Best Seducing Lines

Best seducing lines from The art of seduction by Robert Greene , book of 2001 … How to achieve the desired object? Create needs and raise anxiety, use the power of speech, stimulate and explore the dark side … Some keys to achieve it in this work.

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The main themes, places or historical events that stand out in Robert Greene’s book are: charisma, object of desire, persuasion, satisfaction of needs, seduction quotes.

The Art of Seduction: Best Seducing Lines

1. Make the target feel safe, and then attack.

2. Seduction should never get used to the comfortable routine.

3. If you do not face resistance and obstacles, you must create them. Seduction cannot progress without them.


4. In everyday life everything is haste and improvisation, and you must offer something different.


Best Seducing Lines

5. A call to emotions is much more powerful than a call to reason.

6. Making your goals feel that you drive them beyond any limit is extremely seductive. People crave to explore its dark side.

7. The star is a creation of modern cinema. This is no surprise: cinema recreates the world of dreams.

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best seducing lines

8. The mystery is the soul of seduction, and to keep it you must constantly surprise your victims, shake things, even shake them.

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9. Make the target fall into your seduction by creating the right temptation: a flash of pleasures to come.

10. The fetish is an object that imposes an emotional reaction that makes us breathe life into it. As it is an object, we can imagine with it what we want.

11. Try to persuade a person by appealing to his conscience, saying what you want, showing all your letters, and what hope do you have left? You will be just one more irritation to eliminate.

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12. The key is (…) ambiguity: combining the appearance of delicacy and the pleasures of the flesh with an air of innocence, spirituality and poetic sensibility. This mixture of the supreme and the abject is extremely seductive.

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13. Make your acts of charity dramatic, give your affectionate words a religious significance, immerse everything in rituals and myths that go back to childhood. Caught up in the emotions you provoke, people will see the halo of the charism on your head.

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14. The perfect victim has some innate quality that appeals to you. The intense emotions that this quality inspires will contribute to making your seduction maneuvers seem more natural and dynamic. The perfect victim results in the perfect hunt.

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15. Fetish stars are perfect, like the statue of a Greek deity. The effect is amazing, and seductive. Its main requirement is the distance from itself. If you see yourself as an object, others will too. An ethereal and unreal air will sharpen this effect.

16. There are people who cannot live without a constant drama in their existence: it is their way of not getting bored. The biggest mistake you can make when seducing the queens of drama is getting lavish stability and security. This will only make them run. Very often, the queens of drama (and there are many men in this category) enjoy becoming the victims. They want something to complain about, they like to suffer.

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