Broken Heart Messages

Having a broken heart is an expression referring to the immeasurable pain that a love break can leave. We have all experienced this kind of disagreement, which on many occasions completely changes our perspective of love. For this reason, and so that you can vent all that you keep inside, we have prepared the largest collection of broken heart messages. We invite you to read broken heart messages carefully and choose the ones of your preference.

Short Broken Heart Messages

1. Your feeling is no longer enough for me and I hope you understand it, and if not, I am very sorry but it will hurt. This is how love works …

2. If I could tell you this in person, believe me I wouldn’t do it anyway. It is that the result will be the same and I know it will hurt, but I no longer love you. It is not something you can control, it just is.

3. I really like being with you, and sharing good moments together, but I can no longer continue in this farce. It is time to make things clear and understand that ours will not continue. Don’t try to amend it, it won’t work.

4. The only thing you have achieved is for me to understand that I no longer love you, and in fact I am loving someone else. I know it’s confusing for you, but if you continue you are going to hurt yourself more than you should be.

5. I do not like that we are more in an illusion with touches of purity. None of this has been pure, I was just lying. Don’t force me to explain.

6. I do not have to continue writing to you, but you have forced me to make things clear: you are nothing to me, nothing, and even in a million years you will not be. I don’t want to know absolutely anything about your life!

7. I wish this was smooth for you, but there is no other way. I’m with someone else, and I don’t have to hide it from you. So you will understand that this is already a farewell letter.

8. If this is a game, then let me tell you that I was the one moving the chips. Yes, it has never been something real, not even in those moments that caused you joy. I was just thinking of someone else …

9. If you are smart enough, you will not let this continue; but since I know you’re too stupid, it’s up to me to do it. You fed me up, and I wish you would stop calling or writing me. Go your way and have a good life.

Sad Broken Heart Messages

10. Sweet life, for when you are going to change this bitter feeling I have. I can’t hold back the tears and it had better be over soon, for I will silently agonize if I don’t.

11. How not to remember everything we live, or those moments we share. It is impossible not to cry and feel that it was in vain. What injustice is that of love.

12. It would take more than just laughter to be able to recover. I can’t stand what I feel in my chest, it’s like a ghostly wound that can’t be seen, but it does hurt too much …

13. Oh God, when will this suffering end? This little hole left where my heart used to reside is now growing bigger. Please stop it.

14. Inspiration, you’re already gone, just like everything that gave color to my life. Nothing is the same without that person, who now is also the one who causes the wound. What a painful paradox.

15. I don’t want to live like this anymore, without that person by my side. Look at me just! Being here crying and with nothing to give. It is that everything has been destroyed of me.

16. Just a caress from that person would heal me, but that would be too much to ask. That same person has caused me so much damage, so much damage that I can no longer bear it.

17. Not a thousand words or a thousand gestures can make me stop feeling this. It is a sadness that only God could cure, but I have begged him so much that I think he has already forgotten me.

18. Forgive me, holy father, for wanting to be with that person. I know it would be impossible, and it won’t do me any good, but even so this broken heart doesn’t stop loving him.

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Broken Heart Messages

19. I can’t find words, or phrases that can equal the pain that is inside this heart. Please, if they are going to hurt me, let me be stronger than this so I can forget everything.

20. I keep something of myself, although I don’t know what it is anymore. I am incomplete, I am a being that has no life or essence, because the other person has stolen everything from me. It is so sad to be like this … and I wish I could forget her, but it is impossible.

21. The law of love is strange; I have given everything and in exchange they have only taken away the only thing I had complete; my heart.

Broken Heart Messages

22. Why continue in this life if I no longer have reason to do so? I hate you, and I know you will read this and you won’t mind, but I still want you to know. And what I hate the most is that inside my heart, I still love you.

23. If only you would listen to me for a second; but now you’re far So far that I can’t feel you, even if I keep you in this deluded heart that still cries night by night for you.

24. What hope will I have, if I still think about that person who has done me so much harm. I would like to forget you, but since you forget something that hurts you on a daily basis. What a great pain!

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25. Do not be afraid to start a new stage in your life, and heal all those wounds that the past has left in you. It is that like everything in life, the cycle of renewal must be fulfilled … even in things as strange as love.

26. Heaven, God and the Virgin will have mercy on you, do not worry, you will already find a person on your way who will notice pure purity. Love moves the world

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27. If you feel a lot of heartbreak, drain it little by little, stay calm and visualize all the good things around you. The broken heart is blind and you have to give it time to heal!

28. I know you are hurt, but you should not for that reason omit the good things in life. You will see how soon the sun rises and the light will predominate in that little heart that God has given you.

29. I give you all my strength and good energy to get out of that negative state. I know you are going to make it and remember that it happens to all of us sometime in life!

30. Don’t get caught up in the bad things about love. It is a very varied and good feeling, wait for your wounds to heal and sooner rather than later a good person will be by your side.

31. Smile in the face of adversity, and you will feel a clear relief in your whole being. You will know that the heart has healed when one day you wake up, and feel that peace that characterizes you.

32. I know you don’t understand now, but you will soon understand that this love breakup has been for your good. God knows what he does and you should never doubt his actions!

33. The cold in your heart will soon cease, and once again you will embrace the beautiful and so mysterious feeling called “love”.

34. I will give you a good advice: do not stop doing what you like, for reasons of the heart. That pain will be temporary, and finally you will realize that it was not worth it.

35. Forgetting oneself because of heartbreak is a big mistake. You are a wonderful person whose future is in the hands of God, that is what has to motivate you in life.

36. Learn from mistakes, therefore, that experience with heartbreak only has to matter to you so that it is not repeated. If something has to end, don’t hold on and keep smiling day by day!

37. The ills of the heart are hard, but he also understands that they are lessons that everyone has to go through to improve as a person, mature and find the ideal person.

Sad Broken Heart Sms

38. Since you still hurt me, and I don’t know how to make you understand that this feeling is great and I can’t let it get lost in infinity.

39. With just one word of yours I would be so happy, I beg you to come and be with me for just a second.

40. Please don’t leave me, have mercy and remember everything we’ve been through together. It is that this parting has hurt me too much.

41. My heart twists with pain, and I don’t understand why, if it already knows that you don’t love me. It’s just that I don’t even know what to think about all this.

Broken Heart Messages

42. The more you love, the more it hurts; That is what I have understood. And I’m so sorry, but I’ll never love again like I did before this painful breakup.

43. I give up, I just don’t want to fight anymore. My heart begs for mercy and you have only tormented him with every blow you strike. I am disoriented, and it is time to stop.

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