Compliments For Men

If you believed that compliments were exclusive to men and that their connotation was always sexual, offensive or malicious, you are very wrong! Below, you will find the best compilation of compliments for men , both rogues and fun.

These ingenious phrases are issued with countless purposes, ranging from the intention of highlighting someone’s beauty to starting a courtship.

As well as intensify confidence or, simply, get a smile and have a little fun for the person we like.

You must have a lot of tact when it comes to enunciating a compliment, especially if it is addressed to a man, since he could interpret the message in many ways.

Choose to be subtle and fall in love with humor but without exceeding the limits of respect and delicacy.

Compliments For Men

Select these compliments carefully so that you can seduce him in an original way with the power of words.

Do not forget to consider the context and voila, dare and surprise him with these peculiar phrases to fall in love .

compliments for men

Sweet Compliments For Guys

There is a compliment for every occasion, so I have divided my recommended categories.

Check them out and choose the best one!

Funny Pick Up Lines For Men

One of the most effective tools to conquer a man’s heart is the good attitude and sense of humor.

Be the authentic girl who gets more than one smile with the following funny compliments for men !

  • You are like the sun, just by approaching you I melt.
  • Who was a shoemaker to work that leather!
  • If I were an email, you would be my password.
  • If “Michelangelo” sees you, destroy his “David.”
  • They should get you a part for excess beauty.
  • What candy store did you run away from?
  • A madman like you, needs a screw like me.
  • If loving you were sin, I would have been born in hell.
  • What happens in the sky that angels are falling?
  • What is your name to ask Santa Claus?
  • I would like to be your shadow to be at your side all day.
  • Do I study you or work you?
  • Bizcochito, with you if I break the diet!
  • Just like you, the doctor recommended them!
Compliments For Men
  • Aren’t you tired? Because you don’t stop walking through my mind.
  • I would like to be cross-eyed to see you twice!
  • How good that your last name would fit my children!
  • Walk in the shade, the sun melts the chocolates!
  • If your body were jail and your arms chains, how easy it would be to serve my sentence.
  • What makes a star flying so low?
  • Who was a watch to own your time.
  • If beauty were sin, you would be in hell!
  • What a hottie and I diabetic!
  • It is not whiskey or beer, it is you who has risen to my head.
  • I like you more than sleeping late!
  • If the math is accurate and Pythagoras doesn’t lie, you are the most handsome boy in the whole continent!
  • My favorite color is green!
  • I lost my phone number, can you give me yours?
  • How advanced is science !, even the chocolates walk.
  • You are the most complex substance I know, I don’t know how to react with you!
  • I would like to be the blood that runs through your body in order to reach your heart.
  • Do you have a GPS? I think I got lost in your eyes.
  • You have dropped the paper that surrounds you, sweetie!

If you want more fun in your relationship and want to get out of the routine, try these fun questions for your boyfriend .

Compliments For Rogue Men

Sometimes you could make your boy shiver with a rogue compliment.

This does not mean that you have the right to abuse the trust that already exists between them and tell you the first thing that goes through your mind without measuring consequences, but that you give the phrase a somewhat mischievous sense but not quite explicit.

Take a look at the following ideas:

  • I would like to be photoshop to retouch, retouch and retouch!
  • I wish you were cereal to spoon on a Saturday morning.
  • I do not wish you good afternoon, I wish you always, very much and at all hours.
  • You are like chocolate, you crave me every so often!
  • You are like coffee, good, strong and hot!
  • I would like to be your third-party teacher to move into the room!
  • I want you, do I keep them or do I give them to you when I see you?
  • I want to go looking for you and eat you with kisses.
  • Your kisses are like tequila. I like to order them double!
  • You always look sexy to me but today you exaggerated.
  • If you’re going to be spinning in my head all day, at least get dressed!
  • Something is missing in my bed and that something is you.
  • Your mother must be a pastry chef because a chocolate like you does not do anybody.
  • I would like to be wine to be with you, I would like to be a glass to kiss your mouth.
  • I love you, then I tell you in what position.
  • Temptations like you deserve sins like me.
  • Mathematically speaking, you are the sum of all my desires.
  • You’re like coffee, you crave me three times a day!
  • I’m going to kiss you so rich that I’m going to take you out of poor.
  • You are the sun that awakens all my desire.
  • I like you to assume the consequences.
  • To hell the lottery! I prefer you to touch me.
  • I want you to take away my desire.
  • Lately I have many cravings, you! for example.

Compliments For Men Of Love

Get out of the monotony and give a romantic and tender touch to the relationship with your boy, discovering how to make a man value the relationship more.

A beautiful compliment will make her melt with love for you! It will help you know how to awaken feelings of love in a man .

