Challenges For Couples To Do

The challenges to have a happy relationship are as varied as couples, since each of them will seek to satisfy different needs according to the circumstances, so there are no general recipes, because each stage requires different adaptations, explains Dr. Virgilio Cordon, therapist and coach in couple and family relationships, director of the Virtus Institute. In this article, we will tell 100 challenges for couples to do.

Living together as a couple is one of the most complicated human relationships to lead, because there are two opposite life systems that have to live together for many years and if they do not harmonize, they can be a source of unhappiness for both, so you have to get there to agreements that allow a condescending relationship, exposes the psychologist Antonio Rivera, lecturer on emotional health issues and couples therapist, coordinator of the Group of Psychologists, Counselors and Motivators of Guatemala.

Challenges For Couples To Do Together

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100 tips for couples to challenges to continue building a solid relationship:

Can’t Say No Challenge

This Challenge is all about saying no. You and your partner request each other different things such as weird, funny things. Whoever says more, yes, win the Challenge.

Couples Speech Jammer Challenge

In this Challenge, you speak to your partner and at the same time listen to your words also. You can use a headphone or a SpeechJamer app.

Singing Gargle Water Challenge

You and your partner will sing a song with the water in the mouth. The most important thing is not to swallow the water but still singing a song.

Couples Pringles Challenge

It is a sort of food challenge. For this, you will need different flavors of the Pringles. After this, blindfold the other partner. If your partner correctly guesses it, he becomes the winner.

Guess the Movie Challenge

This Challenge of guessing movies is through the soundtracks or specific scenes. With the soundtracks, think the name of the film.

Pause Challenge

It is a fun challenge and lasts long as you and your partner want. Before starting, decide the time to remain in the pause position. Just shout “pause” to your partner at any time.

Smell/Scent Challenge

The smell/sent Challenge needs the blindfolding of the partner. One partner is blindfold, and the other partner makes a guess what that specific smell is.

Couples LEGO Challenge

The LEDO challenge is joyful for every person. In this Challenge, try to create a Lego from scratch. In this Challenge, both partners take different turns.

Water Balloon Challenge

The answer and questions become interesting. Make a list of questions and ask your partner. Hit the partner with a water balloon when giving the incorrect answer.

Heads Up Challenge

Write the particular name of anything on the paper and place it on the forehead of the partner. Then give clues, and the partner has to guess.

Dizzy Challenge

It is the most suitable to perform in the home. Spin your partner with a spinning chair for one minute. After that, give tasks such as pouring a glass of milk.

Yoga Challenge

Yoga is the best relaxing exercise. In this Challenge, perform different poses of the yoga exercise. See that which perform better.

Truth or Dare Challenge

This Challenge is the one that loves everyone. Choose both turns of the truth and dare. Give the partner some interesting dare and ask some funny questions.

Challenges For Couples To Do

Imitation Challenge

There are categories including angry, happy, and sad. When your partner is in these moods, try to imitate their behavior.

Guess The Lyrics Couples Challenge

Both partners need to have different lists of famous songs. Play the music and see if the partner guesses the next line of the song.

$10 Target Challenge

Go shopping with a budget of 10 dollars. Both partners have one turn of going shopping with this budget. See which partner buy most of the things with this budget.

What’s In My Mouth Challenge

You and your partner take to turn the blindfolding. Therefore, one partner eats something to the blindfolded partner. That partner has to guess it.

Not To Cry Couples Challenge

Both partners watch the sad pictures and videos at the same time. Try not to cry, and whoever does it, win the Challenge.

Not To Laugh Couples Challenge

This Challenge is opposite from the above one. In this Challenge, take a collection of hilarious videos. Try not to laugh when watching such funny videos.

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Love Is Like A Rodeo Challenge

One partner will lift the other partner. This Challenge is only successful when you both cooperate. The gymnastic lovers will love it.

Dance Challenge

It is the popular Challenge of TikTok. It requires different and unique moves of the dance. Record and see who performs better dancing moves.

