Combined gold wedding rings: yellow and white

Combined wedding rings are one of the fashion trends in wedding fashion in recent years. The rings combine different metals or different shades of the same metal. Such combinations in wedding symbols fascinate with their unusual appearance and beauty.

Jewelers, playing with shades of metal colors, their intensity, and contrast combinations, create truly exquisite and unique pieces. In this post, we take a look at what combined two-tone wedding rings can be.


The combined wedding ring is not only a sophisticated and stylish symbol of a concluded marriage but a piece of jewelry with a special meaning. Tricolor products symbolize the main components of a strong and lasting marriage: love, friendship, and loyalty.

The two-tone products symbolize that from the day of the wedding, the fate of the bride and groom has merged into one common fate. According to the second version, the two-color ring symbolizes that the separate life paths of the newlyweds have united into one common family path, along which they will walk hand in hand.

Two-tone wedding rings can be made from different shades of gold, as well as from two different types of metal. Platinum is often combined with gold, and less often with silver.

A more popular combination of silver with yellow gold. We will dwell in more detail on the models of two-color and three-color wedding symbols.

Shades of gold used in jewelry

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Combined wedding rings, gold.

Gold is a fairly soft metal. Therefore, jewelry is not made of pure metal, but an alloy with other components that make it harder and more durable.

Depending on the composition of the alloy, a certain shade is obtained. In the yellow alloy, copper and silver are present in small amounts. The pink shade is obtained from an alloy of gold, silver, copper, and zinc or palladium.

If you increase the amount of copper in this composition, you get a red color. The white color is obtained by adding silver or palladium, as well as nickel and zinc to the alloy. Therefore, the white noble metal is more expensive than yellow.

There is an even whiter, more expensive alloy doped with platinum. Black is still rare and not available in all stores. It is obtained in two ways. In the first version, cobalt and chromium are added to the alloy, and in the second – rhodium and carbon or ruthenium.

Gold two-tone jewelry

The most popular and demanded by newlyweds version of a two-color wedding ring is a combination of white and yellow precious metal. White is also actively combined with pink and red, and less often with black. Products with white and pink colors look very delicate.

Red gold is highly durable. Products with it are distinguished not only by a beautiful combination of colors, but also by good durability. The combination of white and black is very contrasting and is popular with lovers of extravagant and stylish jewelry.

Tricolor wedding rings are traditionally made from white, yellow, and rose gold. Jewelers use different methods of joining metals of different shades. Some leave the junction with contrasting, while others, due to matting, make it smooth.

Bicolor wedding symbols in the classic style are made without decorative inserts and stones. Extravagant options adorn stones of different shapes and sizes, as well as quantities.

Very often, two-tone models are decorated with a path of small diamonds. It can be stirred with an even rim around the entire perimeter of the ring, run diagonally or have another fancy shape.

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The white color of the noble precious metal is the perfect backdrop for colorless diamonds. Its surface creates the effect of a mirror and the shine of the stones is enhanced. Black diamonds look good in both white and yellow tones.

Another fashion trend for two-tone rings is the textured surface, created by the diamond cutting technique, the application of notches in the form of waves and other shapes, as well as external engraving.

Silver products

In the past few years, silver wedding rings with gold inserts have become increasingly popular. Many models of such jewelry are inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones.

Silver is a soft material that allows jewelers to create intricate pieces with intricate shapes, while gold inserts add a unique grace to them.

Nowadays, experts studying the effect of various substances on the human body are not so categorical in the statement that it is impossible to wear jewelry made of gold and silver at the same time.

Modern technologies increase the wear resistance of silver jewelry and additionally protect them from scratches. Such a symbol of marriage is much cheaper, but it looks worthy. Couples with a modest budget can afford it.

Platinum Combination Jewelry

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The engagement symbols, made only of platinum, look luxurious and high-status. But jewelers are always trying to surprise newlyweds with a new style of platinum jewelry.

A new fashion trend – rings with an American profile, which is popularly called a washer, with a shallow edge. This design solution is emphasized with a different color. Rings made of platinum look spectacular, in which the shallow edge is made of yellow gold.

By combining platinum and silver, jewelers obtain an elegant and non-contrasting combination of light metals.

In the original models of wedding symbols from softer silver, complex decorative elements are made that allow to fully emphasize the nobility of products from different shades of white metals.


Newlyweds who believe that their wedding symbol should be in a classic style, but who want to add originality to it, should opt for combined products.

Such decoration looks stylish and expensive. The combination of white with yellow or rose gold allows jewelers to create exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Those wishing to purchase more expensive rings should pay attention to the combination of gold and platinum. The budget option is silver wedding jewelry with gold accents. We wish you to find a ring that you will be happy to wear all your life!