Budget honeymoon, 18 wonderful and romantic destinations

The choice of honeymoon reflect the tastes of each couple and their budget. Here you will find tips and ideas on how to travel and spend an unforgettable cheap honeymoon in amazing places and without spending much. With creativity the dream of a cheap honeymoon will come true.

Tips for a honeymoon:

It is advisable to do the accounts to define how much money they have to spend on the honeymoon. Do you prefer a honeymoon at the sea or in the mountains? Adventure honeymoon or a relaxing honeymoon? It is a unique experience, even if the couple have traveled together before. They are the first days after the wedding to be away from all worries and daily activities.

Wonderful destinations for a cheap honeymoon in Spain.

1) The Green Coast in Asturias

This is how the coast of the Cantabrian Sea in Asturias is named. Many paradisiacal and lonely beaches of your choice. For an inexpensive and quiet honeymoon, these beaches with small islands are surrounded by mountains where the green melts with the sea and in the distance the romantic lights of the city.

2) Sigüenza in Castilla la Mancha:

To have an incredible intimate and romantic setting for your economic honeymoon, you can make a getaway to this town to get lost in medieval times. We recommend visiting:

  • Rio Dulce Natural Park
  • The famous path of El Cid
  • Don Quixote’s route

The ideal is to take advantage of these relaxed surroundings and stay in a rural house. It is a place with a lot of activity of artisans, concerts, horseback riding and historical recreation such as archery.

To see the history of this place: click here

3) Inexpensive honeymoon destinations  :

If you live in Latin America:

The choice will be according to the economic cost of living of the destination. For example, in Colombia there are destinations like Cartagena where the city itself has a beach and enormous attractions. Its colonial architecture is impressive for any couple that enjoys walking through its streets and visiting its colonial-era churches as well as going to the marina and the beach.

If you live in Europe:

In this case there are many opportunities depending on the tastes of the couple, whether they are at sea or more in the mountains.

  • Rural house
  • Beaches
  • Adventure
  • Cultural and urban

If it is a more urban couple you will surely enjoy the historical walks in monuments and museums.

4) Economic Honeymoon

It is advisable to look for destinations promoted by their Secretaries of Tourism or Governments. Places where you can enjoy nature by hiking adventure and picnics outdoors.

Destinations for a cheap honeymoon if you live in Argentina:

5) Inexpensive camping honeymoon

For a couple who like nature and the outdoors, camping is a good option to lower their honeymoon costs. A camping trip is an adventure to consolidate life as a couple. Almost the bride and groom find themselves with a lot of time for themselves in a “survival” environment under the impact of what they and nature are. Even more so if they get married in the spring or summer season. It can be very fun to visit a national park for example.

6) Economic honeymoon in the Tigre Delta:

This destination is ideal for couples with low income. This place is so cute that you will never forget your honeymoon. There are colorful and charming restaurants with varied cuisine and many places on the shore to taste fresh fish. 

The delta a wonderful place for rest and fishing

One of the main attractions of the delta is nature and its tranquility. It is easy to get around using collective boats that make stops around the islands. There is also the option of a boat-taxi to make a more private trip. An ideal and perfect place for those who like fishing and serenity.

7) Economic honeymoon in the Argentine countryside:

Celebrating the romantic noon and enjoying a good barbecue made by yourself if there is a grill in the place will be unique. Or also in a nearby town you can enjoy a typical Creole meal. There are magnificent sunsets in the countryside that you will be able to remember forever. Also, whoever likes it can go for a walk with a good horseback ride.

The couple has the possibility to be in contact with the local people who are usually kind. The honeymoon is a perfect time to express our feelings. 

The field has proposals to enjoy nature and horseback riding

8) Beaches of the Atlantic Coast:

There are excellent places for the bride and groom who like to walk by the sea. Beautiful and not as expensive as Mar Azul and Valeria del Mar. On our coast there are festivities in different parts of the year that can be included in the program. Madariaga with his very entertaining gaucho party. For fishermen, Laguna de Chascomús can be an interesting intermediate stop. Punta Indio or Verónica if your honeymoon time is short, since it is very close to Buenos Aires. They are all beautiful and accessible destinations. 

Economic honeymoon with walks by the sea.

Also for teachers and banks there are places where there are hotels of the unions with great discounts and very good infrastructure. The coast has lighthouses, dunes and places for excursions.

9) Cheap places in Argentina with adventure in the mountains:

If the idea is a trip with a lot of sports activity, you could design an adventure honeymoon in attractive places in Argentina. Sleep in cheap Bed and Breakfast or camping in a tent. The important thing is that they make a unique trip. Look for different places in Cuyo, Cordoba or Catamarca that you can access with your own vehicle.

10) Sierra de la Ventana in Buenos Aires:

A like a perfect place to kick back and relax. An incredible scenery of sun and mountains can be found in the Province of Buenos Aires. We recommend you visit the Juan Manuel Fangio Automobile Museum in Balcarce. Explore cultures from the interior of the country. 

Economic Honeymoon in Sierra de la Ventana

11) Patagonia and its nature is an accomplice of your Honeymoon:

In Patagonia they can enjoy both the snow and the summer. Each season has its charm. Choose the correct season according to your tastes and it is nice to stay near the Andes Mountains to magically enjoy your honeymoon escaping from the city. 

Economic Honeymoon in Bariloche

12) Cheap and inexpensive honeymoon

One tip to avoid overpaying on your honeymoon is, don’t forget to ask if they offer discounts or benefits for couples on their wedding trip. This way they can save money.

