Can a wedding dress be measured: are there any restrictions?

An especially reverent moment in life for any girl is her own wedding. On this day, the young lady is usually very superstitious. She is afraid to break all the rules and make her life miserable.

The girl tries to observe all the customs that were invented by our ancestors. They are among the main wedding attributes. One of these is a wedding dress.

Signs and superstitions about wedding dresses

It is generally accepted that it should not be worn by anyone except the bride. This superstition makes an unmarried girl be very careful about the clothes. Believing in such a story or abandoning it, of course, is the choice of every young lady. But one thing is for sure – you need to know what this superstition is connected with.

Perhaps, there is the largest number of signs and superstitions near the wedding dress. And the girl does not know all of them, and even more so she observes. Our ancestors, based on safety considerations and personal experience, decided to abide by these rules so that the life of the young would pass in peace and harmony.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to show the wedding dress to the groom until the ceremony itself. However, young people are not allowed to dress together. The girl should already appear before her future spouse in full dress.
  2. Be sure to use one piece of fabric in the outfit. All kinds of inserts, combinations, and even more so different cuts are prohibited. All this will mean only a scattered life, which the bride will try all her life to sew and put together.
  3. It is forbidden to let anyone wear wedding clothes. Moreover, this ban applies to both girlfriends and closest relatives. The wedding clothing itself includes not only a dress, but also shoes, a veil and other accessories that will be on the bride on the day of the celebration.
  4. Mother or godmother should help to put on the dress itself. No one else is allowed to touch the wedding dress itself. Jewelry is worn by a sister or a married friend who has had a good marriage.
  5. Not everything in the image has to be new. At least one or two items of clothing may be old. For example, underwear or favorite earrings. The girl should connect the past with her future happy life.
  6. The dress can be passed down from generation to generation. It is allowed to wear exactly the same outfit only if your ancestors lived a long and happy family life. If a woman in marriage suffered, then it makes no sense to adopt someone else’s energy with the help of a dress.

Why can’t you try on someone else’s dress before the wedding?

Superstition regarding someone else’s wedding dress says that it is unacceptable to wear such clothes. All this is associated with higher powers. It is generally accepted that during important events in our life we ​​experience the brightest emotions. All feelings are deposited in the form of energy.

The same energy feeds all things and accessories. Thus, at her own wedding, the bride experiences a sea of ​​emotions from the most joyful to the saddest. During the day, the girl manages to cry several times and feel happy. Her dress ultimately feeds on all the mood that the young lady experienced.

The resulting charge of emotion can be passed on to someone else. If another person will wear a bride’s dress, then he can radically change his own life and destiny.

It would seem an insignificant act, but it will not only completely reprint the life of the previous bride, but also make its own changes. Each person experiences life events and significant moments in different ways. Someone will break from this, and someone will go far ahead.

So here, there are people with a strong energy background, they may not be affected by such superstition. But there are also those young ladies who have weak energy. Unfortunately, after someone else’s wedding dress, their lives can change dramatically, and not for the better.

What is important to know about a rented dress?

Nowadays, girls are increasingly using the services of wedding salons that offer clothes for rent. This is okay if you follow all the established rules.

  1. It is imperative that you dry-clean the dress yourself. Of course, the salon owners will tell you that the clothes have just been processed. It is best not to trust anyone and carry out a similar procedure again.
  2. Add a detail from your wardrobe to the outfit. The things that you have been wearing for a long time store your energy, which can protect you. The ideal option would be underwear. It will fit snugly around the body, thereby providing additional protection for you.

If you do not believe in the power of energy, then you can not worry about the fact that someone with an unhappy fate put on such a dress. Immediately renounce such thoughts, set yourself up in a positive way.

Then your optimism will overcome all existing negative aspects.


A large number of wedding signs makes girls think about their every step. Observance of superstitions does not mean anything bad.

However, as practice shows, those people who do not initially believe in omens are not at all subject to them. Therefore, they usually have nothing to fear.