Birthday Letter for my Boyfriend

This birthday letter for my boyfriend is a love message written in different contexts, which can help you find the exact words to tell the man you love, how happy you are by his side and how important he is in your life.

Rowing with me and pushing me through difficult times, that is why today I can clearly say that you have strengthened our love with your presence.

I hope that I have been the same for you and that I can continue projecting in your gaze the love that you radiate every time you see me.

Because I feel the same and wish the best for you.

I hope that, in this birthday letter to my boyfriend, these words confirm a pure and sincere sentiment.

Because they are born from my heart without the need to force them, they flow like a natural current, looking for you, surpassing everything that gets in its way to reach you and deliver this message of love that is wrapped in a caress and a kiss on your birthday.

I thank you for your unrestricted support, for your tireless dedication and for that infinite love which does not understand limits or barriers that stop a future marked by destiny, which leads us to meet two souls in love, I do not know, but it is governed. for something magical that contains a blessing that you and I protect.

And it manifests itself every time our eyes meet and our bodies attract each other to unite us as one.

Birthday Letter for my Boyfriend

Nice birthday messages for my boyfriend who is far away

Love today I want to write you this happy birthday letter to my boyfriend who is far away, feeling the great happiness that is in my heart for knowing that this way the distance places these barriers, our hearts continue to be united by a bond that unites them and that he does not understand. remoteness or absence, much less loneliness.

Today my heart demands your presence, I need to tell you how much I love you and share with you the happiness of this day.

In which years ago a person as wonderful as you flourished, since I met you you have only taught me to build a love story that does not know the negative and that builds in me, the strengthening of an inexhaustible self-love.

That is the great advantage we have and that strengthens us in the distance.

Because we know that we do not depend on each other, but that our love remains intact as the day our eyes met, met and fell in love without needing to say a single word.

Today that you are absent, I want to write this birthday letter for my boyfriend who is far away.

Understanding that you are missing a part to be able to make this day the most special and wonderful as you deserve it, and I understand it, because I also lack that important part that is you in me, and I in you, how much we complete and only found in the other.

But even being far away we can complement each other, despite the kilometers this connection is indestructible, because we have learned to communicate beyond looks, caresses and kisses.

By finding a language that is born from within us and that only our stubborn and brave hearts understand that do not give up to fight for a feeling that belongs to them, and that makes us more united than many other couples who wake up every morning together.

I am writing you this birthday letter for my boyfriend who is far away, as a message that reflects my presence with you and that makes you feel that I am there with you emotionally, because it is a reality that only you can feel, to know what my feelings point to. at all times towards you.

To look for you and not let a second of this day go by accompanying you, pampering you, hugging you and loving you as I have done every day since we are physically separated.

I love you and I hope that on this beautiful day I sent angels to sing for you, and illuminate every step you take, everything you see and every feeling that reaches your heart.

We need to be strong to make the sadness of not seeing each other a strength and our feelings grow when facing this hard test, that only a true love is capable of overcoming, that is why I am sure that we will achieve it, because we love each other.

Words of Happy birthday my love for the man of my life

Today is not a normal day, that is why I want to tell you through these words that I wish you a happy birthday my love for the man of my life and I wish that this letter means in your heart, everything that I keep inside of me and that I makes so happy to be by your side.

I need you to know it, because it is thanks to you that I carry this beautiful feeling within me.

You are not just a boyfriend or a husband, you are much more, you are my life, my complement, that partner in difficult times.

The breath at the right time, the man who never allows me to be behind when I am tired, because you are there pushing me, rowing for both of us when everything seems to pass away, the man who protects me, who stands in front to withstand the storm and who never abandons me despite difficulties.

That is you, a brave being when darkness appears and threatens us with those traps that life knows how to place with its immense wisdom to teach us through each lived experience.

Today I write this birthday letter to my boyfriend, because I cannot just give you a gift, a kiss or a hug and tell you how much I love you, it is simply something that I do every day and that you earn points of constant effort to make me happy.

That is why it is not enough, nothing is enough today, because you deserve everything and these words are only the reflection of my heart speaking to you and expressing everything it feels, looking to always build a smile on your face, which is the main reason. with which you give color to my days and bright to my soul.

I am and will be present to celebrate this day, as an invaluable date which I want to express through these words, which signify a commitment of loyalty and sacrifice to continue moving in the same direction.

That is why in addition to the beautiful memories that you will undoubtedly keep in your mind, I also want you to treasure this birthday letter for my boyfriend that I love deeply.

So that you never forget this feeling that lives inside me and that does not stop growing, thanks to the purity of a healthy love, that does not understand disrespect and that does not stain or contaminate our immense trust in the other.

Birthday phrases and images for my boyfriend or husband

This birthday congratulations letter for my boyfriend along with the following phrases and images seek to give the man you love a message of affection, dedication and real commitment to a relationship that they need to take care of and strengthen day by day.

  1. One more year has come into your life and I thank God for being part of your story, which I want to continue writing with you.
  2. Happy birthday to my boyfriend! Even more so when a year full of challenges and teachings awaits you, from which I want to learn with you, to strengthen our love.
  3. Today is not a normal day, it is your birthday my love and I wish that this day is repeated with the same love as today forever, in this way we will be together and happy.
  4. On this day of your birthday my dear husband, a star shines brighter and illuminates our way together to keep the right direction.
  5. I want to give you as many kisses as there are years completed and that happiness is multiplied by the immensity of this love, happy birthday my love.
  6. This day I want to celebrate with you the happiness of sharing this new year of life with you and thank you for being proud to enjoy your love during the past year, happy birthday to my beautiful boyfriend.
  7. This is the first birthday that we spent together and in this time I have been able to meet a wonderful person who deserves everything on this day, happy birthday.
  8. In addition to congratulating you on your birthday, my boyfriend, I want to tell you that you have become a fundamental part of my life and that I wish that our steps continue to travel the same path together.

Beautiful Birthday Reflection for an Ex Boyfriend or Husband

We are committed to making this day something wonderful and for this reason we have prepared these phrases, messages and a beautiful birthday letter for my boyfriend, with which you can say everything your heart wishes to express.

It is not easy on these types of dates to write a letter or a message for an ex-boyfriend on his birthday, much less if you still love him, that is why it is necessary to loosen all those chains that stop your need for change and make your decisions the strength to get out of pain and start from scratch.

Denial acts like a drug that does not let you see reality and keeps you tied more out of obsession than out of love for people that you should have left in your past long ago, but they are still there like ghosts that all they do is torment your present. .