Commandments of an Ideal Husband

With this article we want to draw attention to the commandments of an ideal husband, fulfilling which a man in the eyes of a woman will become the best husband. Most of the Runet articles about the commandments of her husband turned out to be copied from each other. Therefore, you will hardly find information on this page on the Internet, since these commandments correspond to the biblical ones.

Most couples want to make their marriage successful. Unfortunately, we have to admit that few of these couples do the necessary things to achieve this goal. This article will give readers a set of 10 rules for men and women on how to be perfect in each other’s eyes. Read right now and carefully so that your relationship becomes happier.

10 commandments for a perfect husband

Wife is the only woman he loves

Even when the spouse changes outwardly over time, loves only her. Loves the way she is. To do this, he always finds something valuable in his beloved that warms up love. For example, femininity, qualities, inner world, relationships, or beauty. Always greets his wife with a kiss, especially when other people are watching. The love of a spouse is never taken for granted.

Does not allow himself “relationships” with other women

The husband is not ashamed to show or talk about his devotion to his wife. Therefore, the ladies around him know that it is useless for him to “make eyes”. The husband refuses to flirt with other ladies, builds illusions or fantasies about relationships with them, no matter how attractive, seductive they are. His thoughts are only of his beloved marriage companion.

Does not use the name (reputation, dignity) of the wife in an inappropriate way

It is disgusting for him to tell his colleagues, peasants, “spicy” stories, scenes from marital intimate relationships. He understands that trying to raise his authority by humiliating his wife, speaking badly about her is a base thing. Avoids criticizing his life partner in front of someone or talking about her in a humiliating way.

Weekends or time with his wife are sacred days

Following this commandment, he always finds time for family vacations. Ready to give up over time, considering the time spent with his wife, family more valuable than work. Cares about the emotional needs of the spouse, therefore, likes joint walks in nature or places that the spouse likes. He loves to just listen to his beloved, showing with all his appearance that she is valuable to him.

Should treat his parents, his wife’s parents with respect

He does not allow himself at home or at work to speak badly about them, especially when parents can hardly be called ideal. He tries to have good, disinterested, friendly relations with his mother-in-law, father-in-law without expecting rewards from them.

When they need help, he doesn’t need to be asked to help. A husband’s respect for his wife’s parents is expressed by patience, a willingness to listen to them. He avoids talking about them with negative remarks, calls are interested in their affairs.

Such a man deserves an award, short and cool: a letter to an ideal husband!

Doesn’t kill love

Following this commandment, the husband is careful not to inflict physical or psychological violence on his beloved, even in family conflicts he restrains himself. The concept of being a domestic tyrant is alien to him, therefore he refrains from insulting his marriage companion. His actions, deeds, relationships, speech only strengthen the love of his beloved woman.

Always smiling at his wife, talking to her in a soft tone. He tries to be gentle, kind, attentive, even in difficult conditions. Respect her privacy. Don’t be stingy with compliments on her new hairstyle or cooked food. Likes to give flowers, gifts, generous with money. (We recommend reading 135 beautiful compliments that you can say to your beloved ).

He develops his inner fortitude because he knows that women are most disappointed by men who cannot be relied upon in life’s troubles. Women’s love dies when husbands are emotional weaklings leaning on a woman’s shoulder.

Doesn’t cheat on his wife

A man who wants to be an ideal spouse eschews the very thought of betraying his beloved. Thoughts give rise to actions, so the husband avoids even dreaming about sex with another woman, considering it a kind of betrayal. Refuses to watch pornography, knowing that it offends the feelings of the spouse.

Doesn’t steal money from family

For example, he avoids gambling, does not hope to win at the casino, so he refrains from visiting it. He avoids rash loans, debts, realizing that he is not the only one who pays in the end. The whole family pays the bills, not having received the money that they could have had.

Following this commandment, the husband avoids bad habits that cost a pretty penny.

Don’t cheat on your wife

First of all, avoids deceiving the trust, love of the spouse. It is easy to follow this commandment when you are faithful and honest with it. You don’t have to invent stories of various business trips or work accidents to justify your absence from home on the weekends or returning late from work to your spouse. His words are always true and the wife is sure of it.

For him, lying to the lady of his heart is humiliating, even if he does not want to upset her. When a husband has difficulties that can harm the family, he does not hide this from his wife. She has the right to know about it to prepare for them. It is alien to him to hide his salary from his wife, realizing that she has no claims to his money.

Don’t want someone else’s wife

The husband refrains from flirting with the wives of friends, not wanting to offend anyone’s feelings. He never gives anyone a reason to think that he is looking for “relationships or comforts” with them. He does not give a reason to his wife to be jealous of other women.

Even experiencing, possibly temporary difficulties with his wife, he eschews seeking solace from her friends. And if someone hints at a relationship to him, he will not hesitate to reject them.

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  1. Do not bother your spouse with petty problems and complaints when he returns home after work.
  2. Be a good listener. Let the hubby tell you about his problems, then your problems will seem trivial in comparison with the husband’s.
  3. Remember, a woman’s most important job is to create and maintain her husband’s confidence in the success of his business. Such is female morality.
  4. Let the hubby relax before dinner, only after dinner can family problems be discussed.
  5. Always remember that he is a man, and sexual relations contribute to mutual harmony.
  6. A man does not like his “always tired” wife. Therefore, save a little strength for your beloved to give him the “fellowship” that he craves.
  7. Refrain from judging your husband’s mistakes in front of anyone. If you want to speak out, do so in private and without anger.
  8. Remember a man is an adult boy who, like a woman, needs affection.
  9. Avoid living beyond your means. Why add a financial burden to your spouse?
  10. Beware of fighting with your husband for power in the family. Leadership is his prerogative.

Final word

True love and commitment in a marriage often begin after the couple has made mutual vows. So when we look deeper into these commandments for an ideal husband or wife, we will find in them not only spiritual advice for strengthening our marriages but very practical and necessary rules.

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