Broken Heart Quotes

A rejection, an infidelity, leaving you lying on a date, giving much more than you receive … There are hundreds of ways in which you can break a person’s heart , but there are also many ways to externalize the feeling of emptiness that remains after : painful thoughts, broken heart quotes towards someone who has hurt you.

Therefore, today we bring you these sad but beautiful broken heart quotes that reflect those stories that did not end well. You will probably feel connected with these reflections and you will even jump a few tears. However, after the appointments I want to share with you some tricks to overcome this stage in which you have not been reciprocated: The time has come to turn the page! But let’s start with the best list of nice broken heart quotes.

Broken heart quotes of love

Sentimental situation: hurt and disappointed.

Don’t shed a tear for someone who didn’t deserve it.

A heart can only be broken the first time; the rest are just scratches.

I hope you are happy and never come back.

There are diseases that medicine is not able to understand … like that of my collapsed heart.

If we are going to separate, I will start.

What I regret the most is having met you.

Broken Heart Quotes

I left him despite not wanting, despite loving you …

Do not suffer because he left, smile for all the memories he left.

I do not care who hurt me and made me suffer; Now I have someone I can laugh with.

Only a broken heart? knows what true love is.

With this void now I appreciate how happy you made me …

A broken heart? is not healed with another love, but with a friend who encourages you every day to repair it.

Loving a broken ? heart is a mistake: there are parts that belong to another person and, if it is not cured first, it will never give you whole.

What hurts me most is that she did not care, that I said “goodbye” and she let me go, as if it had not been important to her, when I confessed that I loved him with all my strength.

For once in your life, you could put yourself in my place to know how much damage you have done to me.

I applaud everyone who, even though they have disappointed him and is heartbroken, brings out a smile and responds, “I’m fine.”

I’ve already got over it. I only remember you when I breathed.

I’m sorry I’m not as pretty as someone else.

It is physically impossible for you to be in my head every second of the day, but you can be clear that you are the first thing I think about every morning, and the last thing that comes to mind every night.

No matter how much science has evolved, we will all suffer for someone else.

I will never regret what happened, because when we were together she was the happiest woman in the world.

Often the heart clouds the thoughts of reason.

I’m still amazed how after breaking my heart, I can continue to be so in love with you with each detached piece.

Lying down with watery eyes and a wounded heart is the worst enemy for insomnia.

It doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t fall in love with myself. Who would love someone who spends the day crying, with a melancholy look and a heart broken into pieces?

The worst thing you can do with your broken heart? is give away the bits.

Do not regret the mistakes you made, take advantage of all the good things you learned.

It is not easy to stop crying with a broken heart.

If you want to heal your broken heart, give each piece to God.

When you get excited, enjoy it. When you fall in love, love it. When they break up with you. get over.

A broken heart? is just like a broken leg, as it hurts every time you move.

I miss my childhood. It hurts much less to cry for an arm injury than for a broken heart.

Only those who have broken their hearts are able to create beautiful poems with their cries.

A broken heart? looks like a broken glass bottle; don’t try to fix it, lest you’re going to hurt yourself.

broken heart quotes

A girl breaks a boy’s heart and everyone is calm; but if it is the other way around, people go crazy.

You can cry on my shoulder, friend. You will have me in your tears of happiness, but also in those of misery.

I’m not mad, but it bothers me that you weren’t that person you pretended to be.

Over the years, you realize why a relationship was unrequited.

I can’t stand not being able to choose some pants, that you don’t answer WhatsApp in two hours and that you lie to me knowing that you are doing it.

Crying for a broken ? heart does not imply that you are soft, but that you have a heart like any other person and are brave for showing your feelings.

If God has taken someone from you, do not insist, since that person does not suit you.

Tips that will help you overcome a broken and hurt love

One way or another, they have all broken our hearts . That they leave you standing, give you long or be unfaithful is enough to flood you with loneliness and pain in the soul. Your future plans end with your love and you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Some even swear they will never get over it.

However, this is not the reality. Even if you suffer from heartbreak, a new stage begins in which you should not lose hope . You will have to work hard, of course, but in the end you will manage to compose yourself and smile again!

Broken Heart Quotes

Here are several reasons that make you think you don’t want to know about new relationships:

Self-esteem problems . It is very typical when they break your heart, but you should not stop appreciating yourself just because you have not been reciprocated in a relationship. You sure are worth a lot!
You think there is no one better than her or him . You can’t be more wrong. Do you know how many people live on this planet? Do you really think you won’t find your soulmate? Error.
Here we leave you several tricks to recover from that heartbreak much sooner than you imagine.

Practice sports and take care of your line . There is no better way to rebuild life and recover mood than burning calories, following a balanced diet and sleeping eight hours a day.
Be positive . You have to remember the good times and forget the bad, in the end life passes quickly and you have to keep the best of it. Resilience. With an optimistic vision today, the future will be much happier.
Busy head . There are more things than love. Get out of the house, practice your hobbies, hang out with friends and focus on your profession. It is forbidden not to make plans, since it would be a direct route to depression.
Externalize your feelings . Do not hide your state of mind from friends, as they will reach out to you whenever you feel sad.
Open yourself to new relationships of friendship, to meet people with whom you can spend unforgettable moments. It will serve to restore your heart and the desire to fall in love again.
We hope you liked these broken heart quotes of love hear.

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