Small Gestures Challenge

It is the best way to enhance your love with your partner. Record short videos and see who is more thoughtful in love.

TikTok Q&A Couples Challenge

There are many audio clips on TikTok that contain different questions. You and your partner get blindfold. And then answer with the pointing to yourself and your partner.

The Plank Challenge

In this Challenge, you and your partner perform a full plank routine together. Besides, you can also play background sounds.

The StandUp Challenge

This Challenge requires a lot of practice. The small partner will jump on the more significant partner. Try not to fall when jumping on the partner.

Couples Whisper Challenge

One partner wears the headphones with loud music. The other partner whispers some words, and the partner has to guess that person.

Don’t Look Away Challenge

Both of you will need a collection of horrifying pictures and videos like crazy stunts. The partners who look away from the image lose the Challenge.

Couples 1-2-3 Challenge

Collect the list of the different funny questions. One partner read a question. Then, after the count of 3, both partners will give their answers.

30-Days Fitness Challenge

The fitness routine is challenging for everyone. This Challenge takes 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, see who is perfect in more fitness exercises.

Chapstick Challenge

Both partners will need to pick up the different flavors of the chapstick. The other partner guesses the taste of chapstick with eating.

Flip The Switch Challenge

It is a challenge of TikTok. One partner will hold the camera and start making-of video. Then, with one flashlight, both partners are different in their look.

Beer Pong Challenge

In this Challenge, set some plastic cups on the table. Both partners are on different sides of the table. The partner who throws the ping pong ball into the cup will win. As a reward, that partner gets a glass of beer.

Staring Challenge

This Challenge can play anytime and anywhere. Both partners stare at each other. Try not to blink or look away.

One Who Strips the Other

You and your partner will undress each other. The partner who will do it first wins the Challenge, and the other will lose.

The Floor Is Lava Challenge

It is a fun challenge. When a partner shouts Floor is Lava, the other partner instantly jumps to anything like jumping on a couch.

Do My Makeup Challenge

In this Challenge, the male partner makes up the female partner. After the completion of makeup, see your face in the mirror.

Blindfold Kissing Challenge

Both of the partners are blindfold. The Challenge becomes interesting when you both are far away from each other. After that, find the face of each other and completer the Challenge of blindfolding kiss.

Dress-Up Challenge

For this Challenge, select the outfit of the other partner. The other partner has to wear that specific dress.

How Well Do You Know Each Other

The partners will ask different questions about their relationship. The partner who will give the wrong answer gets a punishment.

Conjoined Twin Challenge

This Challenge makes both partners a one. Both partners have to fit in one large size of the trouser and then perform different tasks.

Touch Body Challenge

This Challenge is also the blindfold challenge. In this Challenge, the blindfold partner guesses the body part of the other partner.

7 Second Challenge

The 7-second Challenge is enjoyable for every couple. One partner will ask the other partner about five different things in 7 seconds.

Golgappa Eating Competition

Everyone loves eating Golgapps. Challenge your partner in the eating of Golgappa. Whoever first finishes the eating will win.

Tongue twister

The tongue twister challenge is the funniest Challenge. Try to give some tricky tongue twisters to your partner.

To A Game Of FIFA, Baby!

It is a great challenge. Challenge your men to play a game and try to win with the best controller.

Jenga Is The Bomb

Jenga is the best competitive Challenge. The Jenga blocks contain truth and daring tasks. Every time you and your pull out the box, you will do a task. 

Hello, Masterchef

Make different dishes and compete with your partner. Both of you will make tasty dishes. You can invite some friends and see which word you like more.


This Challenge needs a karaoke app. With the app, both partners sing different songs and dedicate themselves to each other.

The twin Challenge

The twin challenge is excellent for every couple. Select the same type for your both and then spend the whole day in that particular dress.

Not My Arms Challenge

This Challenge is about sharing the large T-shirt with the partner. Likewise, you are on the front side of the shirt, and your partner is on the backside. Then, complete some tasks.