These are my compliments of compliments for men of love!

  • You have the smile that I want my children to have.
  • You are not Google but you have everything I look for.
  • For you I will be a thief, and the first thing I will steal will be your heart!
  • Has the sun just risen or have you smiled at me?
  • I would like to be your pillow so you hug me every morning.
  • When you are, my mouth is watering; But when you’re not there, my eyes water.
  • Lately I can’t sleep because every time I count sheep, I end up talking about you.
  • If I were a cat, I would spend the seven lives by your side.
  • You are so handsome that for Christmas I want an equal one.
  • I would like to be a little ant and climb your balcony to tell you in the ear: handsome, pretty and hottie.
  • I just found the father of my children!
  • Are you sure you’re not an astronaut? Because you have me between the moon and the stars.
  • I would give you everything I have; If I don’t have it, I look for it and if it doesn’t exist, I invent it.
  • The birds of the sky were born to fly, and I was born to love you and not be able to forget you.
  • You may not be perfect but your flaws are lovely.
  • I would like to be alcohol to evaporate inside you.
  • If every time I thought of you, a star went out, there would not be a shining star in the sky.
  • Do you know why angels are mad at me? Because instead of dreaming of them, I always dream about you.
  • You don’t know the mess of emotions that you provoke with your smile.
  • What do you put to your kisses that come out so tasty?
  • My favorite coffee will always be your eyes.
  • The bad thing about my dark side is that it clears up when it sees you.
  • My eyes are full of wanting to see you.
  • You have an I don’t know what, it alters me what I know.
  • If the beautiful were sin, you would not have forgiveness from God.
  • I love your smile, can you repeat it to me?
  • Every time I see you, I melt.
  • I like coffee but I prefer to have tea.
  • 7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite!
  • On the one hand I like you and on the other, too.
  • If you give me the opportunity to ask for three wishes, I ask you three times!
  • You are so sweet that I could get diabetes.
  • And if I live a hundred years, a hundred years I think of you.
  • I would kiss you as many times as I breathe.
  • You are the sweet bread of my coffee.
  • If I could, I would kiss you to the soul.
  • The beautiful thing is not your eyes, it’s your eyes.
  • I’ll be your sky if you want to fly.
  • I fall asleep early to dream you more time.
  • You have an I don’t know what, that puts me I don’t know how and that I like you don’t know how much.
  • I was human until your kisses immortalized my soul.
  • When you get fined for excess beauty, I will pay your bond.
  • I was never as a millionaire as when I had you in my arms.
  • You are beautiful from the feet to the soul.
  • They asked me about drugs, I told them about your smile!

Compliments For Men Inspired By Poetry

Although it sounds strange, some poets could become your best allies to adapt a compliment and launch it to that man you love.

Meet some fragments that will give you great and great ideas to create your own compliment and fall in love!

  • “What good insomnia if I reveal myself over your body” Mario Benedetti.
  • “It is enough for me to look at you to know that with you I am going to soak my soul” Julio Cortázar.
  • “I here wanting to lock you in my unstable universe and you out there forming galaxies just by smiling” Mario Benedetti.
  • “Because, without looking for you, I find you everywhere, especially when I close my eyes” Julio Cortázar.
  • “I chose you because I realized that it was worth it, it was worth the risks … it was worth the life” Pablo Neruda.
  • “The sweet spring that will teach me to love you, the very spring that helped me achieve you” Alfonsina Storni.
  • “I asked the stars for clearer language, more beautiful words. The sweet stars gave me your life and I found in your eyes the truth requested ”Alfonsina Storni.
  • “Never stop smiling, even when you’re sad, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile” Gabriel García Márquez.
  • “Come sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us ”Julio Cortázar.
  • “For my heart your chest is enough, for your freedom my wings are enough” Pablo Neruda.
  • “I was ashes. You touched me I burned again ”Alejandro Jodorowsky.
  • “It’s not that I die of love. I die of you ”Jaime Sabines.
  • “I want to fill my mouth with your name” Pablo Neruda.

Compliments For Romantic Men

There are compliments that, in addition to having a certain poetic or rhyming air, are quite romantic and can cause great feelings of love.

Would you like to meet some of them?

