Burgundy Bottoms: Fashion Tips for Perfectly Coordinated Outfits

Burgundy’s versatility lets you bring some color to your outfit by mixing it with light pink, chambray blue or olive green. You can also wear it with dark khaki. Or, be more calm by pairing it with grey, navy blue or white.

Bonus: This shade can be easily integrated into a minimalist outfit if that’s what your seeking.

What Should You Dress Burgundy Pants?

Burgundy pantyhose have become in fashion for a while and they have recently become more of a necessity for wardrobes. The more popular pieces are in color that’s why it quickly replaces white as the neutral of the moment.

Because warm hues like burgundy can complement neutral colors in your outfit, burgundy pants are now an essential item.

The Best Color Combinations

Some of the most effective combination of colors include:

7 Outfit Ideas for a Day

1. Blue Blazer

A great way to add colour to your outfit is to wear blue blazers. A casual and professional look is possible to wear it. Wear a white dress shirt with a black bow tie and blazer to create an elegant look. Wear a light-colored or tan shirt and blazer to create more casual appearance.

Brown is an extremely color that is versatile that is a great match for a variety of styles. Because both shades blend well together, they’re great to pair with brown pants.

2. Grey Cardigan & Grey Undershirt

Grey cardigans are an excellent choice to wear with the burgundy Jeans. The burgundy pants can add some color and the cardigan could provide some character.

This combination is perfect for an overall casual or regular appearance.

3. Navy Blue Cardigan & White Tee

The blue color of a cardigan a look that is a good match with shades, including the burgundy pants. Dress up in an old white T-shirt with a blue cardigan to create an informal look.

It’s still a good look when you dress in burgundy pants. You can also put your white shirt in. Add a white dress shirt in order to add some spice more.

4. A light blue Dress Shirt and Suspenders

Burgundy trousers are an excellent option to bring color to any outfit. They are a great pair to wear with many outfits, but white t-shirts are an elegant and timeless choice. Wear white sneakers to match. This outfit is great for a casual or a more regular look.

Another option is wearing the white dress shirt and black suspenders and burgundy slacks that have been cropped. This outfit is perfect for a setting which can be informal or business-like.

5. Jean Denim Jacket

A fantastic option to style with burgundy pants is the blue Jean jacket. Jean jackets give the outfit some texture while the pants add a splash of color that is a great match for the blue.

The two shades go well because they complement each other in the wheel of color. The burgundy-colored pants that are cropped and the white sneakers are the perfect match to this look.

6. Tan Blazer and White Dress Shirt

The pants in Burgundy look fantastic when paired with an tan blazer. The jacket gives the outfit a different look and give it a professional look. It’s possible to wear the jacket and a shirt in white to create a more formal look.

7. White Sneakers

When you’re wearing the burgundy color of joggers, there are certain things to be aware of regarding color harmony. First white sneakers are always going to be an ideal choice as they will help to offset the richness of the burgundy hue.

Gray, black, navy along with olive green and black are several other shades that are a good match. To wear tops with, you can choose a simple White T-shirt, or even a hoodie could be a good choice.


Henleys, t-shirts and sweaters in burgundy are elegant and are a great match in neutral bottoms. It’s only a slight change in hue, however it’s an important distinction in standing out from the crowd, and appearing effortless elegant. It’s time to step into the world of burgundy-pants!

Men aren’t usually drawn to this shade, but once they look at how I mix this color into other shades, they’re in love! This is one color that I guarantee you, everybody is hesitant at first however once you apply it to their skin, it completely changes the way they play.

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