Resist Laughter Challenge

This Challenge considers a YouTube challenge. To complete this Challenge, you and your partner have to resist laughter. Watch some funny videos on YouTube.

Yes or No

This Challenge is all about saying yes or no. One partner asks questions, and the other partner answer only to say yes or no.

The $10 Couple’s Challenge

It is a sort of funny Challenge as well as creative. In this Challenge, both of you have $10 and try to buy your partner’s favorite things.

20 Questions

For this Challenge, ask your partner 20 different questions about a famous personality. The person who gives more answers will become winning.

Finish The Lyrics

In this Challenge, you and your partner have a different collection of songs. Both of you have to finish the lyrics by just hear the sound of that song.

Complete a Money Goal Together

This Challenge makes you and your partner more successful. Select the target of earning money and then try to achieve the goal.

Sports Team Showdown

Men love sports, and they always like to watch them. You can pick any team and support that team. In this way, both of you feel more joy in watching sports games.

Surprise Date Challenge

This Challenge is a surprise challenge for your partner. In this case, arrange a surprise date for your partner. Tell the location of the date to your partner only just a few hours before.

Couple’s Bucket List Challenge

The couple’s bucket challenge includes 100 different tasks. These tasks enhance your love for your partner. Even, these tasks are easy to perform.

YouTube Challenges Date Night

YouTube provides different challenges for couples. Couples will efficiently perform all such tasks. Your date night becomes more exciting with all the beautiful tasks.

Pie Face Couple’s Challenge

For this Challenge, you both ask different questions from each other. The partner who gives the wrong answer will get a punishment. The punishment will be a whipped cream pie in the face.

Couple’s Duct Tape Challenge

Indeed, it is a hilarious funny challenge. In this Challenge, one by one, both partners tie with the tape. The partner will try to remove the tape from the entire body quickly.

Couple’s Whisper Challenge

This Challenge requires a headphone with the loud music. The first partner whispers some words, and other partners guess the right words. More guessing of the right words makes you a winner.

Couple’s Telepathy Challenge

It is one of the significant challenges for the couple’s date night. You both know very well and working as a couple for numerous years. Also, recall all the memories.

Text in Love Song Titles

It is full of a fun challenge. Set a time, and both of you talk with each other through the titles of the songs. It is an excellent idea to use love songs.

Talk in Emojis and Gifs

Emojis are a favorite thing nowadays. Everyone uses them in texts. Challenge your partner to talk the entire chat using emojis and gifs. Your conversation becomes more remarkable.

Genealogy Challenge

There are many websites of genealogy that are free and provide complete information. You can use all those information and make your date night a challenging one.

Rick Roll Challenge

The Rick Roll challenge is the most suitable for a long-distance couple. For this Challenge, you can email and send the link of rickrolling videos to your partner.

Couple’s Weight Loss Challenge

For this Challenge, you and your partner make a goal to reduce the weight at a specific time. At that time, that partner becomes the winner who loses weight.

WhatsApp Dare Challenges

WhatsApp becomes more using app day by day. There are many dare challenges that you can send to your partner. And also ensure that dare is challenging.

Love Dare Challenge

You can challenge your partner from the “The Love Dare book.” This love dare is about forty days long. As a result of the love dare, your relationship becomes more charming.

30-Day Marriage Challenge

In this Challenge, you and your partner give some sweet written notes every day. The daily giving of love words makes your relationship with your partner more amazing.

29 Days to Great Love Making

The making of love is essential in starting days of marriage. These 29 days, challenges will increase your passion, and both of you will know each other considerably.

7-Day Pray for My Marriage Challenge

Most of the couples do not pray together. Take this as a challenge and try to pray together regularly. This Challenge is a great way to increase the bond of your relationship.

30 Days to Being a Better Wife

The skills in the wife make her more graceful. You become a better wife with the Challenge of yourself. Try to adopt different skills daily and surprise your husband.

