Celtic Wedding Ceremonies

Do you like everything related to the world of elves, fairies or druids? Are you looking for a very special way to join your partner on your wedding day? We tell you about celtic wedding ceremonies.

If you want to make your wedding the most romantic and special day of your life, you have to organize a Celtic wedding.

Stay, today I will talk about how to organize and celebrate the best Celtic wedding you have ever seen.


If something characterizes this type of wedding, it is the deep connection they have with nature. Any gesture, any ritual, is always in line with deep respect for our beautiful planet.

A Celtic wedding is an event with a lot of meaningIt has a very deep ceremony, and it is very meaningful and respectable. Therefore, I advise you not to celebrate your Celtic wedding just because it attracts your attention, without more.

You must know well what it consists of. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

According to the Celts, two souls come together so that their strengths and qualities are duplicated and they make up for their shortcomings and defects with the support and learning of the other.

celtic wedding ceremonies

The Celtic Marriage Ceremony is divided into two parts; there is the marriage that comprises the ceremony of union, and there is also the wedding, which is the celebration.

Therefore, I will tell you about Celtic marriage. After all, it is the most important part of the Ceremony, don’t you think?

This marriage must be officiated by a priest specialized in Celtic ceremonies. Although, it is more common for there to be two celebrators in this type of event.


Celtic marriage is always celebrated in the open air and totally surrounded by nature. No castles or tents nearby; they would spoil the environment.


The temple of union is formed by a circle made with white flowers, and four candles arranged on the four cardinal points.

On the altar, which has to be oriented towards the North, a golden candle is placed (which symbolizes the Sun), a silver candle symbolizing the Moon, another white candle representing those present, the wedding candle (which will also be white ), a bowl with salt representing the Earth. And finally, another bowl with water is also placed; this, logically, represents Water.

The celebrant, or celebrants, begins the ceremony with a statement of purpose, which consists of explaining why you are all gathered. Also, ask for the blessing of the elementals of the East, South, West and North.


At that moment, you, the bride and groom, enter. You will do it in the East by the hand of your godparents. You have to enter within the circle of flowers.

Next, the celebrants will recite a series of prayers where all the ancestors of the couple will be honored, in addition to those of all those present and absent.

After this moment, you, the bride and groom, will deliver the gifts to your respective parents. They are symbolic gifts. In addition, you will place an offering on the altar that symbolizes the Earth and Nature.

The moment of the union of hands arrives But first, you have to answer the questions that the celebrants will ask you. As in any wedding ceremony, he asks you if you are here of your own free will; you are answering all the questions.

celtic wedding ceremonies

And, at that moment, the priest joins your hands and ties them with a bow.

It is then when the presentation of the symbols of the cycle of Life, the rings, is made. They are blessed by the celebrant and he leaves them on the altar.

He will ask you another question; on this occasion, you must answer if you swear to bring light, love and happiness to your union. When you are responding, you have to light the wedding candle.

After this oath, your hands will be untied and the rings will be given to each other. Here you are already married; you have to take the wedding stone and, with your hands on it, consecrate it.

Also the guests have their respective stones; all of them with good wishes that were spoken aloud. That is why the stones are charged with the energy of the moment and the wishes formulated.

They will all be in a basket on the altar. You have to take them home because they will attract those good wishes to your lives.


The moment comes when you, the wife of your new husband, place a broom on the ground. This symbolizes the utensil to clean the old, and give way to the new. You will hold hands and jump on it. This is the step to your new life together.

Now you must thank Nature for your welcome. To do this, both of you must take a piece of bread and drink a sip of wine. You will do the same on the ground; you will leave a piece of bread and a splash of wine on the ground.

It is the moment in which the ceremony is concluded.

Finally, all those present join in a large circle and, holding hands, you will recite a prayer to share all the good feelings you have with the world around you.

What is a beautiful ceremony? Surely you have more and more desire to celebrate your wedding with this romantic theme.