Don’t stop reading the following compilation !:

  • In the light of the moon and the brightness of the sun, my eyes are scandalized with all your splendor.
  • From the sky a handkerchief embroidered with black letters fell and on each end it said: your mother will be my mother-in-law.
  • I would like to be a singer to sing you a song but since I don’t have a microphone, I give you my heart.
  • I would like to be wind to kiss your face.
  • I would like to have you within reach of my breath.
  • They should get you a part for excess beauty.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than your sun-drenched silhouette in a sunset.
  • A painter painted a rose, a painter painted a carnation; But artists are your parents who made it so beautiful to be.
  • I would like to be an aviator to fly in your dreams.
  • If the sky were paper and the inkwell, only one pen would be missing to write to you how much I love you.
  • If my soul were a pen and my inkwell, with the blood of my veins I would write I love you.
  • If you were a tear, I would never cry not to lose you.
  • If the kisses were water, I would give you the sea.
  • If I were the time, I would stop to look at you.
  • You’re dizzy? Because all along you have been spinning in my head.
  • Do you have a map? To navigate in your eyes.
  • Do you know where I can buy a dictionary? Because since I saw you, I was speechless.
  • Can you help me? I look for the corner of the avenue of your eyes with love at first sight.
  • Would you be dumb that you were born with those eyes?
  • If you lived in heaven, I would die to see you.
Compliments For Men

Compliments For Young Men

A compliment from time to time does not hurt and even more when it is aimed at the boy you like.

Try that the compliment you want to dedicate to that man who makes you sigh is delicate, typical of a lady with a lot of style.

The following compliments have the peculiarity of transmitting a lot of tenderness, do not lose sight of it and conquer it with sweetness!

  • You are that which is not mine, but I do not want it to be from anyone else.
  • I never believed in true love or love at first sight until that magical moment I met you.
  • In the maze of my existence, you are the light that illuminates my steps.
  • How not to believe in angels after seeing you pass? How not to believe in miracles after seeing you smile?
  • So sweet, so sweet, so sincere, so perfect, but so far away …
  • A space of my soul, bears your name.
  • I want to be the love of your life, will you let me?
  • When you take my hands, you hold my world.
  • I look at you, I smile and I wonder: how do you like me so much?
  • You are my favorite thought of every day.
  • My desire for you is not removed, they accumulate.
  • My eyes are full of wanting to see you.
  • I don’t know what I see in you, I just know that I don’t see it in anyone else.
  • You’ve been tickling my heart since I met you.
  • I love you, from the verb “fall in love intensely.”
  • Wherever but with you.
  • Bizcochito, with you I break the diet!
  • You are so sweet that only by looking at you I get fatter.
  • Life is full of beautiful things, for example, you and your look.
  • I already have the astronaut suit, now just give me a space in your life.
  • There is so much peace in your eyes that my chaos is ordered in your eyes.
  • Treat me like an angel, I will show you heaven.
  • I like you every day, but today is an exaggeration.
  • I love the combination of your eyes with your perfect smile.
  • I asked life to have nice things happen to me, and you passed me.

Compliments For Men You Should Never Say

Like women, a man could also be offended by a rude, vulgar or decontextualized compliment.

Always remember to be very subtle with these types of messages, do not become an ordinary and basic woman ! Learn how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world.

The key is to think before speaking and avoid referring to certain topics, if you want to fall in love with compliments.

Rude Compliments

You have to be very careful to compliment a man because he could interpret it in a bad way.

Dare with rude or rough compliments is a bad idea if what you want is to please a boy and give him a good impression.

It’s better to shut up than to talk madly! Then if you don’t have something nice for him, you better not disenchant him with uncomfortable or obscene words.

Compliments With Explicit Sexual Connotation

You know that there are compliments that exceed the limits and go from being a positive expression to verbal aggression or even sexual harassment.

This type of compliments are not sensual or anything like that; They consider themselves disrespectful and abuse trust.

Both men and women deserve good verbal treatment, therefore, avoid resorting to phrases with double meaning or sexual connotation.

Moreover, if you’re just starting a relationship or want to captivate.

Anti Compliments

So your interest is not to flirt with a man and simply want to joke, you need to keep in mind that not always an anti compliment will be taken in a good way and can cause you problems.

If you are not going to give beautiful words, refrain from throwing offensive compliments and consider the integrity of the other.

Examples Of Anti Compliments For Men

  • Who was a firefighter to grab the hose.
  • Who was cement to hold that monument.
  • I wish you were the sun to give me all day.
  • Here I have the nut for that screw.
  • Who was a vampire to nail me that stake.
  • I told you I loved you just to make fun of you; who will love you, skin with so many fleas.

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Compliments For Men


Just follow instructions and manage to touch that switch in your brain so you know how to drive any man in love for you crazy and have the power at your fingertips.

Knowing what men really want , what real men want in a woman or how to train a man to worship you, will be your best weapons to know how to influence a man’s mind.

Don’t waste any more time! Learn, put into practice your knowledge and, without hesitation, go to the best compliments for men , as incentives to positively stimulate the relationship.

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