Best Tinder Pickup Lines

These best tinder pickup lines serve as messages for Tinder or for any other application, so if you can’t think of anything to write in Tinder, in Badoo or in any other application here is the solution.

Tinder Lines That Work Every Time

We do not encourage you to copy them but to use them as inspiration, and help you to verify that creativity is infinite and differentiates us from the rest.

1 – Do those lips of yours besides being very beautiful have interesting conversation? And if they also kiss well … I don’t ask for more.

2 – In the first photo you seem tender, in the second elegant one with that red dress, in the third adventurer going through that bridge … PLEASE, stop being so attractive. I am trying to concentrate on work and now it will be complicated.

3 – Do you prefer that I manage and write a romantic and funny line or would you like us to skip that part and give us the number?

4 – Sorry I haven’t written to you in these three days. I was sending a picture of you to all my friends to think of a way to impress you.

Best Tinder Pickup Lines

5 – She: how are you?He: I tell you in a while, I just spoke to an intelligent, funny girl with a wonderful silhouette [we describe her], you would like her very much … and it depends on whether she proposes to stay or not the day can be from good to fantastic .

6 – Seeing your profile I would say that you are the type of person that people talk about when you are not in front … about how lovely you are and how good you fall ?

7 – I have spent the last months fighting snakes, sorcerers, dragons and traffic jams in the center to finally order your heart today.

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Tinder Opening Lines For Girl

8 – Honestly, you are 99% my type of girl. So I propose that you tell me what your type of boy is and if we agree, I am thinking somewhere with personality to meet us!

9 – It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are planted by squirrels that hide nuts and then forget where they were buried. This has nothing to do with knowing us but if we don’t like each other you can always say it was worth it because you learned something.

10 – Sometimes I wonder about dramas in the world: why are there hurricanes? Why diseases? How can it be that you and I have not yet stayed?

11 – I know this profile has to be false but I have come to ask for the name of that wonderful model you use in your photos.

12 – In case the adventure goes the other day I found a canoe in my uncles’ house. It has a couple of holes but if one paddles and the other shrinks water, by the end of the year we can reach the Caribbean. What do you say.

13 – How tall are you? I am looking for the ideal partner to win “do the spoon” contests.

14 – You sound like something to me, didn’t we both go to different schools?

15 – If this were the Middle Ages I would tell you that I have killed and survived to reach your heart. As we are in 2018, be satisfied with knowing that I have gone through some fifty profiles this week and without a doubt you are the one that puts me the most.

Tinder Pick Up Lines For Guys

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16 – We could go for a walk, have a drink in a bar with personality, laugh, have interesting conversations, flirt a little, then accompany you home, give you a soft kiss on the cheek very happy for a perfect date and then surprise ourselves with Everything went as well as in the first message I sent you. What do you think?

17 – I just searched Google “how to get Amanda’s number”

18 – Hi Star, I’m your next mistake. When do we meet?

19 – I am not sure if you look more like a sexy girl or a sweet girl. What do you consider yourself?

Best Tinder Pickup Lines

20 – If you are still so adorable I will feel bad when in the middle of our date I imagined lying down together.

21 – There are many attractive profiles on Instagram … but since I saw yours I don’t notice another. So one of two, or you tell me that I do not interest you and so I continue with my life, or we begin to meet to see how well we fall. I vote for the latter.

22 – Excuse me, I see it completely exaggerated to ask you for the number when we barely know each other … but get married how you see it?


With these best tinder pickup lines you already have inspiration for much longer, remember that the important thing is not the lines, if not the ingenuity, the sense of humor and the honesty that must be behind the lines that you say, therefore even if you use These are ideal if you design your own over time.

The best lines to flirt with girls are the ones that leave you with complete authenticity.

And finally I am going to ask you a question …

What is your favorite flirt line?

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