Congratulations on matchmaking in your own words and in verse

An important and responsible step in the life of any couple in love is the decision about the upcoming marriage. The moment when a woman and a man decide to get married is called an engagement. This is considered a modern European trend. In ancient times, everything was somewhat different.

Before the official ceremony, it was customary to arrange matchmaking, a special custom. The young groom went with the matchmakers to the house of the girl he had chosen.

After the girl’s family and the bride herself responded positively, that is, with consent, it was customary to accept congratulations on matchmaking from each other.

Congratulations to the bride’s parents in their own words

It is a mistake to believe that matchmaking is a holiday for the very young. Most of all, the closest relatives, namely parents, are happy about the upcoming event. The bride was brought up in her parents’ house all her life.

For them, her act is a serious, adult and responsible step. During matchmaking, the groom and his relatives give gifts to the bride’s parents. As a rule, men are given a knife, blade or weapon. But for women, more gentle and romantic gifts are suitable. For example, a silk scarf or an expensive piece of jewelry.

Do not forget to prepare touching speeches in addition to the gifts themselves.

  1. Dear Mikhail and Anna, today your daughter got married, which means that very soon she will have her own family. For many years you have raised her, cared for, cared for and cherished. We express our deep gratitude to you for what positive traits the bride possesses. She is incredibly feminine, gentle, economic and strong nature. She is loved by colleagues at work and friends. This is not surprising, because there are so many positive features in a girl, for which it is simply impossible not to fall in love with her.
  2. Dear parents, we congratulate you on this wonderful day. Today, the young decided to officially register their union, turning into a large and friendly family. We just have to let them go, wishing them a happy and interesting free voyage. You have given a lot to your child by investing in it the concepts of a happy and strong family, friendship and a reliable shoulder.
  3. First of all, I would like to congratulate the parents on the matchmaking. After all, it is thanks to them that the relationship of the newlyweds is so strong and friendly. They show by their example what the price of family happiness is, how it can be achieved. Thank you for your accomplished duty in raising your daughter. Stay always young and cheerful at heart.

Wishes to the groom’s parents

The groom’s parents are actively involved in matchmaking. Initially, his closest relatives were sent as assistants to the groom, while the parents remained at home.

In case of a positive response from the bride, the parents went to visit in person. Currently, the situation has changed dramatically. It is the parents who go to marry with their sisters or brothers.

  1. The man is the head of the family. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise a strong, purposeful and courageous guy. This was done by the parents of our fiancé, Nikolai. I would like to congratulate them on this happy day. Your son has made an informed and deliberate decision. He took responsibility for the entire family. Thank you for such a strong-minded young man. We congratulate you on the day of matchmaking and wish you only further enjoy the fruits of your upbringing and rejoice for the family of your beloved son.
  2. Today the first serious step was taken in the life of the new family. I want to congratulate not only them, but also the parents, thanks to whom everything took place. Thanks to the groom’s parents for helping the children find each other and unite their union with official ties. Thanks to your guidance and upbringing, the children were able to make the right choice, setting life priorities.
  3. Notice how the eyes of young people shine with happiness. But if you look at other married couples, you can face an even brighter light. Parents who have invested a lot in raising their child are much more happy for you. Thanks to their parents, children have become full-fledged personalities. And now all they can do is to sincerely rejoice and shine with happiness.

Congratulations to the young on the engagement

The protagonists of the engagement are always young people. They are truly happy for the moments that happen in their lives. The couple decided to take a serious and responsible step that will change the whole future fate. All that remains is to rejoice and sincerely admire the young spouses.

  1. Everyone knows that matchmaking is a responsible act. It was on him that our fiance decided on his own. In an amazing way, he was able to organize the whole celebration, thereby making his chosen one pleasant. Today, the young man found his chosen one, indicating to everyone that they are ready to be together forever. Along with this, the young man also had a new family, namely wonderful parents who are ready to give their love. I would like to congratulate the young from the bottom of my heart, wish them more interesting and serious decisions in their lives. May your plans come true and your dreams come true.
  2. An important event has happened in front of us today. The guys, having made a serious decision, will be engaged very soon. It remains for you to wish as long as possible to maintain your family union, woven of love, understanding, trust and tenderness.
  3. Your hearts are overflowing with light and love. Looking into the eyes, you can only read happiness. From now on, I want to wish you to keep warmth in your soul forever, and love sparks in your eyes. Let them light up your marriage, making it more interesting and brighter day by day.

Matchmaking toasts

During matchmaking, one cannot do without a feast, which in turn means the presence of toasts. They are necessary in order not only to congratulate the young, but also to drink to their long and happy family life. Toasts can be made not only by guests, but also by the newlyweds themselves. Here is an example of such an option.

“Old folk wisdom says that sharing grief means staying with a half, but sharing happiness means increasing it. Therefore, I want to say thank you to all those who came today to share our happiness with us.

We are truly glad to have such warm feelings. I would like to wish each of you to love, because without this life is simply not interesting. “


Congratulations can be written both in poetic form and spoken in your own words. Both the one and the other option can have a different color: from mixed to lyric.

Before writing a speech, it is necessary to decide in advance what color the congratulatory speech will have.