Bridal trousseau: What the bride should wear for her luck

Bridal trousseau 2020 What should you bring?

The date of your wedding is approaching and the preparations for choosing the bridal trousseau are many. To help you make the right decision, we give you tips on bridal trousseau.

  • Identify the shapes in your body
  • Feel safe with everything you buy
  • Opt for a healthy meal plan before the wedding
  • Do gymnastics to have a fair weight
  • Do not buy your wedding trousseau so much in advance in case you change your weight
  • The dress of the trousseau must be according to the environment
  • The components of the trousseau should favor your figure
  • The league must agree with the dynamics of the event

Wedding night lingerie:

Surely there will be a perfect bridal trousseau for you that is waiting for you. There are endless cuts and textures to try. It depends if you are formal or more informal, the design will change, but always keep the ethereal of the moment before a choice.

Delicate accessories can be included in the lingerie, but without losing sight of the natural outfit of your style. Everything that gives the romantic touch to that moment such as:

  • pearls
  • stones
  • glitters
  • flores

Tempting translucent, deep V-necks, and chic evening dresses make your look. Live these moments to look mischievous and sensual at the same time with a carefully selected wedding trousseau.

The objective is that you have a lot of glamor, so include lace and transparencies also to be chic. For every bride there are attractive and fascinating models. If you take the time to look for it, you will surely find it.

Traditionally the lingerie is made of white cotton or pastel colors. More sexy for that night are dark colors accompanied by a kimono, robe and nightgown. Although you want to put on your groom’s trousseau list as many things as possible so that they can give you the white and transparent ones that symbolize the purity of the wedding night.

You will surely find what you need in the new collections. Discover trends and the most appropriate style for the image you want to have. It could be a fresh and romantic expression at the same time.

What is the bride’s trousseau?

The bridal trousseau is a European tradition. Single women before the wedding prepared for that day:

  • Linens
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Towels and all linens

On the day of engagement, the garments that were gathered in the trunk and that were bought little by little are shown. Guests are sure to give away missing items. Of course, with the passage of time this custom was diluted and items such as shoes, bags and cosmetics were added to the list. More and more things for the bride.

The trend is personalized gifts with the bride and groom’s initials on bathroom rugs, glasses of wine or champagne, pillows for the living room, etc. Objects that give the couple energy to wish them the best omens of happiness. The concept of assembling the Trousseau keeps changing over time. The tradition is of peasant origin.

Start the coexistence accompanied by romanticism in the couple and an excellent personalized bedding with designs according to your tastes. A complete bridal outfit includes garter, bouquet, accessories, veil or headdress, shoes and dress. 

Trends and transparencies in the wedding trousseau

Complete bridal trousseau

The wedding night underwear is almost as important as the dress. You can use traditional colors like white or most played options. The corset is a precious piece that helps shape the silhouette of the bride but should feel comfortable. There are accessories like garters and headdresses to sweeten the look.

The bridal bouquet is one of the last pieces of the bridal trousseau to acquire when organizing the wedding.

Wedding night clothes

Both the color and the black are still used in the garters, panties and the garter belt. Both push-up shorts and culotteless are also all the rage on wedding night. There are accessories of the bridal trousseau such as the headdress that are used in a traditional way as renewed.

The first night together as a married couple is worth a special lingerie to dazzle. Even if you are a very casual and practical home bride, a glamorous lingerie can transform the night into a sexy and sensual moment.

History about the bridal trousseau

There was a tradition in which assembling the trousseau was a wish of good luck for the couple. They all helped plan the wedding . Mothers and mothers-in-law embroidered or had bedding and towels embroidered with the initials of the bride and groom. The bedding was the gift of the close family for the bachelorette party.

Trousseau of the bride embroidered by the family and the wedding trousseau today

Our grandparents and parents left us endless traditions that we could continue at our wedding. The usual custom was to wear sensual clothes like satin and lace to sleep.

