Cool and creative congratulations on the wedding in verse

The wedding celebration includes several obligatory rites and traditions. One of these is congratulatory speeches addressed to young spouses. After all, this is the usual etiquette that obliges you to observe it.

Congratulatory words can be expressed in different ways. This is a poem, prose speeches, toasts, songs, and musical compositions. If earlier there were only standard quatrains with the help of which the young people were congratulated, now everything has changed. There are original congratulations on the wedding day, in verses that can please everyone present.

When are comic poems for a wedding appropriate?

With the advent of such a variety of poems as comic, the question of how appropriate it is at a wedding and for what celebrations is best suited has become quite pertinent. It is worth noting here that absolutely everyone loves humor, so comic quatrains will ideally fit into any celebration.

The only question will be in the humor itself. If you and your company like humor ruder and a little more vulgar, then choose this option.

Jokes come in different moods. Some are more restrained, some are more vulgar. In general, it is up to you to choose based on the kind of team you will find yourself in. Religious weddings also love to joke and laugh. The only difference is that their jokes are more intelligent and smarter.

Cool wishes in verses from friends

Who if not friends can make a beautiful and original joke on a married couple. They know which humor is closer to them and can accurately guess the mood of the poem. It will be wonderful if friends unite and write funny poems about the wedding together. The bride and groom will be pleased to receive such funny words in their address. If it is not possible to compose a lyric work, then you can always choose from the existing ready-made options.

Friends are energetic, lively, and cheerful young people. Therefore, they should think not only about the text of their congratulations but also how best to beat it. You can take simple costumes and play rhymes with a sketch.

  1. What do you need to wish for at the wedding?

    Many may not know this.

    I wish you something simple,

    Let’s start with cow’s milk.

    Drink more of it,

    There will be strength, there will be power.

    I wish you children,

    Sweet as candy.

    And of course, more happiness,

    Money of course, but how could it be otherwise.

    Hide you from bad weather.
  2. Groom, quickly kiss the bride.

    And if so, two hundred.

    Taste from her mouth, You are how wonderful this taste.

    Groom, warm up the bride.

    And if so, two hundred.

    Yes, so that you later

    become a real father.

    Groom, dress the bride.

    And if so, two hundred.

    Yes, so that we are all

    stunned together.

    Bride, be happy,

    but don’t be lazy.

    Know how to tell your husband yes,

    and the years will be happy.
  3. Do not hesitate young,

    you love each other all your life.

    And may your golden years,

    Pass together in a dense circle.

    Do not forget to take care of the house,

    And of course to light the stove.

    Let guests in more often, of

    course invited, of course us.

    You are still young, be happy.

    And this is our mandate.

Beautiful congratulations in verses from relatives

For some reason, relatives are less likely to congratulate in a comic form. It is more and more accepted to say serious speeches and phrases to each other. However, this is not so necessary, because in humor you can understand the meaning.

Therefore, for relatives, a poetic form in a comic format will be preferable. This way you can convey much more to the newlyweds.

  1. Dear ones, Julia, Vanya.

    I will give you my order as soon as possible.

    If you want life to be flawless.

    Do it quickly.

    I wish you a refrigerator,

    but not anyhow, not empty.

    Let him be full of money,

    Yes, yes, he is so wonderful.

    And you keep your money in banks, and in shorts, and in stockings, and in socks.

    And let everyone run out of containers,

    Where to keep the money with you.

    You then come quickly

    to chat with your relatives.

    And of course, bring a

    couple of packs of bills with you , maybe even five.
  2. Newlyweds need to know exactly how

    to keep their love.

    To do this, do not allow

    a large leak in a family boat.

    But how to make sure that the

    boat always floats?

    She would have been able

    to swim along the waves of love to a wonderful country where

    only one warmth always reigns.

    So it’s easy to do it,

    You just have to love him.

    Love, endure,

    respect and cherish.

    And this is enough for

    your boat to always sail calmly

    in the quiet harbor of your love.
  3. Just look at

    what your love has done.

    The mother-in-law and the father-in-law laugh kissing,

    And the father-in-law does lie on the table, that’s what it is.

    And these are all guys, your ardent love.

    She spread to everyone

    and enveloped them in a veil of her words.

Short comic congratulations to the newlyweds

Very often, a large number of people are present at weddings. This only means that not every guest will have the opportunity to say warm and sincere words to the newlyweds. Often, some of those present are forced to limit themselves to only warm speeches in the registry office.

However, even here it is necessary to think in advance what to say to the young spouses. In this case, a short text would be a great option. Its advantage is that it is always easy to learn. Plus, it’s great for any option.

If you are not given the floor, then you can always approach the spouses and say a few heartfelt congratulations to them. They will always be pleased to hear sincere words addressed to them.

  1. Let your life be only sweet,

    graceful, passionate, noble.

    And may you never

    be comprehended by boring and boring years.
  2. I would very much like you,

    dear newlyweds, to know

    how good it is to look at each other

    and fall in love again every day.

    Let your arrogance not cool down

    After all, this is real happiness.
  3. Original congratulations on the wedding in verse.And why did you leave us?

    What, now he fell in love with his wife?

    Well, who will we be with now?

    Go to clubs at night?

    But what about our football,

    Talk about nothing?

    Now they are waiting for you, our brother.

    Baby diapers, undershirts and pots.

    Is this happiness, we ask.


The guests at the wedding always listen to cool congratulations on the wedding in verse with special admiration. After all, they can be beaten in different ways. One option is to make an impromptu scene.

Or, you can read the poem in a regular format and at the same time present your friends with comic gifts. For example, if the work says about diapers and nipples, then it would be useful to hand them over.