You already know that the Celts inhabited a wide area of ​​Europe; from the highlands of Ireland to Galicia and Asturias in northern Spain. Their way of life was characterized by beautiful ceremonies of all kinds.

The couples of this Celtic town  celebrated their weddings during the festivals that were celebrated between April and October. However, there are two very important dates in the calendar that the Celts used to join in marriage.

All this for the good omens that those two moments of the year brought.

One of them is Beltane, which corresponds to May 1 in the northern hemisphere, and October 31 in the southern hemisphere.

It is the day when the pastoral summer season begins; when herds of cattle were led to the green pastures and also to the pasture lands in the mountains.

The other day also very conducive to getting married by the Celtic ritual, due to the good disposition of nature and, therefore, a guarantee of happiness for you, is August 1.

The Lughnasadh, or also “wedding of Lug”, god of Celtic mythology, is celebrated This date coincides with the ripening season of the local berry harvest, or during the second full moon after the Summer Solstice, which is the one at the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox.

Therefore, if you want to celebrate your wedding with the utmost respect for the Celtic tradition, I advise you to choose one of the two dates. Thus, it will be even more authentic.


It is not too difficult to find a wardrobe according to the theme in a Celtic wedding. As in any wedding, your dress will be the star of the day.

celtic wedding ceremonies

I advise you to choose a dress that is closest to how Celtic women who decided to take the step of getting married originally wore it.

Avoid dresses with lace or rhinestones; think that did not exist at that time. Think of a simple dress, with a very light fabric and a tailoring according to the environment and, above all, the historical moment.

Your boy can wear a classic groom suit; although, a more casual style is always much better.

Like the guests; They should wear light clothing and, rather, little formal.


Before finishing this article, I want to leave you a list with some preparations for a most traditional wedding. All of them are originally from Ireland, one of the countries with the greatest Celtic tradition in history.

I hope you like them.

The Lucky Horseshoe: it is a tradition for the bride to wear an authentic horseshoe, with the sole purpose of attracting good luck. Well, this is nothing new; this also exists in our culture.

However, to be lucky on the day of your Celtic marriage celebration, you have to put it on top of you and it cannot be out. Nor is it necessary that it be made of iron; you can make one out of fabric.

Flowers: a very typical flower used in Celtic weddings, is the so-called Bell of Ireland. To maintain the custom, you have to make a crown with these flowers and put it on your head.

Don’t skimp on these pretty flowers. Have your guests also carry these flowers in bouquets, and yourself.

Magic handkerchief: I find this tradition charming. You have to take with you a special scarf with some stitches. It is the one you will use when you baptize your first baby.

The beauty of this is that that scarf can be passed from generation to generation. Let that first baby wear it too on the day you celebrate your wedding.

celtic wedding ceremonies

Do you remember the handkerchief that William Wallace kept until the moment of his death? It was the magic handkerchief of his murdered wife.

The Salt Myth: To ward off the evil eye, couples ate salt and oatmeal at the beginning of their wedding ceremony.

celtic wedding ceremonies


And now I leave you these tips so that life in the company of your boy is the happiest after your Celtic marriage ceremony:

It’s very unfortunate to get married on Saturday

Seeing a funeral on the same day as your wedding is an omen of bad luck

Nor will it bring you good luck to have a broken glass or cup near you on the day of your wedding.

If you hear the song of a cuckoo on the morning of your wedding, rest assured that your married life will be very lucky.

A wedding celebrated on a crescent moon and high tide is the perfect combination to attract happiness

Nobody should be dressed in green at your wedding, it is an omen of bad luck

The first person who should wish you joy after your marriage cannot be a woman. A man always has to be the first to congratulate you.

If your mother-in-law throws a piece of the wedding cake at your head when you enter the house after the ceremony, it will make you friends forever.

What did you think of this type of wedding? Would you like to celebrate a wedding with this theme? Tell us if you have already lived it, how was everything?

Finally, this Celtic wedding video will leave you with a good taste in your mouth if you are thinking of getting married with this ancestral wedding style and with so much magic around it.

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