Breaking Up Because Of Distance But Still In Love

Many people struggle to have an adequate relationship when one partner is very far away from the other. Even if you both love each other, it can be difficult to maintain that feeling.

This article will talk about how to handle break up because of distance. Whether your significant other lives close by or across the globe, breaking up due to separation is hard.

Thinking about ending your relationship can make you feel emotional so here are some tips for leaving things better than ever before. If you are already separated, these tips will help you move forward with your life.

Breaking up is never easy no matter what situation you find yourself in, but there are ways to go through this process more gracefully. By using these tools, you will leave the other person with warm memories and without too much heartache.

Reminder: This article applies to those who are broken up over distance and want to know how to cope with their breakup. It is not intended as advice on how to hurt someone else nor does it promote stalking.

Just because two people aren’t together doesn’t mean they don’t care about each other! Just like any other break up, talking about what you’re going through can sometimes help.

Reasons why you should stay or why you should go

There are many reasons to consider staying together, even if your relationship is breaking up because of distance. It’s hard to know whether they’re true for every couple, but here we’ll list some benefits that can help determine how best to move forward.

In fact, these are such strong arguments against breakup that we’ve organized them by topic to make it easy to refer back later.

Excessive texting

There’s always that one person who seems to take excessive amounts of time to talk after a breakup. It can get annoying quickly, especially if you feel like you’ve done your part.

The reason this is such a common cause for breakups is because it’s very easy to text back and forth with someone. You don’t have to make any conversations longer than a few sentences, so people will go on lengthy monologues all the time without notice.

This could be due to them taking extra long to reply or them leaving too long of gaps between messages. If you’re still feeling hurt and lonely days later, they may not want to seem close even more.

By some estimates, there are around 250 words per minute (conversational speed) which means a person has to wait about six minutes 30 seconds before they can start talking again! This isn’t realistic when people already feel distant.

Missing each other

Sometimes, even when you’re not together physically, you feel like you’re missing someone or something very much.

That’s what happened with Anthony and Laura this past August. They had broken up over a month earlier, but they were still close — really close.

They would chat every day online for an hour before he went to sleep at night and wake up in the morning and check their messages again. Then he’d go about his daily life and work while she stayed home from school and worked until it was time to do it all over again.

It was weird because they weren’t actually talking to each other, but they felt connected.

Anthony knew that if he wanted to stay away from her then he would have to break off the relationship, so he didn’t try to talk to her anymore. It was easier to let things fester than risk having another fight with her.

But he still thought about her constantly and missed being around her. He wished she could be his girlfriend forever, and he hoped one day she would realize how special she was.

She probably thinks I’m crazy now, he thought.

You are not enough anymore

Sometimes, even when you know that breaking up is best for both people, you can’t help thinking that what you need right now is to be more understanding or supportive.

You want to believe that your significant other feels the same way you do and would change things if they felt like you don’t love them anymore.

But we all have our limits. And yours may just simply run out of steam.

You wonder why they make such an effort every day after coming home from work, before going back to their job, family, friends who mean so much to them. Why they try hard to include you in everything and show extra attention towards you at dinner time, but then fall asleep as soon as you settle down in bed.

It could be because they feel tired and disconnected from you. It could be because they think you don’t care about them anymore. Or maybe it’s just because they don’t feel loved themselves.

Whatever the reason, separate with grace. Don’t expect anything except for their respect until you give them proof that you have.

Don’t talk to anyone else about your relationship, including family. Keep conversations light and fun – otherwise, you might say something you will regret later.

Above all, remember that this is probably the hardest thing each person will ever do in their life.

You do not want to lose focus on your life

Sometimes, even when you know that breaking up is the best thing for you, it can be very hard to actually do it. This is particularly true if you still love each other and are in low-stress moods.

If this is the case then it can sometimes seem like the hardest thing in the world to break down into separate lives.

This can make things really tough as there may be lots of reasons to stay together, including financial ones.

It is important to remember though that breaking up because you will spend less time with someone else’ll feel better than staying in a place where you are unhappy.

And although it might hurt at first, eventually youwill likely feel much happier being alone than spending your life with somebody who doesn’t appreciate themself or doesn’t treat you well.

You do not want to lose interest in each other

Even if you have both given up on spending time together, that does not mean your love for each other has vanished. If anything, this distance has made you appreciate what you have more than ever!

Interest may wane as time goes on, but it is very important to address this early or it can lead to breaking down of the friendship.

If you feel like there’s no connection anymore then try talking about why you think that. Is it because of something you said or done? Does one person seem to be putting more effort into showing their love, which makes the other one feel ignored or even hated?

A lot of times, when people are separated they begin to compare notes with each other and start arguing instead of working on solving their issues.

You do not want to hurt each other

Even though you are both living separate lives, you still love each other very much. Your relationship is too important to end or even consider ending because of distance.

Thinking about breaking up due to distance can be hard. It’s like thinking about killing someone you care about — it’s painful.

But leaving each other alone is only going to make your feelings grow stronger. This isn’t advice that anyone wants to hear, especially when they’re in the early stages of separation, but it’s true.

Breaking up because there’s a big gap between you two will leave a hole in your heart that won’t easily heal.

You’ll feel lonely and missing the person you were spending time with every day. And if one of you doesn’t let go, then you’ll stay stuck in this unhappy situation for years.

You are not ready for a relationship

Sometimes, even though you love each other and want to be together, things just aren’t working anymore.

You may feel like your partner is constantly putting themselves ahead of you, or that they treat you with less respect than before.

You might find yourself feeling more stressed out than relaxed when you’re together, and it’s making you unhappy.

And if you both agree that a separation makes sense, then it’s probably best to acknowledge this break as definitive. It means one person does not have to put up with the other any longer.

It also gives you time to work on your own life while still having some sort of support system.

At times, however, breaking up because of distance can be really hard. You’ll likely experience feelings such as sadness, loneliness, anger and fear. These are totally normal reactions and don’t require anyone else to feel them for you.