The trousseau for the wedding night also included items for the dining room such as tablecloths and napkins sewn and embroidered with the initials of the bride and groom as well. 

Discover the best way to personalize your underwear

Today’s bridal trousseau:

The bridal trousseau is still used today, but in a different way. It is no longer made by oneself, but can be bought or given by friends at the bachelorette party.

For this we recommend that the months prior to the wedding be attentive to the purchase and get bridal trousseau products at the best price.

 Bridal trousseau for wedding night:

Romantic lingerie and everything that means a happy future for the bride and groom should be included in the Wedding Trousseau. To combine your accessory of the wedding night trousseau, see our entry of the necklines in wedding dresses

1. Garter with lace:

The garter belt is the most important accessory for the wedding trousseau. An elastic band fastens the stockings to the thigh. The tradition is that it was used to support stockings and look sexy.

2. Black lingerie:

The black color represents the night and the sensual. The mystery that surrounds black makes the bride the most attractive woman on the wedding night.

3. Radiant white lingerie for the bride:

White is a symbol of innocence and purity for some cultures. Each culture interprets colors with a different meaning. For Japan the predominant color is red and for Islam black.

4. Something new, something used, something blue and something borrowed:

It is a rhyme that shows optimism and hope for the new life of the couple. “Something used” symbolizes the continuity of the family. The “blue” comes from Queen Victoria of England. It is a prestigious color and “the borrowed” is the good wishes of friends.

Symbols of our loved ones to convey good vibes and prosperity. These traditions are still used today in some places.

Bridal trousseau price:

The bridal trousseau may have a promotional price. Some products from the trousseau will be an engagement gift. Guests will share happiness and joy with a present. The major expenses for the gift will be made by the parents and siblings. 

Bridal trousseau shoes and accessories

For the wedding trousseau, every detail of the lingerie is important for the bride. It should look attractive both on the outside and on the inside. That is why it is important to take into account the underwear that we will wear and the one that we will take to the honeymoon. So that all nights are wedding nights.

Choose fascinating flowers and bridal headdresses. The secrets to show off excellent skin and hair on your wedding day. It is the day we want to look perfect. The flower garlands and the bride’s headdress are a feminine emblem. 

Wonderful accessories such as trousseau for the wedding night

If it is a day wedding and in the country, it is better to be casual. With a light headdress or hair in the wind. If you are a young bride you can incorporate something trendy. A wild flower or a butterfly, ideal for a wedding on the beach or outdoors.

Wedding night trousseau: feminine and sensual designs

They must be the best quality products, at a reasonable price. That the cost-benefit ratio favors us. Sensuality in a satin nightgown with straps that adjust to easily adapt to each body. The two-tone lace bodices make the goodness of each bride look better. The “Push up” lingerie is only recommended for the slimmest brides.  

Bridal trousseau for all styles

Bridal trousseau to look elegant and modern in large sizes:

Choose models that flatter you with loose and flowing fabrics. Make the base of the bodice more rigid. Use gauze, tulle and accompany with a shawl to look more stylized. Kimonos with transparencies, embroidered robes and silk dresses.

Intimacy on the Wedding Night: Lace bodices, slit lingerie dresses and bodysuit with and without sleeves. Romantic and mischievous lingerie for the couple.

If you are looking for your night to be seductive and your silhouette is not perfect, find tips and ideas in our post.

Baby doll for romantic night:

Being a romantic girlfriend is a challenge. Find your dream style. Use the materials that fit your silhouette. Dresses with a vaporous sensation wrapping the bride in a halo of seduction.

What is the bride’s trousseau?

Body suits are something revealing that complement the bridal trousseau. They give a sexy air to your style. Whether classic, romantic or famme fatale and seductive.

What is needed for a church wedding?

Lingerie adds a touch of delicacy and sensuality to your wedding night. It signifies the omen of prosperity and can be different elements, from underwear to shoes.   Pin It