27 Days of Gratitude Spouse Challenge

This Challenge is about making something new for your partner. Whenever you will do something unique for your partner, your partner will see more fall in love.

Pocket Change Challenge

For this Challenge, take a specific amount of money. This Challenge is a long challenge for the whole week. The money spends for the entire week.

Financial Goal Challenge

In this Challenge, select a financial goal. That financial goal is for both partners. It would be an excellent opportunity to save money and spend some time together on a date.

Shop for Me Challenge

This Challenge ensures that you both will know each other. Both partners will buy the gifts for the other partner. In the end, you will learn about the liking of another partner towards your presents.

Stoneface Challenge

It is a kind of full stamina challenge. In this Challenge, both of the partners will hang the stoneface expression. One partner will try to laugh at the other, and the other has tried to remain stoneface expression.

Video Game Night Challenge

This Challenge is the all-time favorite Challenge. You and your partner will play video games all over the night. You can play different types of games.

Lip-Reading Challenge

The lip-reading Challenge can perform anytime and anywhere. It is effortless. One partner wears the earplugs, and the other says some words. The first partner will try to lip-read the partner.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge#

This Challenge is a great challenging one. You go with your partner hunting. For this Challenge, set a specific time. The moment becomes memorable for your whole life. You will challenge some weird and funny tasks.

Bad Poetry Challenge

Poetry is a unique art that is not present in most of the persons. No matter if you are great in poetry making or not. Just take a topic, and both of you try to make some exciting poetry.

Fun Couple Challenge Ideas

In your couple time, you spend your precious time with your partner. At this time, you will challenge some exciting tasks to your partner. You will add more spirit and creativity to the Challenge.

One Word One Answer

It is one of my favorite challenge games. Anyone start this Challenge. One partner says one word, and the other partner gives a reply with one word. After that replay, the first partner again tells one word.  

The Dating Divas

The dating divas are great websites that provide the information of great stuff. With that stuff, you can perform different tasks with your partner. It includes some other food recipes.

Write poems

With the poem challenge, you can make very creative poems. Maybe, poetry is not very significant and becomes funnier. But you should challenge your partner and make your moments memorable.

The Gottman Institute Quiz

This quiz challenge is great to know about how much you know each other. It is a great way to enhance the love in your relationship. Your relationship becomes more vital.

Sushi Go Card Game

This card game is viral. This game is also easy to learn. In this Challenge, collect the many cards and make your “sushi meal.” The partner with many points will win this game.

Dare Duel

For this Challenge, you give a dare to another partner with the use of drawing cards. You choose different words and phrases and provide dare to each other.

Adult Loaded Questions Game

With the adult loaded questions, both of you know to enhance your love for each other. This Challenge is especially for having a great time.

Exploding Kittens

Both of you take care of your newly buy kittens. After the particular time, the kitten with more healthy considers the winner.

Find Out What Kind of Couple You Are

This Challenge is about finding out what kind of your couple. There are many kinds of the couple as attractive or charming one.

Copy Cat Movie

In your movie night, challenge each other some scenes from the movie. The partner who does more accurately becomes the winner.

The Sing-Along Challenge

In this Challenge, you will start to sing a song. After that, your partner will continue that song. No matter if you have not a great singing voice.

The Pretzel Challenge

It includes literal pretzels. Make your favorite recipe with the presence of another partner in the kitchen.

NEXCI Scrimish Card Game

There are many cards in this game. The partner with the crown card becomes the winner of the game.

Origami Challenge

The origami challenge is excellent for every couple. If you do not need an expert in it, you can help from YouTube.

Scrabble, But With a Twist

This scrabble Challenge is with a twist. The partner who firstly completes the word gives a dare to the other partner. 

The challenge of achieving a healthy and happy relationship is only achieved when both of them give themselves and strive with love to be the best version of themselves, accepting their differences and attending to mutual needs. It has nothing to do with suffering or enduring abuse, which is simply the antithesis of love. Love, like everything in life, requires constant dedication and its reward is a full life