.

One of the participants announces: stop Bachelors. A girl with two large bags enters the minibus and touches the guy. He begins to be indignant, they say, you need to carefully enter. The girl answers him not very politely that instead of comments, she could give her a seat and help with the bags.

The guy retorts: I paid money for my seat, and you don’t like standing, so take a taxi. He turns to the window and continues to be indignant: he came in, pushed, give her a place, pick up the bags, well, the impudent young lady!

The girl interrupts offended: well, the guys are gone, solid hedgehogs. At this moment, Cupid rises and shoots Cupid’s arrows from his bow at the young people.

A slow, beautiful composition starts to play. The guy turns his head to the girl, and begins to pronounce his thoughts aloud: what a beautiful girl, how sweet and graceful she is. The girl looks at him and, smiling, says: you are not at all like a hedgehog! The stop is announced: Love.

The guy takes the girl by the hand, and with the other hand picks up her bags and they leave the minibus. Passengers wave their hands to them and wish love and happiness.

After the completion of the scene, all friends congratulate the newly-made spouses and wish them eternal love, capable of working miracles and overcoming all difficulties on the path of life.

Incendiary dance of Grandma-hedgehog

Bridesmaids will give the newlyweds and guests vivid emotions by preparing the Grandma-hedgehog room. For the first part of the performance, the girls dress up as funny and old-fashioned grandmothers, wearing long skirts and robes, and tied their heads with headscarves.

The girls come out to the wedding stage in a friendly crowd and, to a funny song or an adaptation to a hit, begin to perform a learned dance.

After the performance, one of them turns to the guests: we didn’t just entertain you, but collected money for a gift from the newlyweds to parents for a wedding from the newlyweds . The friends go to the guests, as if to collect the bills, but at the last moment they turn around and return to the stage, loudly complaining: who will help the old women.

The girls take off their old-fashioned clothes at a fast pace and dance a fiery youth dance. Young dancers go to the guests with a request to help raise funds for a worthy present for the newlyweds. After such a bright performance, they usually do not skimp.


Friends of the newlyweds try to give them for the wedding not only a material gift, but vivid emotions that will remain in the memory for a lifetime. For this purpose, they prepare scenes or a dance number.

A monetary present is not presented in an envelope, but in an original way, for example, by making a special ATM. Using our scripts, you can originally congratulate your friends at the wedding.

We wish you a happy wedding!