Cheap honeymoon spots

They are those places where you can go to a house on the coast that belongs to the bride and groom’s family. There are usually friends who can provide the couple with accommodation in a country or rural location.

Economic honeymoon destinations in Latin America.

13) How to organize a honeymoon trip to Uruguay?

It is close and you can cross from Argentina by land or on the Buquebus. There are nice sandy beaches, a casino and also more remote secluded places like Cabo Polonio.

How to choose a place among so many portions of paradise? Unfolding a map, closing your eyes and pointing to a point in the sea. Any safe place will represent an ideal destination for such a key moment as a honeymoon. 

Budget honeymoon in Cabo Polonio

14) Cheap and romantic honeymoon in Bolivia for adventurers.

Once you have the budget and options for your honeymoon, you need to think about the activities you want to do. Where to go on Honeymoon? Places with culture or more urban; with good restaurants to go to eat or go shopping. Choosing the place is not an easy task and depends on the money you can spend. Bolivia is a possibility if we value its rich culture. The crossing can be by land, plane, by bus or using your own car. Enjoying intermediate stops such as the Esteros del Iberá and there you can camp. 

Isla del sol in Bolivia as a cheap honeymoon destination

15) Cheap honeymoon trips to Peru.

For lovers of archeology and who want to see an architectural masterpiece, the destination is located in Peru. One of the greatest monuments that is a World Heritage Site. With a veil of mystery and beauty of landscapes very close to Cuzco.

It is advisable to organize transportation to Machu Picchu in advance. You can get to Machu Pichu by train as well. Other not so expensive places can be Guatemala and Panama. These destinations constitute a journey through time seeing our colonial past as we travel. A story that is told amidst lush jungle and mountain landscapes. 

Llama in Machu Picchu – Peru

16) Economic honeymoon, Chile a destination:

A dream place to walk and meet desert birds and salt flats. The Piscis Volcano is on the border with Chile on the Catamarca side and is a place to interact with a wonderful environment of flamingos. For those who like dry landscapes, you can find the salt flats, volcanoes and the flowery desert of Atacama in the north of Chile. You can also take advantage of the trip to make purchases of electronic products that are inexpensive there. Cross to Chile by bus or car. The choice of the place is essential to create the necessary climate for the love and consolidation of the couple. 

Ecological honeymoon

Cheap honeymoon spots

We must always compare prices and offers well. By booking the trip in advance you can achieve some advantages that are cheaper. Surely the choice will be for a destination

  • Romantic
  • Funny
  • Unforgettable

Combine several destinations where you can use the beach but also enjoy the culture of the place.

Cheap honeymoon in Colombia

Cartagena de Indias is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast. A city of stories with legends and richness in its well-preserved colonial architecture.

There is a great offer of small hostels, which will make the stay not a great expense. There are beautiful walks to make the bride and groom fall in love more walking in the city.

  • Centuries-old colonial walls
  • Cobbled street mazes
  • Lots of churches casting their shadows

The warm spirit of its inhabitants make this city a pleasant honeymoon destination without spending much money. If the couple want a beach, with a bus a few kilometers away you will find Playa Blanca and La Isla del Rosario.

Honeymoon spots in Mexico

Mexico has a spectacular nature to offer the bride and groom on their honeymoon without spending so much money. There are many means of public transportation to get from one place to another.

  • Beaches
  • Culture
  • Amazing cities

Perfect places for honeymooners. They will never cease to amaze you.

Its gastronomy is delicious and easy to buy on the streets for a more limited budget.

Inexpensive honeymoon packages with the help of the guests.

Guest gifts can be money and contribute to a special honeymoon. There are cheap packages to the Caribbean mainly outside of high season. 

Economic Honeymoon on the beach

How to organize ourselves to receive the gift trip of the guests? The first step is to go to a trusted travel agency that has a person in charge to organize the wedding gift. The second step is to create a card with the Agency’s data. When asked about a list of gifts for wedding, let us instantly have the information with the data of the tourism agency and how to deposit the payment. You could also put your bank account details to be deposited there.

Closer and closer to the big day and dreams come true. In Cuba and the Dominican Republic, they have rooms in private houses that are rented at reasonable prices and the food is not very expensive. This would be a deserved destination after having celebrated a themed wedding such as a rustic wedding

The Caribbean has a picture-perfect setting. White sand beaches, transparent waters and coral reefs to observe colorful fish and with luck turtles. A honeymoon for the bride and groom who like to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

An adequate choice in the face of so many options. How to do it?

It is always necessary to plan ahead. In our post Wedding Schedule we give you tips to plan the wedding step by step. If the preference is adventure, a safari through the Yungas in Jujuy or Salta. Water sports may be on offer. For those passionate about skiing, the mountains in winter will be the best. If you prefer to go on safari: A lot of desire for adventure and a good camera. The idea is to get the most out of your honeymoon. 

Returning from the Honeymoon

Tips for a smooth budget honeymoon:

  • Do not schedule the trip for the day after the party. It is better to wait one more day to travel than to be in a hurry and tired.
  • Avoid places where family and friends live. The honeymoon is to be alone as a couple, without anyone else.
  • Check the weather and activities. If there are festivities like Easter or carnival. Avoid those days, because they will be more expensive.
  • If you make a trip abroad, check the documentation (Passports, Visas, etc.)
  • Always carry a credit card for security, even if it is not used.
  • Organize the suitcases for the honeymoon and make a list with what you can not miss.

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