Bouquet Toss Ideas

Bride tossing a bouquet: tips for throwing a bride’s bouquet

At the wedding ceremony, you can encounter a lot of rituals and traditions. It is noteworthy that in our time they are all mixed with each other. National ceremonies are rare enough.

Basically, all activities are borrowed from each other. One of such popular traditions is the throwing of the bride’s bouquet. Regarding him, there are now many questions to which the newlyweds are trying to find answers, preparing for their own wedding.

About the tradition of throwing a bouquet

The bride throws the bouquet.

The very tradition of throwing a bridal bouquet in the days of Ancient simply did not exist. On the contrary, our ancestors were sure that the bride should never part with her main talisman, which is able to bring her good luck.

They learned about such customs not so long ago. Having spied on the countries of Europe, the newlyweds liked this unusual act when the girl threw flowers into the hall. It is believed that the bride thus shares with every piece of her happiness, trying to please the people around her.

If you look further, into the depths of history, it can be noted that the ritual dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, in Europe, people were sure that the bride on her wedding day was surrounded by a special energy of happiness and boundless love. People tried to take at least a little happiness for themselves. Therefore, at the end of the celebration, the unmarried girls tore off a piece of the fabric of the wedding dress.

At the present time, such barbarism would strike people. But just imagine what happened to the girl’s wedding dress, when each friend came up and tore off a shred for herself. In addition, the bride threw a bouquet, but only one unmarried girl could get it.

Tradition has changed a bit these days. Already, fortunately, no one tears the dress on the bride, trying to take away a piece of love energy. It is enough for everyone that the girl throws flowers. This ritual has survived to the present day. However, at the wedding, it is worth considering in advance whether this ritual will be performed.

So, for example, it is customary to refuse him if the girl has only a small number of unmarried girlfriends. In this case, there is simply no point in holding the ceremony, because there will be no one to throw the bouquet to. It looks very funny when only 2 girlfriends go on stage. This amount is very small. It is better for the bride to divide her bouquet into 2 equal parts at the end of the celebration and give it to her close friends.

Methods of throwing a bouquet

Is it okay to throw the bridal bouquet.

There are several original and interesting options on how to throw your flowers to the bride.

The first way is classic and traditional. The girl should turn her back to her friends, take the flowers in both hands and throw it over her head. At the same time, the bride should not look where she is throwing.

Often, the presenter asks the girlfriends to change places so that the bride probably cannot falsify the results. The young lady who catches the flower arrangement is the next to get married.

Recently, the presenters have been trying to diversify the wedding evening as much as possible, so they come up with non-traditional ways to many traditions. For example, all the bridesmaids sit in a circle on chairs, the culprit of the evening is blindfolded and invited to go in a circle to the music. On whom the music stops, the bride must present the bride with the wedding bouquet to that young lady.

This number can be played in different ways. For extra fun, pick a not-so-banal melody. It can either calm down or, on the contrary, play louder. At this time, you will observe how all the girls and the bride, including, either stop or, on the contrary, go faster.

Someone goes a completely different path and the throwing of the bride’s bouquet stops in a special spectacle. Bridesmaids are asked to take off their shoes and blindfold. The bride stands facing the young ladies and throws a flower arrangement in front of the girls. Their task is to find an accessory without seeing. This will make a funny sight, but possibly traumatic, so you should be careful here.

Consider not only how you will throw the bouquet, but also try to take into account all the tricks related to this event.

  1. You can only catch an accessory if there is a wide space.
  2. Remove all decorative items such as brooches or artificial twigs. They can scratch the girls during the flight.
  3. Try not to throw too massive and heavy bridal bouquet to throw . If you have chosen just such an option for the wedding, then use an understudy, which will be made in a lightweight form.

What bouquet should the bride throw?

What bouquet the bride throws at the wedding.

The girls have a lot of questions about the composition itself. There are no strict rules.

There are nuances that it is advisable to observe:

  1. Do not use flowers that are too vulnerable. For example, violets are so delicate and thin in structure that they can crumble in flight.
  2. Gently tie the composition at the base with a tight thread. You shouldn’t lose a single branch from your bouquet. Flowers should be tightly tied.
  3. Stick the composition out of the vase in advance so that it dries out a little. No one will be pleased to catch a wet accessory, which, moreover, can slip out of hands.
  4. Compositions that are too massive and cumbersome are completely inappropriate to use.

Nowadays, more and more brides do not want to part with their wedding symbol and talisman of love. Therefore, the girls began to resort to cunning, namely the use of a stunt double. On the one hand, young ladies thus preserve traditions and delight their friends.

On the other hand, they manage to take their main attribute of love home in a beautiful way, where you can admire the flower creation for a long time.

How to make an understudy bouquet?

A stunt double is a specially made floral arrangement to be thrown to unmarried girls. It fully complies with the requirements of safety and beauty. Flowers in the composition are selected dense, strong and at the same time not heavy.

In order to make a stand-in for the bouquet yourself, you must use exactly the same flowers that are in the main bride’s accessory. In this case, you will be able to make a harmonious composition.

Artificial flower arrangements are considered especially original.

Thus, you will doubly delight your girlfriend who has caught a similar bouquet. It will stay with the girl for a long time, delighting her and reminding her of the love she will soon meet.


At a wedding, there is no strict rule about which bouquet the bride should throw. She can donate her accessory, or she can even order a second option, namely an understudy.

When throwing, think only about the safety of your unmarried girlfriends. This means that the composition should not be too heavy and traumatic.